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From a simple plus to swallows festooning a red ribbon, eleven men and one woman share their thoughts on their poz tattoos. Nothing fires up a conversation like asking a group of HIV-positive people how they feel about poz tattoos. Others feel like the tattoo both communicates to their partners and the wider world, but also helps them feel safe. So we asked our readers to send us their thoughts on — and their photos of — tattoos that symbolize their positive status.
Rob says, "My tattoo is a simple one — a small plus sign on my left pec, shaded blue to black — but its simplicity is only superficial.
Kenn, Rob's tattoo artist, was thrilled when he heard that he had a virgin, that he would get to give Rob his first ink.
Rob says that "having worked in research labs — where biohazard signs are everywhere — the suggestion that the biohazard symbol is stigmatizing is as absurd as saying that a traffic sign tattoo is stigmatizing.
Michael says this tattoo is "my diagnosis date, the first three words of my personal mission statement, Heal The World, and the red ribbon.
The Village Pharmacy is a pharmacist-owned business based in Toront We are fully accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists. Radhakrishnan was diagnosed as being HIV positive in January 1995 by his employer in Dubai after a routine medical test. It was only a couple of years ago that he found his calling and courage, thanks to the SIPN. However, it was only after counselling by the SIPN that they were allowed to go ahead with the wedding.
Instead, Lady Gaga minus her pancake makeup and clad in jeans and a T-shirt, chose to spend two hours with HIV-positive children in the only orphanage of its kind in the country.This zero-publicity, no cameras and minimal- security trip took place without any fuss.
Hawaiian Sean Hannah says he got a tattoo on the one-year anniversary of learning he was HIV-positive. After I was diagnosed as HIV+ in June of 2010, I thought about getting something to symbolize my status.

I saw a tattoo of a hazard symbol and decided it was time to own my HIV, so I took the tattoo I saw and added my own twist by adding the 'P' and 'Z' within the symbol.
I placed it on my left forearm as a constant reminder of what I had been through, and to never, ever allow myself to become a victim of the stigma.
Kevin Russelo + Associates has operated in the Church-Wellesley neighbourhood for the past 5 years, proudly serving the LGBT community.
Charles Edwin has solemnised has been special, but the wedding he conducted on Friday was extra special. He was immediately deported to India where he spent the next nine years keeping his condition a secret.
He now proudly says that at 34, he is in good health, thanks to anti-retroviral drugs (ARV). She has been taking them for about a year now, starting four years after she was declared HIV positive, having contacted the infection from her ex-husband. Lady Gaga charmed the founder of the orphanage, Anjali Gopalan, by calling up herself to discuss the visit beforehand and then walked in carrying the food she had brought for everyone - pasta, cookies, soups, peanut butter, bread and lots more - straight into the dining area."It was utterly refreshing and surprising," Gopalan said. Aaron Lamout, who is currently planning for his own tattoo, argues that "willingly branding yourself, I feel, takes away any power others have of causing harm.
I was diagnosed in 2009 and, for me, I decided the only way to deal with it was to be 100% open about my status.
I knew that I needed to be comfortable in my skin before I went inking it up and that, at the time, I wasn’t ready. Second, I had to decide that this was a one-way process – that I would never hide my status again. After a lively discussion with fellow HIV advocates, I came to see how someone who has only seen the symbol above the words 'Infectious Waste' could feel that the tattoo was stigmatizing.
First reason and most important was, the day I got it was the day I finally faced reality and owned my disease. Radhakrishnan, who is also the Kancheepuram unit co-ordinator of the network, first met his wife at a conference in a city hotel four months ago, and proposed to her a few weeks later.

Mikey Barnum posted on the HIV Plus Facebook page, "The very idea of a biohazard tattoo to differentiate poz people from those who are not is offensive.
Once I’d made those decisions, it was easy to decide to make a public “Coming Out, Take Two” post on Facebook and to get a tattoo a few days later.
Until that day, I refused to own the disease or the consequences of my past actions which lead me down this road.
Elizabeth in the care of her large family consisting of seven sisters and a brother, all of whom were present at the marriage ceremony. Lady Gaga refused to sit on the chair reserved for her and sat on the floor surrounded by the kids.
Even if a cure is found in my lifetime, having been positive has shaped my life in a permanent way.
Secondly, I wanted a reminder to myself and any of my future sexual partner that I was HIV positive. Most of the older kids were well prepared for her visit as they had spent several hours on Google researching her."Why do you dress the way you do?" a 12-year-old asked. I’m no longer stuck trying to find the right situation or conversational segue to tell someone I’m HIV+.
The things I have in life today, the friends I have today, the love I experience today, everything is because and due to HIV. I don’t have to answer the same questions all the time; I just give people the link instead. I’ve made it clear to the world that I’m not ashamed of my status and that I feel no need to hide it.

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