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Because of all this conditioning that society and our social groups put upon us to be labeled, we begin to come up with our own labels for who we are and what we believe.
Do you feel it's right for people to label one another, and are we really the sum of our labels? He describes himself as someone physically attracted to both genders, but he only has emotional relationships with women. We have a group of templates in our heads for each word; it is one way we can understand one another. I believe that people can have a physical attraction to either gender but have an emotional connection to a different gender and just because someone has millions of dollars, does not make them rich.

Another person might say that he is not bisexual but straight with curious tendencies toward homosexuality. The more I thought about all of it, the more I said to myself, "No, I am not a sum of my labels. They are the richest in my eyes because they have a loving family and know that it is family that is more valuable than all the money in the world. I am a geek, I am a writer, I am a network engineer, I am a man, I am a wood worker, I am an artist, I am your dream come true and I am also your worst nightmare. A word's definition can be subjective and relative to one person's perspective, life experiences or beliefs.

And just because I hear you say that you are a Christian, does not mean that we are the same. I have in fact met too many self-righteous Christians who have lost touch with what I believe being a Christian is about.

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