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I’m sharing this information about the imagination because I want you to understand how meditating on God’s promises and using your imagination can lead to great success in life. Progress came because of someone’s ability to see things differently from the way they were.
We were trying to obtain the building on our current property that we now call “The Chapel.” When the building went up for sale, nothing in the natural favored us being able to purchase it.
So when it went up for sale, I got a picture of the building and put it on our refrigerator and around the house.
I would prayer over that picture, look at that building, meditate on scriptures, and then close my eyes.
If every a staff member is busy cleaning, it takes away from what they were employed to do.

I did that over and over again until one day, when I closed my eyes, I could vividly see the building—the windows, the colors and vertical shapes of the windows, the steeple, the sides of the building, and so on.
Employees are most useful when they can concentrate on their real jobs, not cleaning bathrooms. So how can your business maintain a clean building without wasting its human resources on menial labor?
Now, I’m carrying the image around on the inside of me and waiting on the Holy Spirit to show me what to do. It reassures them that the bathrooms will be clean and the carpet will be will be vacuumed.
To make a long story short, we ended up doing owner financing, we got in the building with a $2,000 a month note, and soon paid that thing off!

Customers don’t appreciate waiting and by freeing up your staff, you set your business apart from the competition. By having a janitorial service available, customers will know that you care about your business.
Keep your business clean by using a janitorial service.Janitorial Services Make the Workplace HealthierGerms are good for no one.
Get your business cleaned by professionals.Grime Scrubbers is a remarkable janitorial service.

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