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Travel Philosophy: Just go out there, be happy and have fun, therea€™s plenty of time to be sad and bored when youa€™re not travelling! Special Talent: During the day I practise licking my elbow and when night comes I dress up in spandex and fight crime.
Across the UK the hunt is on for James Foleya€™s killer, who authorities believe is a British national. Before long, my father refuted that claim, having come to the epiphany that English food was decidedly better than its French equivalenta€¦.so at the tender age of 7, I was sent off to the greasy land of Fish and Chips.

As Richard Bestic reports from London, Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his summer break to lead his governmenta€™s response.
There I learned all the life skills that the UK had to offer: to enjoy bland food, to keep down multiple drinks, to stay in good spirits despite the gloomy weather, and most excitingly, how to queue! After 15 years of schooling (having spent a year in Italy and Mexico studying both of these romance languages) and armed with a BA in Business, Italian and French, I decided that I had finally reached an appropriate age to be able to understand what my mum had been saying to punish me when I was a kid. After a full year of eating Roast Duck and watching people spit with cunning aim, I returned to comparatively sunny London to take on the corporate world (and please my parents).

Two soul-destroying years of work later, I realised that I actually missed the never-ending traffic, the smog and the cheap clothes of China.

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