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Parts and labor costs includedfor products above $300 if we can't repair it, we'll replace it. Home Depot eGift Card replacementFull purchase price reimbursement for products below $300. It's simple to purchase The Home Depot Protection plan at the time of eligible product purchase. When should you count child support income and how much should be counted?  Count the full amount when it is court ordered and received.  Also count it when it is voluntarily given. The LES identifies rank (grade), years in service, whether or not there are dependents, direct deposit accounts, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) deductions and pay.  Pay for full time service members is semi-monthly based on the amounts listed under Entitlements, half each pay. Qualifying military bases are identified in Notice 2008-79.25 The list is not meant to be exclusive and any qualified military installation which satisfies the percentage requirements of IRC §142(d)(2)(B)(iii)(1) would be eligible to receive similar treatment regardless of its failure to be included in Notice 2008-79 or any subsequent updates. BAS is non-taxable monthly allowance to defray a portion of the costs for food.  BAS is countable income. Hostile Fire also referred to once as Combat Pay.  This is incentive pay for duty under hostile file to a military person assigned or deployed to a combat zone. Remember a casualty loss invokes no recapture if the unit or building is returned to good condition in a timely fashion.
If your building or unit is offline due to a natural disaster and the government or FEMA declares your area a “Natural Disaster” area then the credit clock stops until you return the unit(s) or building(s) to good condition. When verifying tenant income owners must use verification methods that are acceptable to HUD. Make sure you are familiar with the requirements of your state, company, owner & investor regarding employment verification. Example, the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee requires all LIHTC projects to verify employment with an EV and 3 months of consecutive pay stubs.
If there is not a required EV your organization can create an EV or use the EV provided on the Spectrum Web site.
Make sure the current wage or salary has been completed and that the frequency of the payment has been indicated. If the EV shows a tenant working in excess of 40 hrs per week we would expect that the hours over 40 would be subject to an overtime rate. If the EV showed 45 regular hours instead of 40 regular and 5 overtime hours the manager would want to follow up with the employer to determine if 5 of the hours are subject to the overtime rate. Even though the 3rd party EV is the preferred method of verification, be aware of all information in the file and check for inconsistencies. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get a clear picture of a household’s income, assets, and student status.  The tenant certification process can become even more challenging when information provided is not completely true.

For example, if a household has seven bank accounts and only lists six on the Application, it’s possible that this was an oversight. However, it would seem that a person who states no employment on the Application, Unemployed Status Affidavit, and Cert of Zero Income turns out to have been employed at the time of initial certification deliberately misrepresented his income. As with credit ratings, criminal history, and landlord references, be sure your company has a clear written policy about how to document and handle fraud.
Blog DisclaimerThe contents of this blog represent the opinions and observations of Spectrum staff. Danielle Gilbert draws upon more than 10 years of experience to provide individuals with proven development and sound advice.
Spectrum recommends procuring loss of credits coverage.  A good formula to use is take the total allocation of the project, divided by 10 years, divided by 12 months, divided by the number of units. The HUD Occupancy Handbook Chapter 5 states that written documentation sent directly by a 3rd party source is the preferred method of verification. The HUD 4350 states, “The applicant or tenant should not hand-carry the verification to or from the third-party source. You may be required to use a certain EV form or you may be required to follow up to by obtaining a tax return, pay stubs or performing a telephone clarification with the employer. If any questions have been left unanswered the manager must follow up with the employer to obtain the missing information or receive clarification as to why the information was not provided. Know what the minimum wage is in your state and follow up with the employer if the EV lists an amount that is less than minimum wage. If the EV showed an overtime rate less than one and one-half times their regular pay, the manager should follow up to determine why the OT rate does not comply with the Federal Minimum Wage Act. The EV should ask for YTD information unless your state has a policy saying YTD is not required. The tenant may have reported her income to be higher on the application or her bank statements may show weekly direct deposit amounts that are higher than verified on the EV.
If this date is before the move-in-date, but the tenant didn’t disclose this job at move in then there was unverified income at move in.
It can be difficult to determine when a person has intentionally lied versus making an innocent mistake. Is it possible to complete four forms (including TIC) stating no income because they forgot about the job they were actively working at the time? Before accusing a person or household of fraud, it is important to have irrefutable evidence.  Gather as much documentation as possible to illustrate the fraud and maintain documents in the tenant file or with the application. Her experience over the past ten years in Human Resources has included Consulting, Employee Relations, Compensation, Benefits, Coaching, Mentoring, and Recruitment.
Payment history that is often supplied by the Department of Child Services should be reviewed for recent payments.

But the IRS has some “Special Rules” which in some circumstances may not mean recapture of credits. If the verification does not contain an original signature or is delivered by the applicant or tenant, the owner should examine the document for evidence of tampering. Even when tips are verified on the EV Spectrum recommends tenants complete a Tip Affidavit.
Spectrum recommends asking for the total YTD earnings and the dates and number of pay periods represented in those earnings. These inconsistencies with the EV require that due diligence be exhibited and additional verification be obtained.
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If there have been any recent payments then child support income should be counted, averaging if need be as mentioned above. In these situations, the owner may, but does not have to, accept the document as acceptable verification” (p. The Federal Minimum Wage Act of 2007 requires employers to pay employees not less than one and one?half times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek, unless the employee is otherwise exempt. Remember the HUD Handbook 4350 defines annual income as “all amounts anticipated to be received from a source outside the family during the 12 month period following admission or annual recertification” (p.
The employer wrote the following regarding an anticipated increase “increase unknown, annual review”. This raises the question what happens when you have loss of property from a sudden unexpected event at your project? If the YTD calculation is not consistent with the other information on the EV the manager should follow up with the employer.
The manager would want to follow up with the employer to determine the amount of the anticipated increase. The EV must be no older than 120 days before the effective date of the Tenant Income Certification.
If the employer says the increase is still unknown the manager should ask what Dwight has historically received for a raise, since the EV states he has been employed since 2001.

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