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Rituals of Bengali New YearHindu Bengalis worship Ganesha, the god of prosperity Ganesha and Laxmi, the goddess of wealth on Bengali New Year day. Celebration of Bengali New YearHouses and business establishments are cleaned and renovated to celebrate this sacred day.
With the advent of summer, greenery and freshness hails all over which is also depicted in the celebrations of Bengali New Year.
On this day, Bengalis bid adieu to the last year and welcome the New Year with immense exhilaration and bliss.

The day marks the beginning of all commercial and business activities in Bengal and also considered an auspicious date for marriages. Hence the festival was essentially introduced by Mughal Emperor Akbar and gradually this occasion became an essential part of the domestic and social life of Bengalis. Celebration of Bengali New Year dissolves the barriers of castes, religions or status and binds Bengalis from every corner of the world in the heartfelt bond of love and unity. Beyond the festivities, Bengali New Year holds great significance in uniting Bengalis from all walks of life.

Young people touch the feet of their elders and the elders consecrate them with blessings for prosperity and good health.

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