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Focus on what matters, not what is easy.  While our brains love checking the boxes on the easy goals like going to the gym, drinking more water, bringing lunch, the more meaningful goals require some thought.
North Americans, in general, score low on self-regulation in character strength’s tests and often report having low levels of self control.
In his book, The Porn Circuit, Sam Black explains what hypofrontality is for the porn viewer. To bring the prefrontal lobes back into working order, a two-pronged attack is needed: (1) the old neural pathways must be starved, and (2) new neural pathways must be built and fed, increasing dopamine levels in a way that build up the prefrontal cortex. However, informed by the process of how our brains can change, the addict can avoid porn and fantasy knowing that real change is possible.
Redirection – When you feel the urge, get into the habit of distracting yourself with another activity that you can start immediately.
Avoid All External Triggers – Remember, you’ve carved a grand-canyon-sized gorge of neural circuits in your mind. Finish the Fantasy – When the thought of looking at porn enters your mind, immediately finish the fantasy: imagine yourself having just orgasmed and the feeling of shame, guilt, or disgust you feel.
Destroy Fantasies – As a fantasy or thought enters your mind, picture the image being eliminated.
Meditation – Making a habit of meditation has been shown to increase dopamine release up to 65%. Exercise – Aerobic exercise has been shown to increase dopamine receptors and decrease cravings for those bound in addiction. The prefrontal cortex is one of the things that makes us unique from other creatures on earth. Can anyone tell me if it is possible to rid my screen of the most annoying buttons for Facebook, Twitter, G+, P4, email and print. Excellent In the later part of my Fter my retirement left alone I became an addict.Your enlightening article saved me and what is said is 100%true.
Thousands of women who are airbrushed, dyed, and otherwise made up to be hotter than your wife. A high probability of causing your wife extreme distress (read this post, and especially the comments from devastated wives…and I could find you hundreds of other examples).
I also want to address your comment that you feel that God has done a major disservice to men. To wrap these thoughts up, I’m going to quote Donny Pauling, a former porn producer for Playboy.
As a side note, about five minutes after posting my response, I happened to stumble across this open letter to male virgins. Thanks god I found this article, now I now why my porn addict destroy my social live, keep up the good work bro, thank you so much.
All I can say is thank you, your articles have helped me once again to get closer to God, I came here during my first days of battling porn and masturbation now after 112 days through this and still going I am proud to say that each point of hardship you will face in this journey is worthwhile. Never give up a chance to change your life for the better because the fruits are worth your pain, be patient and pray. I have no doubt the porn is addictive, but there’s no medical evidence that avoiding masturbation is unhealthy for you. Every time we hop on Facebook, flick through a magazine- we are bombarded with messages telling us that our success is tied to the amount of willpower we possess and that the key is to build as much of it as we can. By the time we get home, those sweet treats we were able to say no to in the morning are suddenly much more tempting. Willpower is important- but rather than focusing on building it and testing how much we can muster, our goal should be to create an environment that allows us to save it up for when we need it the most. Studies show positive effects on willpower after short exercise sessions and researchers suspect that increased blood flow to the pre-frontal areas of the brain is responsible for improved executive functions. Self – regulation is critical for maintaining exercise programs, eating well, maintaining your weight and your general health. It all adds up, even 20 minutes of high intensity interval training will improve your health. Scientific studies have also confirmed that using porn over and over actually reshapes these areas of the brain, literally eroding our willpower and our moral compass. Hypofrontality is a state in which there is decreased blood flow to the prefrontal lobes of the brain.
When impulses and desires come from the midbrain, instead of being moderated, the brain feels these desires as compelling needs. It is where we do our abstract thinking, make goals, solve problems, regulate behavior, and where we suppress emotions, impulses, and urges.

Eventually dopamine receptors and signals in the brain fatigue, leaving the viewer wanting more but unable to reach a level of satisfaction. The viewer becomes numb to things once considered pleasurable.
As dopamine receptors decline in the brain, so do the amount of neural cells in the prefrontal lobes. As the prefrontal lobes are given plenty of time to rest, executive control will be strengthened over time. The goal is to engage in new habits that will increase your dopamine and dopamine receptors.
By reforging connections to real people, spending pleasurable time together, you will establish new neural pathways of pleasure. Repeating a pleasurable activity instead of the compulsive activity, such as porn use, forms a new circuit that is gradually reinforced instead of the compulsion. When a person refuses to act on a compulsion, like porn and masturbation, it weakens the link between the activity and the idea that it will provide relief. However the only thing you do not address(and I have never heard this addressed) is when you say that over time your brains desire for porn will end. However, even for virgins (and perhaps especially for virgins), something better awaits those who abstain. In fact, your first experience of intercourse will most likely be awkward and possibly outright painful.
Following that, remember that even once you have a wife, marriage (and the sex therein) may be temporary. I chose to read this because for years I just haven’t been able to shake the urge to watch porn. First, install accountability and filtering software on any computer, smartphone, or tablet that you use, and talk to a mentor about holding you accountable for your online porn use. By framing your goals positively it is more likely you will approach your goals rather than try to avoid them.
Increased executive function improves self – control and could also be a treatment for impaired brain function conditions such as ADHD or dementia. Hypofrontality is observed in schizophrenia patients and is also observed in all manner of addictions. The prefrontal region is supposed to be able to weigh consequences and situations and judiciously shut down cravings, but hypofrontality means the addict’s ability to do this is impaired. I am grateful that God is using you to help His people live in the freedom He bought for us.
Marriage, and therefore sexual intimacy, is meant to be a picture of how Christ loved the church (Eph.
Please know that I’m listing even the trite-sounding ones out of a genuine concern for you as my brother in Christ. Are there things you can do as a single that you wouldn’t be able to do as easily if you were married? I recommend an older single male from your church – someone who has been in your shoes for a longer time, and who can help you deal with various issues.
When you are interested in a single young woman, are you just thinking about how attractive she is, or are you more interested in getting to know her as a human being who you may want to be with “in sickness and in health”?
TV and movies are preoccupied with telling us that all we need is to get laid and all our emotional issues will go away.
Many people become single again for many reasons (widowhood, divorce, physical injury, illness). Sexuality is a biological function, as you yourself mention; praying to remove your sex drive is sort of like praying that your hair will never turn gray. Something I really liked is to channel when the urge comes up to think of the guilt you feel afterwards. Rather than looking for a quick fix, focus on building sustainable habits into your life that make things easy to keep up for the long term. Losing weight remains the most popular resolution followed by getting organized, spending less, enjoying life to the fullest and getting fit were the top 5 resolutions in 2015.
For example, I will walk 30 minutes everyday instead of I am going to stop being so sedentary. It will be difficult to do, but each time you choose to redirect, your brain will build new neural circuits. If the trigger is a type of person you see walking down the street, choose to bounce your eyes away from that person.
However the problem is for those of us who are single, and don’t believe in Sex till marriage.

The real question is, do you care more about setting yourself up for a good marriage from the get-go, or do you care more about immediate gratification and personal happiness? So don’t believe for an instant that getting married will eliminate the desire to watch porn.
The main statement I still have though after reading your reply is in regards to your statement about temptation and God providing escape.
Think both service and pleasure: you can volunteer more in churches or at soup kitchens, but you can also spontaneously decide to go out of town for the weekend, or pick up a more time-consuming hobby, or buy, gut, and rebuild a house, or whatever you like to do. It may be as simple as forcing yourself to follow up the thought of “Man, she’s hot! Rather than praying for that, pray for some of the struggles that may be leading to you having more overwhelming sexual urges. I don’t know anything about your life to truly make this judgement call, so take it with a grain of salt, but is there some overwhelming cause to this anger that might require professional assistance, like a childhood trauma? Find the sources of your stress and pain, and then find out how you can rush to new wholesome sources to cope. These men have found that quitting porn and masturbation has actually fixed various sexual dysfunctions.
I feel impressed to share strategies I had come up with on my own before I really understood how porn effects the mind. If you plan to go grocery shopping it is more likely you will have healthy food in your house.
Learn what your triggers are and for the first several weeks or months, completely avoid them—no exceptions.
Identify what your internal triggers are (loneliness, boredom, exhaustion, anger, etc.), and create an escape plan when these emotions pop up. Because if you care more about your immediate personal happiness and not the happiness of your marriage, by all means, keep using porn, and don’t bring a woman into your own life.
It’s supposed to be faithful and sacrificial, as Christ himself is faithful and sacrificial.
This is backed up by science, for the record; neurochemicals like Oxytocin are triggered through physical intimacy, causing sexual partners to bond through each other. Ask yourself whenever you go to watch a movie or TV show or play a video game or read a book, “What is this telling me about sex and relationships? This whole mess of wanting to resist happened just as I was trying to connect with God & change my life so these starting strategies may seem ridiculous but they were effective for me in the early days of the fight before discovering helpful resources, or rather before God lead me to more substantial relationship with him. You say there is something better at the end of thes struggles, when a porn addiction is overcome.
But if you truly want to get married, then for your future wife’s sake, stop right now.
If a husband and wife only ever bond with each other sexually, their bond should only increase over time. Some dear friends of mine were unable to have sex for the first year or two of their marriage because whenever they tried, the wife was caused extreme pain. If you walk into marriage already bonded to another, it won’t be doing your marriage any favors. They built intimacy in other ways and eventually found a medical solution, but it distinctly put a strain on their brand new marriage.
I have since I can remember (around kindergarden) had the urge just to masturbate and I believe that’s because of something that happened as a child.
I remember back in the day before I Used porn and masturbated, I was a very angry upset guy. God for some reason decided to instill such desires in us, then decided to make it almost impossible to deal with it(without sinning of course, the way women are today, there is no lack of it for the single guy, if you really wanted to go down that road) I mean instill such an urge that begins around 14(earlier or later, depending on the guy) but say nope, cant help yourself through this, you have to wait till a wife comes around(if you ever get to that point). I have lead a seemingly normal life I didn’t drink until 21 did go to clubs but for the most part always have been the one to keep others out of trouble.
I have often prayed to God to take away the sex drive, but it seems that prayer falls on deaf ears(I mean no disrespect).
So I wouldn’t say my moral compass is way off but I want to get my mind healthy again. I don’t know, it really has shaken my faith in the whole church thing(don’t get me wrong, I still believe in Jesus, and he is my personal Saviour) I am at the point now where I am really reconsidering the Idea of waiting till marriage, its out there, why not take some before you are too old to really enjoy it??

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