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Four categories of ice creams are available - ice cream, gelato, French ice cream and novelties. Multiple symbols: Flag and History of Niger Flag The states of Africa have all impressive history regarding their desire and fights for independence. Pompeii, also known as the forgotten city, was a Roman settlement that was devastated by volcanic eruptions in 79 A.D. Before Pompeii succumbed to the eruptions, it was a blossoming township and a progressive commercial port of the Sarno River in Italy. In today’s world, the University of Bradford is responsible for most of the excavations and provides the history of the great city in the form of photos available on the internet. Oh really , well before u say that why not check the disgusting crimes that this city was full of.

I am doing research about Pompeii because I am going there in three days and I can’t wait! 7 types of additives used in ice creams are: E120, E904, E910, E920, polysorbates and cellulose gum. Being initially a French colony, Niger’s flag was adopted one year before the state’s declared independence to France. The eruptions from the volcano were so strong that the buildings and the people were covered in twelve thick layers of mud and ash. The most notable buildings that have been excavated from the ashes are a Roman basilica and an amphitheatre. The city of Pompeii is a highly-visited tourist place due to its unique architectural designs and its history.

I live in Italy, and am homeschooled so I can see all these cool places everybody dreams about going to.
After the city was covered in volcanic ashes, it was slowly forgotten and erased from the history books until it got rediscovered in 1738 by workers working for the King of Naples.
What happened to Pompeii is really sad, but I think it is a very historical place that I can learn a lot from. Today, it is an attraction for archaeologists from all over the world due to the fact that most of the architecture has been preserved by the ashes from the volcanic eruption.

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