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For the last six months, Diego Beauchamp had been the rock-solid pillar of support for the Morgan Foundation’s newest Pack. Bonds of Blood & Spirit"Ok Deb, I am holding you responsible for significant loss of sleep. Sign up for our FREE weekly newsletter Around the Studio and stay up to date with all latest news about the Saga and the soon to be released Tau's Pride, plus exclusive specials and offers for Packmates only!
His strong leadership brought Regina and Harry through the most difficult time of their lives and now, he had to do the same for Cole.

To order print versions in hardcover or paperback, click here to visit Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Cole would go before the Council and present his case, and the Council would release him to the Foundation’s custody for further training. The storyline kept me reading until the very end and I must admit to being disappointed when it ended. But this time everything goes horribly wrong, jeopardizing the very core of the Pack and threatening to expose Diego’s carefully protected secrets and the past he has so carefully tried to forget.

This is a very healthy book with over 600 pages and took me a while to get through but well worth it. It would be interesting to interview these authors and find out the secret behind this special union.

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