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If you use behavior charts alongside nagging, threatening or yelling, your child may get the idea that a chart of any kind is a bad thing! Let's look at some guidelines for using behavior charts that can lead to positive results for everyone concerned. Print out several behavior charts and customize them in different ways to address the behavior issue. Together with your child, come up with appropriate consequences, both positive and negative, for following (or not following) the behavior chart. Using good behavior charts properly means truly using them as a guidance tool and not as a weapon.
Obviously this is somewhat age dependent, but trust me, even quite small children can be taught the concept of goal-getting. Using a goal-oriented behavior chart system means your child can learn to appreciate the power behind identifying particular behaviors that are holding him back from the goals he has set for himself.
This is extremely powerful, which is why highly successfully adults use these behavioral ideas all the time. This is the end result you want: your child using behavior charts to take responsibility for his own behavior. Obviously, this behavior changing process will take time, especially if that's not the way you are used to working things out in your family. Also, to be honest, you will have more success with this approach if you begin using some sort of behavior charts yourself, Mom or Dad.

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If using the terminology of "goals" and "goal-setting" is more motivating to you and your child, then by all means, go that way. He can learn, over time, behavior modification strategies to change his own behavior and then he can earn his own rewards for achieving his goals.
Because to lead your child into a new system which promotes positive personal growth, you need to understand where you're going. You can use behavior charts to restructure all kinds of behavior - given enough time and consistency.

In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Your child may not see it as a problem behavior; if you can get your child to see the situation from your perspective, you'll have a much more willing participant on your hands.
The reality of parenting, however, is that generally the more solid work you put in upfront, the less problems you have on the backside.
As you learn more about changing behaviors this way, you will find there is an abundance of tools available to you.
Actually the process will need to be highly structured and focused for those children and their families who are struggling with more advanced behavior challenges. This helps her take ownership of the process - and believe me, she is the owner of her behavior! And not only can you do this, but you will LOVE to do this because it will bring improvements in your own life you will enjoy, plus you may reap the rewards of a deeply strengthened relationship between you and your child. One that will get you started firmly down this path is Brian Tracy's Super Parent Audio series.

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