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If you have the habit of drinking alcohol on a daily dosage, it is best for you to stop and rethink of what it can do to your kidneys.
Experts say that few forms of exercises like running, walking and swimming is good for the heart and is good to keep the kidneys healthy.
Keeping your weight under control will not only help you stay protected from certain types of diseases, but will also keep your kidneys healthy.
A regulation in your blood pressure is one of the ways in which you can keep your kidneys healthy. I recall seeing an interesting poster at the hospital when I used to take my mother there for her check-up. Obviously, our kidney is one of the most important organs that performs a critical role in keeping our body healthy and functioning properly. With so many responsibilities, cases of abnormalities in the organ like kidney disease, kidney stones, infections etc. Drink plenty of pure water daily.Everyone knows that drinking adequate water  is not only important for the kidney, but to many other functions of the body as well.
Drink raw juiceFresh fruits and vegetable juices have been seen and proven to contain many nutrients that help in promoting the body’s health and aid in treating some diseases as well.

Eat RightAlmost everything that happens inside our body is affected by the kind of foods that we eat. Disclaimer"Be Healthy, Be Happy", this blog, does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is important for us to take care of our kidneys in the best way so that they serve a long and healthy life.
Smoking causes a lot of illness for one, as they can cause kidney failure in the future if one does not quit this bad habit. On a daily dosage, one needs to consume 3 liters of water daily in order to make the organs to function well. Every day, the kidneys are responsible for filtering around 200 quarts of blood and among these are 2 quarts of extra water and waste products, which is expelled as urine. Stick to those freshly squeezed ones where nutrients can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed all through out the body.  Lemon juice is effective in dissolving stones of uric acid in the bladder. Recent studies have shown that obese people are more prone to develop kidney stones and kidney cancer. If kidney diseases develop, it is important to consult a doctor immediately to find out the proper course of action to take.

These two small organs are located at the rear of the abdominal cavity in the retroperitoneum which perform several life-sustaining roles.
When you smoke, our kidneys are apply more pressure on the lungs which in turn make the kidneys weak.
The kidneys also perform the role of producing some hormones as well as the regulation of blood chemical levels.
When it is done filtering, extra water and waste products are stored into our urinary bladder, where it waits to be excreted.
If the foods you eat are toxic and unhealthy, then it will eventually affect body organs, including the kidney. Stick to low-potassium and low-phosphorus foods, green tea, watermelon, asparagus, celery and fish.
Omega-3 also helps in kidney function.  Other foods that could help strengthen the kidney include salmon and trout, as well as other herbs and vegetables like  spring onions, onions, fennels, beetroot, parsley, celery, garlic, chives, ginger, dandelion and cloves.

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