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When a child helps decide what to buy, what to grow in a garden, and what to serve at meals, chances are that he or she will be much more likely to want to try that food.
Have your child help with tasks that are developmentally appropriate, like stirring and helping get food ready to go into the oven, or helping to plant, water, and pick foods from a garden. Always be mindful of safety, and don’t allow children to handle knives or be close to heat sources like burners or a hot oven.
Even if your child is a picky eater, chances they’re still getting enough of the nutrients they need to prevent being “malnourished.” It may be frustrating, but continue to introduce new foods to your child.
Keep in mind that a child may need to try the same new food more than 10 times in order to decide that they like it!

If your child seems overly tired or you are concerned that they’re not growing at a typical pace — or if you have any questions regarding your child’s nutritional habits — be sure to talk to your healthcare professional. If your child is under 4 years of age, you should take special care with foods that require extensive chewing, or could cause choking if swallowed whole. Never leave your child unattended, and insist that your child stay seated during mealtime or snacks.
Dana Dobbie is a Sydney mother of two remarkably cute children, who shares Dettol’s mission of raising a happy, healthy family, with a zest for life and love.
Letter from the EditorFebruary, with school just started, is a good time to work some new healthy habits into your weekly routine.

Brainstorm about what kinds of foods your child would like, and have your child help you put them in the cart at the store. Choking incidents often occur when older siblings offer young children food they’re not yet developmentally ready to handle.
Here at Mission for Health we are celebrating all the little things you do for your family’s health.

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