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An advertisement with Sunil Gavaskar, former Indian cricketer and brand ambassador of Danube, opposite the World Trade Centre. Shah Rukh Khan appears on billboards advertising Royal Estate, a Dh2.3 billion plan for 2,000 apartments and villas, a luxury hotel and shops in Dubai Investment Park. A government body, the Philippine Retirement authority offers a special retiree visa to foreigners. Philippines has a very low cost of living, peso has significantly lost much of its value since the Asian Financial Crisis but over the past few years the country is getting back on its feet. Rental tax is charged instead of a sales tax when equipment or properties are leased.  So instead of paying a sales tax for purchase of the leased equipment, taxes are collected by the Lessor in addition to the rentals over the lease term. Thats because living in the Philippines provide overflowing benefits from the cheapest cost of living to the breathtaking locations in the country.
Trying to live as cheap as you can, because that is all you can afford, is destined for an unhappy outcome.

Thus, in order to seal your plans of living in Philippines for good, make sure you know how to get a valid and legit retirement visa.
This is a type of visa that basically favors and encourages expats and foreign men to retire and eventually invest in the country.
The last place you want to be, is the Philippines if you have run out of money.Cost of food and drinks is very cheap in the Philippines . The special retirement visa is primarily the best option for expats who want permanent residency without marrying a Filipino citizen or who are already married to another foreigner. Most Filipinos prefer buying raw goods like meat, fish, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables at the local market to save more. Of 130 nationalities who bought property in the emirate last year, Indians invested Dh18bn, British citizens Dh10bn and Pakistanis Dh8bn.
Some foreigners love to shop in this place because you can find branded clothing in a cheaper price.

There's no sulky faces, no bitching and complaining instead the Filipino people are easy going and friendly. If you really want to quit the rat race and retire to a tropical paradise with pristine beaches, cheap living and beautiful women , then Philippines is the place for you.
For expatriates, foriegners, Filipino balikbayans planning a retirement, investing, and or doing business in the Philippines there are various ways to best accomplish these tasks for each retiree, investor, and business owners specific situation and requirements from forming Philippine corporation, to the various Philippine Visas available to retire, invest, do business and work in the Philippines.

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