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As a practitioner of the Agile way of working, most of my actions, techniques and experiments were driven through a€?common sensea€? and the a€?ground realitiesa€? of the team, team members and organizations with which I have worked.
I would like to describe one experiment where I attempted to change the way individual and team goals were set, and change the way people got appraised against those goals in large, product organizations. Traditionally, most companies have their performance management models built on age-old principles and frameworks that dona€™t adapt to organizational changes.
While this is a story about companies with traditional approaches towards software development, could you imagine what happens when such companies try adopting Agile?
In my experiment I mentioned above, I dealt with the above situation more as a change agent, rather than as a ScrumMaster or a development manager.
The above goals were not only unclear and difficult to achieve in an Agile environment, but were also very difficult to measure and to appraise employees. Through the above examples, I would like to convey to the readers of this article that changing the way goals are set and appraisals are conducted can significantly affect the effectiveness of Agile adoption at an organizational level. Individual employee goals should be aligned with organizational goals to suit the Agile mindset.
A 360-degree survey should be conducted to get transparent feedback from each member about every other team member.
Team-level feedback should be collected from the product owner and ScrumMaster based on their observations of the team over a period of time (across multiple sprints). Key Agile metrics like sprint velocity and burndown charts should be considered for team evaluation. Instead of waiting for formal annual or semi-annual performance review meetings, key stakeholders and managers can meet the team and individuals one-on-one after every sprint or every alternate sprint. Also, based on empirical data and changes in organizational priority, goals can be refined or revised once a quarter or once after every sprint release. Agile Eats is our semi-monthly e-blast chock full of tips and tricks too good not to share. SolutionsIQ is the worlda€™s largest provider of Agile transformation and innovation solutions for business and technology. Get the latest Agile content, client case studies, industry news, podcasts and so much more.

Instead of setting a big goal for the new year with no plan of how to follow through with it, why not set small goals? Sign up for a race and train for it. Having a concrete goal like a race is the perfect way to kick off the new year. Drink at least 8 cups of water per day. Staying hydrated is really important for your health, and you might need even more than 8 cups (especially if you work out). Prep food on Sundays. For those of you living off campus, prepping food in advance is a great way to make sure you have healthy options on hand during the week.
Eat a salad with lunch or dinner (or both). Adding in a salad to your usual lunch or dinner is a great way to get in extra veggies.
Take a longer route to class. Adding a few minutes of walking to your day is a great way to be a little more active without having to think too much about it. Make an inspiration board. Take a couple minutes at the beginning of the week to put together a new desktop screensaver, or print out your favorite quotes to make a little motivational collage. It was fairly successful and worked as an important element that drove effective Agile adoption.
More concerning is the way organizational goals and an individual employee or team goals are linked to each other. They utterly fail because of lack of attention to the aspect of goal-setting and appraisal models. That could reveal valuable insights in terms of improvement in teams’ self-organizing ability, commitment exhibited during demos and quality focus shown in terms of a€?definition of donea€? adherence. They could use this opportunity to make course corrections if the goals are off-track for any team member or for the entire team. Our leading Agile Transformation Solution is an integrated approach that combines Agile values and principles, scaling patterns and change management methods to deliver sustainable business results across the organization. You also will start the day off on a healthy note, which usually leads to healthier decisions throughout the day. That way, if one day gets too crazy, you can always move your workout to another day (and still hit your weekly goal). By planning to stretch before bed every night, you’ll probably stretch a lot more than you did before.

Try a new group fitness class, do some different strength training moves, try a new machine at the gym, or just pick a new running route. You could also walk to the grocery store instead of driving, or bike instead of taking the bus to work. If you don’t, the food is probably highly processed, so put it back on the shelf and pick something else. You’ll be more likely to keep up with your goals for the week if you have a visual reminder of them. In fact, Agile trainings and initiatives drive the employees in one direction and annual goals and appraisals drive them in exactly the opposite direction. The goals for a Tech Lead were also same, with the addition of a couple of new items on management aspects. By setting smaller, more manageable goals, you’ll be more likely to follow through with them.
Fill it up right before lecture, and then try to drink at least half of it before the lecture is over. Here are some ideas of foods you could make for the week: grilled chicken, quinoa or rice, steamed or roasted vegetables, hard boiled eggs, chopped fruit, homemade trail mix, whole grain muffins, etc. Here are some ideas of snacks to pack: trail mix, granola bars, dried fruit, string cheese, whole wheat crackers, etc. Even just 30 minutes of unplugging could help you be more productive or get a little more relaxation without interruptions from Facebook.
This is because the measurement metrics for both aspects differ and dona€™t compliment each other. Pick a few to really focus on, and then slowly add one or two new goals as time goes on and your old goals become habits.

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