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The Gift Basket CD Success Pack sells for $234 when you buy each CD separately, but get the 6-pack for just $197, a savings of $37.
Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is taking on startups such as Canva and Adobe Spark Post with a new app called Sprightly. The app provides a handful of templates to choose from and you can as well customize them with your business information and photos. Although it doesna€™t offer a huge room for creativity, you still get really good-looking end products with minimal work. While Sprightly is remarkably similar in concept to Canva and Adobe Spark, it has a narrower focus. Its predecessors have grown to be quite popular with social media managers who need a quick and easy way to create graphics that they can use on various social media sites.
Sprightly, on the other hand, also aims at democratizing design, but it specifically targets small business owners who are looking to intensify their online campaigns. Therea€™s a simple truth that many marketers come to understand as they build up a brand: a companya€™s brand belongs to the community. We constantly seek to create new and engaging content that grabs the attention of our online communities and followers, but what if we were to not only accept, but encourage the community to help in the content creation process? You are an expert, as are the people on your staff, but there are also experts within your online following that can also provide assistance and solutions.
These types of knowledge-heavy posts can be compiled into a huge base of information for your audience members to easily access when they need it. When a breaking news story hits, we often scramble to produce something before the opportunity to capitalize on the trending topic is gone.
Encourage people to share photos from events or business gatherings associated with your brand. Announce an upcoming deadline for your company and let your community know how they can help.
While it was born on Twitter, the hashtag is spreading to other platforms like Instagram as well.
It could be a hashtag related to an event or news story, but utilizing it in your tweets, and retweeting other messages within the same conversation will allow you to not participate and monitor the developments. Retweeting your communitya€™s messages offers another avenue for involving them in the content creation process as you can also curate these tweets into a future post on your blog. Sometimes, all it takes is the right question in the right place to immediately involve your community in your content marketing. Regardless of what industry or theme your audience encompasses, music is a universal language that works each and every time. Matt Banner is the owner and author of On Blast Blog, a resource for both beginners and seasoned veterans in the world of online blogging. You’re minding your own business, working on an important project that the boss wants to have finished today, when a co-worker, seeing your office door open, decides to pop in and tell you all about his weekend at the beach, sparing no detail. These are just a few of the many distractions your employees encounter on a daily basis and it’s significantly hampering their productivity and morale, according to a new report released today June 14. The survey also found that technology issues along with the ability to disconnect from work when outside the office contribute to employee performance and well-being. Sixty-five percent of employees say they prefer a single device for their personal and work lives, rather than different devices for each. The shift toward more open office environments designed to enhance collaboration and increase productivity may actually work in opposition to achieving those goals, the report says.
There is a disconnect between how employees feel about the need for a distraction-free environment and how their employers feel about the issue.
Wilder adds that the two main reasons for the shift toward the open workspace are collaboration and cost savings. The survey included a broad cross-section of Millennial employees (300) between the ages of 18 and 35. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, they are more likely to say noise distracts them from work, and are more annoyed by ambient noise in the office than other age groups.
Speaking of mood, more than half of employees say ambient noise reduces their satisfaction at work, the survey found. Information overload also factors in — 38 percent of executives and 27 percent of employees attest to feeling burdened. Two-thirds of workers surveyed feel frustrated that they are not equipped with the tools necessary to work distraction-free outside the office.
The report lays the blame squarely at the feet of executives who, it says, do not understand the extent of the challenge.
Telus, a Canadian telecommunications company, also interviewed in the survey, prioritizes access to the tools its call center employees need — many of whom work remotely. Providing employees with the ability to work in a distraction-free environment demands that employers not only recognize a problem exists but that they also have anA interest in doing something about it. Overall, the report states, Generation Z employees are ambitious, dedicated and ready to work.
Among the skills this generation brings to the table, the report says, Generation Z employees are especially good listeners, with a high level of creativity and an entrepreneurial mindset. Some good news for small business owners: Generation Z is surprisingly amenable to the type of workplace found in most small businesses. Now, the bad news: Having lived through the Great Recession, Generation Z tends to be fiscally conservative. Highlight examples of personal and corporate integrity in your conversations with job candidates.
Demonstrate genuine ties to the community and authentic social responsibility on the part of your business.
The challenge of making virtual reality as universal as smartphones is being tackled by virtually (no pun intended) every tech company in the world. Simply put, Daydream is a comprehensive VR platform built into the Android operating system that includes specifications for software and hardware as well as compatible smartphones that are Daydream-ready. Daydream is going to replace Cardboard, the low-cost VR platform the company created in 2014 to bring the technology to a wider audience with headsets made out of cardboard. By all accounts, the headset is not going to rival Oculus, but this is all speculation because Google hasn’t made one available for the public. The controller is also made available as a sketch, but it has enough information on it to let us know it has three external buttons. It also has degrees of freedom (DoF) to control yaw, pitch, and roll by registering the movements of your arm to the headset using WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). According to Kurt Wilms, senior product manager for YouTube VR at Google, the app comes with standard YouTube features, such as voice search, discovery, and playlists so you can experience VR content just as you would any other video. Additionally, Google is collaborating with content creators and hardware manufacturers to deliver more VR options.
The phones are going to provide the screen and computing power for Daydream, so Google has set specifications for manufactures if they want their device to be Daydream compliant. The phones will be using the Android N operating system, which will have the Android VR Mode feature to optimize VR content and improve performance. The ZTE Axon 7 is the first Daydream compatible phone in the market, which also comes with the lowest price of the flagship phones of many manufacturers. The price for Daydream is not going to be high, so small businesses can start creating content in VR and show their products and services to their customers using this technology.
All you have to do is take the VR headset at the place of work or home of your potential buyer and show them all of your listings. The price still hasn’t been set, but Google is in a precarious position when it comes to finding the right price.
Online business community Alignable has expanded its digital resource base with the launch of a dynamic new content hub. Main Street Insights has been designed to complement Alignablea€™s extensive social network of local business owners by providing users with a diverse range of useful market data, service reviews and industry tips.
Launched at the end of May, Main Street Insights not only enables the experts at Alignable to publish content addressing common business questions and concerns — but it also provides members of the online community with a public forum with which to draft and share stories about their own business experiences.
As a result, Chief Marketing Officer Dan Slagen says that Main Street Insights will inevitably prove to be a crucial content resource for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
The new digital space also highlights the most intriguing forum debates happening elsewhere in the Alignable world. The concept behind Main Street Insights certainly slots in well with Alignablea€™s current range of offerings. Since its launch in 2012, the Boston-based social network has grown by leaps and bounds for one simple reason: it shuns clickbait and time-wasting business content in order to help local businesses forge genuine connections with purpose. There is no denying the features in smartphones are impressive, but the human brain being what it is, there is always a need for more.
When you think about a smartphone, the most basic features we want more of are larger displays, better sound, longer battery life, better camera and different styles.
Well, Lenovo has managed to makes these features available as add-ons on the Moto Z, and they were great first choices. The Moto Z Force has most of the same features, but the camera is 21-megapixel, the battery has a 3,500mAh cell, the screen has a shatterproof capability and it comes in at 7mm. As a flagship phone these features are enough to compete with any other brand, but the modular capability of the Moto Z is a true differentiator. The process of removing and attaching a module had to be simple and quick, and what is more efficient than magnets when it comes to accomplishing this? This module gives your smartphone a powerful stereo sound that comes with a built in battery to extend the output of the speaker for 10 hours; Lenovo really had their thinking cap on. We buy our smartphone with the same generic designs or colors and we quickly get tired of them. Lenovo hasn’t confirmed these modules, but enough images have surfaced to validate their existence. For quite some time now, wea€™ve looked at the optimization and experience of mobile as an option rather than a necessity — the added boost to really keep your site and campaign efforts kicking and competitive. As you may or may not have already heard, recent reports show that more Google searches were completed on mobile devices than desktops.

Ia€™ve said it before and Ia€™ll say it again here: above all else, you really have to prioritize user experience over everything else. To get started on your mobile transition, use Googlea€™s new tool to test how mobile-friendly your website is. Whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one, you need funds to get things moving. SBA is a federal agency dedicated to assisting small entrepreneurs improve their small businesses, make the most of contracting opportunities, and gain greater access to small business loans. It is this guarantee that induces more banks to lend businesses money even if they don’t fit the credit criteria. Nevertheless, as most small businesses desire an SBA loan, it is quite useful to know what steps you have to complete to apply for one. Before you begin with the application process, find out about the various loan types operated by SBA.
The 7a Express Loans are quite similar to the standard 7a loans, but offer a faster application process.
Finally, the Disaster Loans a€” as the name suggests a€” are targeted at businesses damaged by a disaster in a disaster area. The first thing you need to do is find out whether or not your business is eligible for a loan program. When you visit banks, you should find out their total SBA loan volume and also if they participate in the SBA Preferred Lender Program.
It’s always recommended to find a bank that deals regularly with SBA loans as they are more likely to have a proper application process in place.
Once you have a received formal proposal from the bank youa€™ve chosen, you should quickly get all your paperwork done.
You must remember that SBA has a rather comprehensive document checklist, which you can find here. In addition to all the important documents, SBA expects you to provide a simple and direct cover letter that clearly explains who you are, what your business background is, and the nature of your business, the amount and purpose of your loan request, your requested terms of repayment, how the funds will benefit your business, and how you will repay it. If you complete the documentation process correctly, chances of your loan getting approved quickly increase. Once you have filled out all the forms and organized your paperwork, you need to meet with the bank to finalize your application.
While ita€™s true that applying for an SBA loan is both a time-consuming and complex affair, you can save both time and money by getting yourself organized. The new Galaxy S7 Active is the ruggedized and way more durable version of Samsunga€™s flagship Galaxy S7. The Galaxy S7 series has retained the water-resistant features of earlier models and while it is a good phone, the S7 and S7 Edge are delicately curved and the exposed glass doesna€™t make them all that durable. Though the new S7 Active may not be half as pretty as the S7 and S7 Edge, it surely doesna€™t look terrible when compared to Caterpillar construction phones and Panasonic Toughpads. The phone is available in a number of colors, including titanium gray and sandy gold, which are expected to mostly appeal to female consumers.
The gold color option looks more or less like the regular S7, but with a chunky case on top. Since this is an a€?Activea€? phone, it features a dedicated Active button on the left side and you can program the button to launch your preferred app with a single click.
The app allows you to instantly create professional-looking fliers, detailed catalogs, and beautiful posters right from your iPhone.
The two apps also come in handy as they are cheaper to use when compared to hiring a pro designer. This is why some of its templates includes those that retailers would find useful, including tools to create product collages, coupons, catalog pages, price lists, among other things. The Android version was launched earlier this year and now the company is promising an expanded collection of templates, styles and colors with the iOS debut. Yes, we work to build it up and spread awareness, but ultimately it lives and dies in their hands. Ita€™s time we started working with our audience, and today Ia€™ll show you five ways to do just that. Not only that, but youa€™re also harnessing a powerful social media strategy to create engaging posts.
Using a tool like Storify, you can quickly curate trending news and post within the heat of the moment. Much like the point above, these responses work great in a post where you highlight the most insightful comments. This method of categorizing posts and tweets offers you the ability to join and involve your community in any conversation taking place in real time. Retweet the useful ones and save them for later if you want to incorporate them into a full post.
Social media, newsletters, surveys, these are all touch points you can utilize to engage your audience members. Try thinking out of the box with this one by using services like Spotify and SoundCloud to create community-created playlists that fit your theme.
Why not ask people to submit their favorite tropical-themed songs one month and publish the playlist on one of the aforementioned services?
By incorporating them into our content creation, wea€™re not only fostering better content and engagement, but wea€™re also strengthening the brands we know and love.
It lists noise and distractions as the biggest inhibitors to productivity and employee satisfaction. Only 39 percent of executives say ambient noise affects employee productivity, and a mere 33 percent say loud colleagues areA a problem.
Executives, at 43 percent, feel greater pressure to stay connected while 27 percent of employees feel the same.
By and large, both groups believe their organizations either address the issues or should address them. About 46 percent say they equip workers with the necessary tools; only 32 percent of employees agree. Leadership provides employees with a standard toolset and works with them to ensure home workplaces are as conducive to productivity as the office. Employee satisfaction and productivity have a direct bearing on the organization’s financial success. Robert Half recently conducted an in-depth survey on Generation Z (in this survey, Gen Z is considered those born between 1990 and 1999). Fully, 77 percent expect they will have to work harder than previous generations to have a satisfying and fulfilling career. Their preferred work environment is a€?collaborating with a small group in an office setting.a€? And if you think this generation (the first thata€™s never known a world without the Internet) prefers to conduct every interaction by text or chat, think again. As a result, 79 percent want to work for a big corporation or a mid-sized company, where they believe therea€™s more financial security. Generation Z employees want to hit the ground running, so you’ve got to be prepared from their very first day on the job. According to Digi-Capital, the combined markets of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) are expected to reach $150 billion by 2020, giving the first company that makes the technology affordable and easily accessible a big slice of that pie. Because as it stands now, these components have to work together seamlessly in order to deliver VR solutions everyone can access; with Daydream, Google looks to do that. For small businesses that produce content for mobile, and are thinking about branching into Virtual Reality content, it’s important to watch this trend.
Unlike Cardboard, Daydream will have a headset and controller similar to Oculus, but without the cost. The inside, according to VentureBeat, will have a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and a magnetometer to ensure the orientation of the user is correct in 3D space. This gives Google a huge platform in which creators and consumers can come together on the most popular video content site in the world. Wilms said, the NBA, BuzzFeed and Tastemade will start telling their stories with the VR environment in mind, and GoPro Odyssey models will be available to capture content in VR formats for creators. Google has announced Samsung, HTC, LG, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Asus, and Alcatel as hardware partners who will be introducing the compatible phones. The phones must have high-end processors, low persistence capable displays, HiFi sound, and high-end sensors.
But that is not where it ends, VR can be used for meditation, sports training, travel, big data visualization, education, marketing, and much more as the technology continues to increase in adoption. They provide listeners with a rare glimpse into the body and soul of an up-and-coming entrepreneur — starting with their childhood and early career, before delving into their latest venture and the challenges theya€™ve been forced to overcome. Sharp discussions on social media marketing, management operations and human resources affordA readers an opportunity to weigh the pros and cons of small business strategy in order to make their own minds up about how to move forward.
As Points-of-Parity (POP) between smartphone manufacturers become more common with the same or very similar hardware and software components, the Points-of-Difference (POD) have to be more dramatic. Granted there are other options that could be improved upon, but give consumers more of these features and most of us will be happy. It also has a built-in kickstand so you can watch a video and getter better output for the sound.
This module adds up to 22 hours of batter life without adding the bulk of similar items in the market, and just like the phone it can be charged wirelessly. The style shells come in many different materials, textures, and fabrics to really customize your phone.
But less than being an added boost has mobile optimization become an absolute must, as user and device research indicates an irrefutable shift away from the traditional desktop and towards smartphones.
Even more interestingly, data revealed that mobile searches result in a considerably high number of purchases and foot traffic into local businesses-much more so than desktop searches. Ita€™s the most natural, results-driven way to organically drive your CTR, lead conversion, shares, and everything else that gets factored into SEO. If that fraction of a second is spent loading a desktop format onto a mobile device, chances are the user is going to quickly abandon the page or the ad. From there, you can move forward with mobile responsive ads, local search optimization, and more.

One of the most reliable and highly recommended sources of loans for small businesses is the U.S. It is still worth noting that procuring an SBA loan is a lengthy and complex process at several banks. You may talk to an SBA officer at a bank to review the various programs and determine which one fits your requirements. For the 7a Loan Program, your business should operate for profit, be small as defined by SBA, have reasonable equity, and be able to show a need for the loan proceed, among others.
If youa€™re not too sure about this, you may visit this page here to find local SBA lenders, and sort them on the basis of proximity or loan volume. A good tip is to start assembling all the documents early, so that you don’t waste precious time. Make sure you double check all the documents you are submitting and get all your queries answered by the loan officer, who has both experience and expertise to guide you in the right direction. This is the underwriting stage in which your bank will thoroughly analyze all the information you have provided to approve or decline your application.
The new S7 Active phone has a tank-like construction and if thata€™s not interesting enough to get your attention, consider that it has the same capabilities as its more mainstream siblings and even a bigger battery. It is however among the most attractive colors of the bunch, though many people going for the rugged look might love the camouflage version.
But as e-tailers have learned, Web sites, Web directories, and other internet-only marketing strategies are sometimes not enough to drive buyers to their site.
You no longer need a designer or any designing experience to create eye-catching content for your business. Content creation should become a cooperative effort, not something exclusive to the writers on your staff. This a fun and unique way to incorporate more than just text or video content into your marketing. As a result, few companies have taken meaningful steps to resolve the problem, says the report.
And far from being job-hoppers, they expect to work at an average of just four places during their careers.
Gen Za€™s least ideal work environments are a€?working off-site as part of a virtual teama€? and a€?being autonomous at an off-site location.a€? In fact, 74 percent would rather communicate face-to-face with co-workers than any other type of communication. They want to know how working at your business will fit into their lives and their personal goals. If they feel that theya€™re stagnating, Generation Z workers won’t hesitate to leave for greener pastures. That’s because the development of VR for Android users will represent the opening of a huge new audience for this kind of content in the near future. So the ability to add on features you want for your particular use is the next logical progression of this technology.
The magnets keep the module in place and communicate through nodes on the bottom back of the phone.
There are more designs on the way, so the sky is the limit when it comes to this particular feature. If these observations represent the latest of search habits, then mobile optimization is unavoidable on a monetary basis alone. When coupled with quality content or effective PPC copy, mobile optimization is the smoking gun necessary for online competition. Ensuring that your web presence is fully optimized for mobile users is not only the best way to capitalize on the evolving nature of search, but also essential for staying relevant among competitors. SBA guarantees a percentage of those loans to the banks, so financial institutions have more reasons to lend money to businesses. If your phone fell in a puddle, got a cracked screen after being dropped while you were racing to catch a plane or just won’t keep its charge, will your client understand? This comes in particularly handy when you are going mobile and may be out of contact with the office, colleagues or family.
However, limited opportunities at large and mid-sized employers can leave Generation Z ripe for the picking by small companies who can offer them more responsibility and opportunity or the chance to make a difference at a business that shows corporate social responsibility. Be honest about what the job is like a€” Gen Z can smell a lack of authenticity a mile away. Fully 30 percent of Generation Z employees say they would take a 10 to 20 percent pay cut to work for a cause they deeply care about.
The major differences, however, are the fact that it has a long-lasting battery and a shatter-resistant screen that can withstand drops from up to five feet. Direct readers to your Web site for more college care fall gifts, and lure them with the promise of instructions for worry-free packing and shipping tips.Along with a Halloween photo, share a few tag lines corporate managers could use with the gifts to boost employee morale and productivity.
Include a tag message that directs these vendors to your Web site for their own current and future gifting needs.
In some cases, a warm call gift is something to be left with the client after a scheduled meeting. The phrase can refer to a gift sent through the mail as an enticement to visit the web site or call to place an order or arrange for a future meeting. Put your printed business sticker (a gold sticker is classy) on the front of a plain, glossy folder — the type with pockets inside. For others, the phrase can refer to a gift sent through the mail as an enticement to visit the web site or call to place an order or arrange for a future meeting.
In all cases, warm call gifts are used a method for opening the door to sales -- and in the fall, the goal is to entice and court clients for placing corporate holiday orders.The design shown above is an example of a more expensive warm call gift, but one that is a good investment for a prized current client, or a large corporation that has indicated an interest in doing business with you. She has a Food Handlers Certification for her state, so she can legally make and sell items from her home. These days, due to later holiday corporate buying, micro-sized gift basket businesses are just beginning the look-ahead phase of holiday planning. Perhaps the best approach is to make a tiered plan for holiday sales, developing Plan A, with preparations for lighter sales; Plan B for moderate expectations, and Plan C for the most optimistic outlook. You can still make plenty of sales with birthday, retirement, congrats, bound-for-college summer celebrations, and other events.
And keep them FUN!!Weddings and AnniversariesThere are more opportunities than just gifts for the bride and groom. Show your clients how to greet them with an inexpensive -- or lavish -- gift basket waiting in their room. You can prepare first-rate appreciation baskets on any budget, right?GraduationThe events revolving around diplomas do not end in May. Be ready with a batch of great send-off gifts for college.New Home GiftsSales may be slumping but people are still moving to new rental homes and apartments. Going Away showers are popular with churches in college and career groups.Travelers and House SittersSeasoned travelers like to keep good house sitters happy.
Find out what your customers doing, and you will know what gift needs they will have over the next few weeks.The simplest and most affordable way to reach your customers is to give them a casual phone call. If business is slow at their office they may welcome the opportunity for a brief distraction. Instead of offering the same-o-same-o corporate baskets that can be purchased at any discount chain, this design took a two-step approach and gave her baskets unmatched style. Linda Munday likes to send an inexpensive gift basket to top clients to remind them about placing holiday business gift orders.
Layer shreds to create a fuller look, and be generous in your use of curling ribbon, tissue paper, and inexpensive fillers. Recognize the Traps In our everyday lives, especially at work, there are many psychological traps into which we risk falling. We are susceptible to them due to such psychological issues as low self-esteem, guilt and competition. For example, just because your boss or an authority figure orders you to do something, doesn't make it right. Taking a moment to offer an encouraging word to a co-worker can motivate and provide the same positive energy as telling family members you love them. After so much bad news about the state of the market, I had to see for myself if everyone left in the industry should be crying that the sky was falling. So, I took a few cases of odds and ends, designed the items into nifty, thrifty gifts, and took them to the Christmas fair in our home town.
What an uplifting eye opener!Don’t give me the downer, negative talk about gift basket sales. As consulting work goes, it was the most fun, and yet challenging job I’ve been asked to undertake. Next, make signage to place next to these daily specials, advertising the products inside the basket. Use these odd-lot baskets to raise capitol and clear out the last pieces of really great merchandise lines. Pull together everything with a snowman theme, for example, and group the merchandise together in a tasteful display.
Themed items will sell better placed together.For my client, the initial results were positive. The first customer into the store the next day purchased 12 centerpieces, created with the pull-together odd-case inventory. This customer also stopped in front of a snowman display (where we had made a half-dozen gift sets from the mismatched inventory) and said she was considering buying little sets like these for office gifts.
She would return later for the purchase (these sets had also been priced at a daily special of $9.99). In addition, she was intrigued by the idea of some miniature baskets with candy in them, that my client (following the coaching session) suggested could be handed out as a token of appreciation with staff paychecks.

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