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But then, a few weeks ago, the idea came back to me while I was trying to think of a gift for one of my best friends.
Find yourself a suitable glass jar: it must be big enough to hold as many butterflies as you want to make and also with a large enough mouth to easily fit the folded butterflies in later on. If you use my butterfly sheet, print out as many sheets as you need, and I just used normal scissors to cut them out. Write out your good thoughts, and once you are done, gently crease the butterfly vertically along the center (where its body is and with your thought facing inward) to give it that 3D look. Fill your jar up until you have enough butterflies to get the look you want РI opted for a very full jar. Optional:  You can make a label for your jar like I did, or you can leave it as a mysterious object that will invite people to ask questions.

You’d be amazed just how many good memories and nice thoughts you can come up with when you set your mind to it, even the smallest things are worth a butterfly.
About Sunhawk’s BlogHeyla, my name is Christine and I started this blog as a place to talk about making art and share my creative efforts.
Next week, come by my table in the Craft Corner at #AnimeNorth I will be Sunhawk at table CC406!
I somehow thought landscapes would be easy but I am discovering there is no harder face to paint than the face of a mountain!
These are my personal favorite verses that encourage me when I'm feeling discouraged, stressed, or anxious. More Be Happy Quotes and SayingsRemember this, that very little is needed to make a happy life.

To me, nothing seemed more fitting than using butterflies to represent both a good thought (what a pretty, delicate and lively thing a good thought can be) and also as another happy reminder of our childhood, as I’d raised many a caterpillar in glass jars and I had my own fond memories of watching a butterfly float free out of its glass home.
When you need something positive in your life reach for the next note in your Year of Positivity Jar and repeat the process taking down the old thought and replacing it with this new one. By the time a jar came about, it was already a month into the new year and I’d lost my momentum for the idea. When a friend asks about it say it is from your Year of Positivity Jar because positivity breeds positivity.

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