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It’s hard to pin down which Disney quotes are my all time favorites, but the quotes listed below are definitely a few that I love. Actually, I think that I am going to follow some of my own good advice today and watch Winnie the Pooh with my son. If you enjoy these inspirational quotes, be sure to pin and share them — your friends will thank you! He’s not fully sold on Disney movies yet (short attention span), but I think he will really love Winnie the Pooh.
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In fact, this might be a good day to break into that DVD collection and watch a little Cinderella or Snow White. He taught us not to settle for jobs that will crush ourA dreams or give in to opinions that shrink us.
Become a student with the goal of becoming a masterWalt Disney was known for his tireless work ethic and extreme focus on the details. Give to others before you give to yourselfWalt Disney believed people should be generous and compassionate. A The original Disney Land was for people who wanted to experience happiness, love and fun with no distraction from the outside world.4.

Never grow upWalt Disney believed that those who are in a rush to grow up could be selling themselves short.

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