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The Online College Revolution Infographic The Internet has changed how we live in nearly every conceivable way; why should college education be any different? College Takes a Toll on Tech Infographic Ninety-five percent of college students are taking laptops and cell phones to college this year, and more than half of students will also bring TVs, headphones and printers to campus.
2015 Back-to School and College Retail Trends Infographic Behind Holiday, Back-to-School is retail’s second biggest season and often a barometer of how well retailers will perform the last half of the year. How College Graduates Can Save Money On Health Insurance Infographic When you graduate college so many things are changing. Tapping Into the Brains of Prospective College Students Infographic Higher education marketers are constantly trying to get into the brains of prospective college students.
What College Students Drink While Studying Infographic The What College Students Drink While Studying Infographic shows what college student prefer to drink when they are preparing for finals.
The current austere climate has made it imperative for small businesses to tighten their purse strings, cut back on costs and eliminate undue expenses.
Being a business owner is vastly different from being an employee where you get your income with the taxes already deducted. While this may not be applicable in every business scenario, outsourcing does help cut on employee cost significantly. Many small business owners recommend using cloud-based services for accounting, project management etc.
One of the best things about a slow economy is that every kid hoping to land a steady job on graduation is volunteering for internships. When issuing credit cards to employees make sure you have pre-set limits and alerts to monitor your monthly spending. Knowing what your customers prefer, how they respond to it, and how much they will spend on it will help you design your product or service with minimal redundant expenses. An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. Joshua Geary is a financial writer and experienced blogger for the real estate IRA for Sunwest Trust, Inc. I am a 24-year-old architecture student, casual gamer and senior copywriter for DigitalWebProperties. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. It might not be a good time to buy a fall coat right now, but laptops are a different story.
Online Colleges Infographic: 4 Tips to Help You Choose How to choose between online degrees and traditional degrees?
NRF’s annual survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics, is among the most anticipated consumer research releases each year. The suffering sales, endless government red tape requirements and taxes have made small business owners more aware of the need to save money.

But if played right, business owners can dramatically cut costs, save money and ensure they are getting maximum return on their investments. Thanks to the arrival of social media on the scene, the onus of advertising has shifted to the Internet. If you do not set aside money to pay your taxes, you are liable to get slapped with a hefty tax bill and penalties at the end of the year. Hire an efficient accountant to do your taxes, if you are unable to do them yourself, and advice you on how you can save money.
Keeping things virtual allows for you to operate remotely while also saving on the cost of investing in an office space and equipment. If you have a long standing relationship with a vendor, chances are you will be able to negotiate a lower price. But if you are starting out, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in smart, inexperienced graduates who are desirous of learning the ropes. This can help curb employees from overspending on their company card while saving the business owner money. This will not only save you money initially, but also on a regular basis as your product or service rolls out. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, the economic environment requires you to do whatever in your power to look for ways to save money.
When he’s not writing about IRA investment options and the self-directed IRA rules and regulations that go along with them, Joshua enjoys reading and swimming in his leisure time. Working closely with many SME’s I know for sure that this article would be well appreciated! Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! If you’re in the market for a non-Apple laptop, there are some stellar sales going on right now – you could find a laptop for less than $150! Many stores are selling them at rock-bottom prices right now to draw customers into their stores. Online learning has already disrupted higher education, as more and more colleges react to student demand by offering classes online.
The current economic situation has made business owners realize that cutting down on unnecessary costs can be the difference between the failure and the survival of their business. An online savings account is an effective way to save money for making quarterly tax payments to the government.
Without ongoing operating costs, the business owner can effectively focus on producing work with minimum overhead. Their entry-level salaries are far lower than those of experienced professionals and they bring a fresh energy to the proceedings with their openness to learn.
This will help you avoid long cumbersome paper trails while saving you a lot of money on hardware.

Instead of delegating too much work to them give them responsibilities that are directly reportable to you. Partners in similar industries can support each other in terms of promotion, branding as well as lead generation. Think of a few items you want and go shopping with that list instead of letting the sales sway you. Online Colleges Infographic to get 4 tips and benefits of each to help you make the right choice. Getting featured in credible print or online publications can go a long way in cementing your position in your industry.
Keeping fulltime employee costs down can greatly help push your overall costs down and increase profitability. Make sure that the vendor always has only one point of contact in the office; it could be you or one of your employees. There are a multitude of such systems available on open source to make sure your business runs with minimal managerial expenses.
Analyze ongoing expenses and pinpoint the ones purchased from middle-men suppliers and try getting to the wholesale dealer next time. So, implement these small but efficient cost-saving measures in your business to stay afloat in these turbulent times. Knowing where will you spend your money and asking if it’s worthy to be spend is really important.
According to Slate, many retailers time their sales so you end up spending more during the tax holiday. Using smart SEO and social media marketing techniques also comes in handy for promoting your company at a fraction of your original advertising cost. It’s really great to share these tips because the survival of your business really depends on how you handle your cash.
Now is the time to buy clothes that are going out of season – think T-shirts, swimwear and running shoes.
Plus, stores are more crowded then so you might be in for a worse shopping experience overall.
Stores often rotate their loss leaders, so shop around and at different times for the best deals. Guerrilla marketing is also a handy tool for promotion and has off late caught the fancy of many small businesses.

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