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In Gujarat, people living with HIV are looking at a new therapy – marriage within the community of HIV positive people. He feels that it has brought him a sense of peace because he does not have to hide his affliction from his wife and she knows exactly how to handle his special needs for high-protein food and regular medicines.
Earlier Manohar had been under tremendous pressure from his family to marry some woman without informing her about his illness. The Gujarat State Network of People living with HIV and AIDS (GSNP), has started the first ever marriage bureau for people living with HIV in the state, as it believes that marriages between HIV positive people may herald a new beginning-- both in the efforts at preventing the spread of the disease and in giving a new meaning to the lives of these people.
Ramakrishnan and Mary, who are both living with HIV and are members of the South India Positive Network, are another such couple who got married in Chennai. While normal couples often match horoscopes and blood groups, HIV positive couples intending to marry are advised to match their CD-4 counts that indicate the immunity level of the affected person.
Men living with HIV can marry HIV negative women if the latter are well informed about the affliction and still willing. So here is wishing success to more such consensual marriages which are bound to bring happiness in the couples’ lives by sharing the joys and sorrows of their partners. Garofalo recalls crying on much of the flight home to Chicago in a catharsis that led him to an unexpected decision, one that helped him in ways no human could and ultimately led him to a new role in the HIV community.
The doctor, who's helped save many an AIDS patient, knows it sounds a little crazy that the companionship and simple needs of a pet could help him cope with his disease and pull him out of depression.
Eventually, Garofalo sought counseling and told his mother and friends about his HIV status. Participants whose images are in the show include a young mother from Los Angeles who was born with HIV, a Chicago man who tested positive after he was gang raped, and an HIV-positive man in San Francisco who quit dealing drugs so he could provide a more stable life for himself and his newly adopted dog. Daniel Cardenas, an HIV-positive Chicagoan who'll appear in the upcoming exhibit with his dog, Loki, certainly sees that in his dog.
Even a matter of months ago, and although he'd gone public with his HIV status, Garofalo did not want to talk about how he suspects he contracted the virus because he doesn't want to inadvertently imply that people who've gotten the virus through drug use or consensual sex deserve to be shamed. Having recently turned 50, and with all he's been through, he says he's grown a lot — and now sees his HIV patients in a much less academic manner.
An HIV-positive teen in Los Angeles recently wrote Garofalo a letter to thank him and his Fred-inspired charity for providing money so he could buy a much-needed pair of shoes. Garofalo says he owes it all to Fred, whose portrait with his owner will appear in the exhibit. Even now, Garofalo gets emotional when he tells the story of coming downstairs to find his mother cradling the dog. For the last few years, the indie game Dys4ia has been a staple go to for people trying to explain gender transition in an easily controlled, interactive and emotionally compelling manner.
I’m Positive is a game about living with HIV, made of a collection of short, simple mini games, interactive images and text based dialogue trees. The way I’m positive deals with the narrative of an HIV diagnosis acts as a really subtle way for people to get more information on the condition and misconceptions people may have about it. Most importantly however, I’m Positive follows someone on a journey from the awkward phone call from an HIV positive ex right up until treatment and life afterwards.
This looks interesting although I’m not sure how much something like this needs to be gamified.
I am Gleidyz by name from Venezuela and got married out of true love to my husband Carlos of same genotype (A S).
But he could not bring himself to live with the guilt of passing on the virus to an unsuspecting girl. The normal family structures are still there but there have been many permutations and combinations which demand that we enlarge the scope of our social acceptance.
A routine medical test showed Ramakrishnan’s HIV positive status while Mary had caught the virus from her ex-husband who died of AIDS some time ago.
Once the HIV virus enters the body, it attaches itself to a white blood cell called CD-4 or alternatively called T4 cell. At first, he told almost no one about his HIV status — not even his own elderly mother, who sensed that her son was struggling mightily during a Christmas visit in 2010.
As his energy level grew, he also started a charity using Fred's image to raise money for programs that help HIV-positive teens.

And Garofalo began to realize that he was far from the only person with HIV — or any number of other diseases — who'd been helped by a dog.
It tells the stories of HIV-positive people and their dogs in an exhibit launching in Chicago on Tuesday, Dec.
I could've gotten it another way," says Garofalo, who concedes that his sometimes self-destructive downward spiral had begun much earlier, when he was diagnosed with renal cell cancer a decade ago, just after he'd turned 40. He now heads the Center for Gender, Sexuality and HIV Prevention at Lurie Children's Hospital.
It is an impact his mom saw take hold almost immediately when her son visited with Fred in the spring of 2010, after that Christmas visit.
It’s a pretty well known game that does a decent job of easily conveying some of the struggles of a group of people.
It’s easily approachable for gamers or non gamers, with interactions limited to moving a mouse, clicking, or holding down a single mouse button to repeat simple actions from life. The carefully crafted dialogue options offer opportunities to explore, to learn and to discuss issues in relative safety.
It pays attention to the interpersonal moments, to the human reactions, to the emotions that can be rife during that period in life. From that day video games were all she thought about day or night, be it playing them, designing them, discussing them or writing about them.
Sometimes just going through the motions is all that’s needed to separate a game from a video or read. Joshi cites the example of a diamond worker Manohar, who was HIV positive and unmarried when he met his future wife Sujata at counselling meetings. Manohar’s personal take on such marriages between HIV positive couples, who have already crossed the border of safety and are destined to die, is the strong antidote of companionship that helps in fighting the disease. But the main problem they face is that the number of young men living with HIV far exceeds the number of young women living with the virus. One dimension of this crisis is marriage between couples where either one or both of the two partners are living with HIV. As their children could be born with the virus, they are considering adoption as an option or even foregoing having kids altogether.
Problems increased, in direct proportion to the husband’s degree of infection, when he has been responsible for having invited the disease by visiting sex workers, drinking, gambling and leading an immoral life. However, many are under pressure from their families, especially when the parents do not know that their child is affected and the child is afraid to let the parents know the truth. And in that human-canine bond, he saw new purpose and an opportunity to grow his charity's reach. Now, with new, less-complicated treatments, many people are living healthy, productive lives with the AIDS virus. I’ve always been a little disappointed that there were not many other games to follow in that emotional, educational yet accessible vain. From swiping a phone lock screen to throwing a basketball, I’m Positive is an incredibly accessible way to teach or learn about the realities of an HIV diagnosis and life after a positive test. Ever wondered what options are available for people without health insurance in America to get HIV treatment? It’s a wonderfully touching experience, all wrapped up in a set of informative facts and wonderfully simple interactions. Moreover, many women living with HIV are sex workers and the social stigma attached to the profession prevents even HIV positive men from marrying these girls. There are other dimensions too-- did one or both know the status of their partner before they were married?
Theirs is just one example of a conscious couple who are leading a protected and happy married life despite the deadly virus.
Whenever there is an infection, CD-4 cells lead the infection-fighting army of the body to protect it from falling sick. In such cases, concern, support, compassion and protectiveness co-existed with anger and resentment in the wives. The news came after he'd already survived kidney cancer and a breakup with his longtime partner.

Garofalo also found comfort when he'd awaken with one of his frequent night terrors and have Fred to snuggle. She says her wirehaired fox terrier, Coconut, eventually helped her muster the courage to leave an abusive relationship and also prepared her to care for her daughter, who recently turned 1. Today I found another game that lives up to what Dys4ia did so well, called I’m Positive.
It’s highly accessible, which not enough personal experiences told through video games are.
I’m Positive is a really important game, one I really think more people should take 15 minutes to sit down and appreciate.
Because indie devs are awesome and she wants to be their new best friend by telling them how terrible their games are. Dialog trees leave you wondering what content you’ve missed, which can lead to unpleasant anxiety. However, if more such networks and communities are formed in all states, more men and women living with HIV can get married and bring some sunshine in their desolate lives. Damage to these cells can affect a person’s disease-fighting capability and general health.
The anger results not as much from the husband’s promiscuous lifestyle as it does from the financial, and emotional impact of the disease on the entire family. Sanjay Govindraj, an AIDS counsellor in Bangalore, says, “If both the man and the woman are aware that they are carrying the virus, there is no problem if they want to get married.
The child is not HIV-positive thanks to medical interventions that can now prevent the spread of the virus from mother to infant.
These questions seem too become redundant in cases where death is just round the corner and one can do nothing about it. The number of CD-4 cells per millilitre of blood (called the CD-4 count), ranges between 500 and 1500 in a healthy person. The game presents these answers with a level of abstraction that makes it really easy to find out more information without having to feel uncomfortable looking the facts up yourself.
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