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They will be back in the hallowed halls of learning, their ready brains poised to soak up education like the malleable little sponges that they are. Parents send their children to school with the best of intentions (even if one of those intentions is to get them out of their parents’ hair before someone loses their temper and permanent psychological damage is done which may take years of therapy to unravel). There are other lessons that are taught in the public school system, and none of them will be found in the pages of textbooks or written across classroom whiteboards. To make it worse, piles and piles of homework extend the hours of school surveillance well beyond official school hours. My daughter was finishing up some Civics homework last semester when she asked for help with clarification of a question regarding the intended purpose of the Pledge of Allegiance.
Alice Jones Webb is a blogger, homeschooling mother of four, laundry sorter, black belt, nerd, free-thinker, obsessive recycler, closet goth, a bit of a rebel, but definitely not your typical soccer mom. You can usually find her buried under the laundry and also on her blog, Different Than Average where she blogs about bucking the status quo.
Today, much to their chagrin (and probably their parents’ delight), they will be marching (In a straight line, please. Facts and numbers and grammar and literature and history and science being dumped continuously from now until Spring break into their minds, tamped down and packed together and ready to be regurgitated onto the test sheets required by state and federal governments for processing later in the year.
While parents would like to believe that their darling babies are seated in neat little rows behind neat little desks learning everything they need to be successful in life, they may not realize exactly what their children are learning during their long stints behind the closed doors of public education.
That we are listing them as Rs is probably a commentary on the shortcomings of the system, but I digress.
Instead, these lessons are more subversive, taught through small interactions with teachers and other students, picked up through attitudes and environmental conditioning.

Here are just a few that most parents might not even realize (or if they do realize, don’t think to question.
The teacher asked the class to read a selection and then use a highlighter to mark important information. Dependence and the Danger of Self-Motivation. Good students wait for the teacher to tell them what to do. Acceptance of Surveillance. Even aside from the new security cameras being placed in schools across the country, there is no privacy in our public schools. But the problem is that those easily managed children grow up to be easily managed groups of adults. For permission to re-print this article contact [email protected] , or the respective author.
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They are lessons that may stick with your children long after they’ve forgotten state capitals and vocabulary words and the parts of a cell. Children are taught not to trust themselves, or to place personal value on their own achievements. Hours spent writing boring papers and drilling math problems and memorizing useless dates can’t be spent developing passions, or learning from parents, or lost in free thought. Arbitrary rules often run rampant in the classroom, but if the teacher (or principal or guidance counselor) demand it, even the child’s parents will probably back it up.

The teacher pushed the issue, insisting that she use the highlighter even though underlining achieved the same result for the student. Someone with more training, someone more qualified to make decisions about your lives will do it for you. Besides, schools aren’t set up to teach people HOW to think but rather WHAT to think. This goes for dress codes, assigned seating, and how the students put their names on their papers. It’s just another way that the schools influence, manage and direct the lives of their students. Students are encouraged to spy on one another and to tattle, especially in the wake of huge anti-bullying campaigns. Let someone else decide what you will learn, how you will learn, and when you will learn it.
And if it doesn’t make the authority approved list, it is insignificant and unimportant.

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