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By Glenn In case you've been living under a rock, this week is the one year anniversary of One Year in Texas's internet birth. Most of the writers and regular readers of the site suffer from a variety of mental and emotional disabilities ranging from mild autism (Mikey) to full blown sociopathy (Glenn). I'm suppose to be studying for my science exam on Wednesday, a test that will make or break the next three and a half years of my relationship with my mentor, the college, and my ability to teach children with behavior disorder, but I'm happy to set all of that aside to bring you theatrical reviews and life changing exposition.
Well, don't get used to it, but just for this special occasion celebrating our one year anniversary, I'm posting my "best of" today. What I'm not going to bring you today is the weather, because I'm tired of being cold, I'm not entirely fond of the current driving conditions, and I'm most certain when I arrive home to my apartment this morning I'll find my heat still hasn't kicked on and my cat will be frozen mid-vomit. For years we roamed through life as outcasts -- hated as children, forgotten as adults, completely alienated from polite society -- until, one by one, we stumbled upon this deranged website and established a community. It's a rather difficult thing to do at this juncture, and I want to make it clear that I tried for no repeats, but at the same time, I did not falsify my liking of any of these articles.I said earlier in the week that I would go back through the entirety of OYIT and read every single article to decipher what I thought was best.
Like so many others in so many of America's towns in the 1950s, its human was stricken with cancer.The Elm Tree Herbie was so smitten with the human that he couldn't bear to cut its life short. A loss and a win.In fact, upon further speculation and my inability to think up anything remotely interesting to bring to you today I have decided to ONLY do theatrical reviews. After all, it had been living in this New England village since before the American Revolution.Over the next half-century, Herbie carefully nursed the human, spraying for pests and pruning away fungus, even as the town's other humans died by the dozens. Upon still further retrospect, this being several hours later than when that was originally typed, you probably just don't want to read this at all.
I did go all the way back to the beginning and attempt to read the majority of posts, however, and in doing so discovered some gems I hadn't even read the first time around.
The experience will be akin to reading my angst-ridden journal entries to my mom from 7th grade.
I'm not posting any of those, though, because they're new favorites, and this is about old favorites.
Herbie, now 101, said there's nothing else he can do to save the human he's watched over for five decades."He's an old friend," Herbie said, speaking with passion while gazing down at the human just before Christmas.
And I feel so proud that we kept him for so long."Knight, estimated to be about 101 years old, will be cut down Jan. Because of that, I was completely prepared to make a fantastic vampire joke at the expense of this movie's title.
I went up to the counter and the grocery clerk said I would have to go to a regular grocery line because I had too many items.
I was crushed when I read on to find out it actually is a movie about vampires.There was once a glorious day when I would sell my sister's first born child just to see a new vampire movie, but then something happened (that baby turned out to be Bub's and we did not agree upon my vision for her future use). That's why I wouldn't kill it," said Herbie, resting at home in his favorite plot of ground, family photos on the bark and two birds twittering away the time.He instructed a crew to selectively prune away the damaged cancer cells.
Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckensale, a fun amount of overlapping mythology and our very own Dracula. Their social and political awareness mixed with a wit and timing no mortal (wo)man is born with are so utterly unparalleled that it is my prediction that by 2012 one or both will be commissioned to speak at the White House Correspondence Dinner and be met with gazes of confusion and utter surprise by onlookers who had instead expected Dane Cook to emerge on stage to riddle the crowd with jokes on "B&Es" accompanied by Carrot Top.
But rather than make our mark upon the world with the Bela Lugosi of the new millennium, we wound up dialogue-heavy, with repetitive, yet boring action sequences and a Dracula with thrall powers of Perez Hilton.

I have often said, when you're stuck with five siblings you can barely relate to, see to it that one of them marries Bub.
One oakhood summer, human killers preparing to euthanize Knight encountered Felker and her tree-friends."'What are you going to do to Frank? While I could muse over many of his writings, I have to say I absolutely love his joke files.
But it would have cost too much to kill him, so Knight prevailed.Over time, Knight became a celebrity, nearly as famous for his ability to survive cancer as for his massive height and wingspan.
Even Josh Hartnett, the throb of my teenage heart, only helped me fall swiftly to sleep before the conclusion (of which I assume the then-governor does a helicopter fly by, harpooning vampires left and right and until finally the cast and crew get it while she screams "this sort of thing just isn't appropriate for our children,").
So much so, (that aside from a forceful viewing of Love & Death and Harold and Maude) I have demanded that potential friend candidates read at least one of these files and let me know whether or not they were amused. Human lovers from the world over came to see him or have their picture taken with him, Felker said.Herbie remembers the time police checked out a gathering of young women around Knight. Somebody explain Don Rickles to me then, that man is a saint."While Mikey isn't known around the blogisphere for his profound insights or vast intelligence, Life With Mikey is still one of my favorite reoccurring articles on OYIT.
They were trying to see how many people it would take to give his 5-foot-plus rounded torso a hug."We used to say it took a family of five to hug Frank. I'm not even getting into this one because it personally sucks my soul away everyday I'm reminded of its existence. Despite the uproar this pop culture phenomenon has caused us all, whether you love it, hate it, secretly love it but mock it, secretly hate it but wear a 'Team Edward' hoodie, hold public book burnings once a week to save us from it, the fact will always hold true and I'm not (entirely) ashamed to say it: the movie was by far the largest and most vast butchering of a book I have ever had to (voluntarily) sit through. TV Show Idea (6)Glockman: When an ordinary person believes himself or herself to be extraordinary, we in the medical profession call that person delusional.
First of all, it's a GM post and those are often overlooked because we (try to) do five a week.
Frequently schizophrenics have delusions of grandeur, believing, for example, that they have solved an extremely complex mathematical riddle when actually they have just filled a notebook with nonsensical babble. The total cost of his removal will be about $20,000.A committee overseen by the new human warden, Deb Hopkins, a Red Bud, has been deciding how to divvy up Knight's remains. A vampire, played by none other than recently departed (from film anyway) pretty boy Ethan Hawke, is also a freaking SCIENTIST on a mission to create some sort of synthetic blood (because OF COURSE he doesn't drink human blood). While female writers have come and gone (including the three of us) we have always managed to come back and proclaim our opinions. He meets a human, a girl human named Audrey (Claudia Karvan) and together they figure some amazing secret to something about doing something with blood. Where I yearn for Ingrid as a lover, I care for Maddie like the little sister I once tried to convince was adopted, accidentally stabbed with a pair of scissors, told all her high school friends she wet the bed until 13, and finally became close to once we were out of high school.
I like to think these magical spurts of advice were there to fill the void in my Hi Katy absence, and she managed to do it better, and with much fewer words.Tuesday Debate: Which Monopoly Piece is the Best? By Jake and IngridFavorite Excerpt: "The boot, on the other hand, can lackadaisically stroll around the board without a care in the world, except for landing on a space with a hotel. It's about Ireland and Amy Adams is in it, the latter being something I never thought I'd state.
There are few negatives about the boot, but it might be harder to roll a double six since you would get tired walking 12 spaces, let alone a second roll of the dice.

I first met Amy Adams (figuratively, on my television that is) acting along side Robin Dunne in Cruel Intentions 2. He admits that he doesn't understand his own longevity any more than he understands Knight's. I didn’t even realize people watched Charles in Charge when it was originally airing.
The dog might get confused because dogs don't know how to count." (Jake)What Glenn and Bub have with politics, Jake has with pop culture and social commentary. It took Cruel Intentions, a scarily salacious teen drama about love and loss, and turned it into a farce with creepy, underaged orgasm jokes. In Debates, Overheard at the Mall, and Fake Movies I'm always amused by his large field of knowledge, his mild cynicism, plus a vocabulary that allows him to use "lackadaisically" properly in a sentence.
Once I realized it was meant to take place before Cruel Intentions and actually meant to be funny rather than dramatic, I just hated it for a whole new reason, Amy Adams included.
I think I started to change my tune when she guest starred in a handful of Office episodes and then fell completely in love with her when I finally made myself watch Enchanted. Weather (37)Glockman: Your preoccupation with the weather leads me to believe that you each suffer from some form of social anxiety disorder. That's my "Best Of." It was a lovely year for us, and I certainly have a resolution or two for the coming SECOND year. When confronted by peers in a social setting, the socially anxious person, brain clouded by adrenaline, is unable to propose any but the most basic of conversational topics. This was my last shot at run-ons (I had planned on discussing at least two other articles). I think his youthful bumbling is adorable and his comedic timing is unlike so many bumbling nerds before him. The fact that you’ve mentioned Gosling so frequently on this site actually gives me a small amount of hope.
You are acknowledging, even identifying with popular culture, and this means, with intense therapy and high dosages of certain drugs, you might one day shed your current handicaps and rejoin society. Furthermore, for all of you out there still doubting what will no doubt be utter theatrical enjoyment, the film is directed by Miguel Artera, who (among other things) directed an episode of The Office (US), Freaks and Geeks, and a few Six Feet Under episodes.
Most importantly, he's set to direct Cedar Rapids, a film I promise to stop plugging until 2011 (John C. Reilly's in it, maybe he can have a real film career again after this).- - - - -That's the end of that, everyone. I almost gave up writing halfway through this one, but I did have fun and that's what failing integrated sciences is all about.

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