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A woman should never invest in a relationship she wouldn’t want for her daughter, nor allow any man to treat her in a way she would scold her son for.
UnknownVisit VERY BEST QUOTES  to read daily inspirational quotes, motivational quotes with pictures and positive thoughts of the day.Please help me to spread love by sharing beautiful quotes and thoughts to your friends and family! Do you feel that they’re spending more time planning their vacation than actually working? Time is of the essence these days and anything an employer can do to help employees meet family demands does not go unnoticed.

Still others are motivated by benefits and salary.There are many myths about what motivates people. Money may inspire employees temporarily, but it is not a permanent solution.If you think that giving someone a raise will change his or her behavior at the office, think again. Unless your employee is motivated to change his or her behavior, you will not have any luck.So, how can you motivate your employees? Are there other duties that she could be given that would help her to feel useful or valued?
Mary on the other hand has four children and would really like to cut her hours to part-time.

Betty, a salesperson, may want a raise, but maybe that is not possible right now because revenue is down.
Since performance is already being discussed, you can use this time to reflect on behaviors that work for the company and those that do not.Motivating employees is not a science. But that hard work will pay off in less negativity in the workplace and employees who are on board with the company’s goals.

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