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If you want to check out the listing for yourself, just head over to Major Nelson's (Larry Hyrb) Xbox profile page. Halo Wars 2 was revealed during Gamescom 2015 for both Xbox One and Windows 10 and there have also been a few leaks on possible spoilers for the game. It was the perfect afternoon for day drinking: Not too warm, a pleasant breeze, the weekend within easy reach. Self-professed pothead Jason Eisner has been experimenting with cannabinoids in cocktails for years after using oils to soothe his own sports injuries. Unlike the active ingredient in your pot brownies, Eisner's drinks produce a much more mellow high. Several hours after sipping cannabis cocktails, I have to say I'm in much better shape than I would have been after my regular day drinking routine. Cannabinoids are a classy way to get your buzz on that I hope will catch on in more places. Watch Jason Eisner make the three cannabis cocktails and share more tips for making your own at home! Maintain separate email accounts for work, home and junk.This not only helps in keeping the different aspects of life organized in a clutter-free way, but also keeps the threats of losing your entire identity online, at bay.
A personal email for keeping in touch with friends and family as well as for online transactions and other non-work related things.
Avoid getting scammedOften times you may find a pretty mail sitting on top of your inbox telling you how you just won a million British Pounds. Avoid emails that say you have won a million dollars, that invites to play lotteries, that ask you donate to charity following a heart-wrenching story. Avoid Getting PhishedPhishing is when hackers manage to get hold of your passwords and thus assume your identity. Here's a point to keep in mind: No company will ever ask for your credentials over email, even if its doomsday and its the only way to save Earth. Beware The CookiesCookies are tiny files that websites keep on your computer so that it doesn't have to fetch all the information about you the next time you come to the website. By analyzing your cookies, scammers can give you personalized deals which will make them look very legitimate. Try not to state the obvious, like repeating your username as your password, or keeping your first name as your password.
Scientists from America’s space agency have found that nearly a third of the land cover in Canada and Alaska has greened in recent decades as a result of climate change. As the far north warms as a result of climate changes, plants are moving north as well, “greening” the far north. It also shows that the boreal forest is “browning” as a result of hotter and drier weather.
NASA analyzed some 87,000 images captured by the Landsat satellite showing a trend towards much more plant life across the north. The data shows that about a third of the previously mostly barren tundra had become covered with plants.
Conversely the warming was having a negative effect on the boreal forest where more heat and drought reduce productivity. June 9, 2016 by Kathleen Celmins Leave a Comment Let’s talk about those evil spam filters that trip us up when we try to send emails to our list.

The #1 reason your emails are getting caught in spam filters has to do with your email address. If your default email address is one that is your personal email address, change that right away. According to this article, by the good folks at ConvertKit, Google is updating their policies. This tip is courtesy of On Your Mark, Get Set, Blog!, where we dig into all the ins and outs of setting up a blog, the right way, the first time. You thought maybe you wouldn’t need to log into your host for a while, didn’t you? Either click the link or copy the verification code and paste it into the box you probably still have open in one of your tabs.
As I found out when I was testing this tutorial (thanks, Anne!), you’re not quite done. Now you can celebrate, and send and receive emails from your new email address! See, nothin’ to it! 5 Easy Ways to Tweak Your Pinterest Profile to Increase Your Pageviews Awesome! A leak on the official Xbox Store points to an unannounced Open Beta for Halo Wars 2 that will begin next week on Monday, June 13th and last for one week until June 20th. From the beginning Stephanie knew exactly how she wanted her special day to look and feel, and she worked with many great vendors to bring her vision to life. These are two things we're likely to enjoy at the same time, but vary rarely combined into a single entity. But his recipes-three drinks so far-have only recently made their way onto the menus at Cafe Gratitude's restaurants, where they've been embraced by customers who like their tingly buzz and claim they harbor all sorts of wellness benefits. The cannabinoid you're most likely familiar with is THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is derived from the marijuana plant's buds, resulting in an often intense psychotropic experience. It has a very pale green color that reminded me of lightly filtered extra virgin olive oil and almost had the same grassy scent. Since CBD gives you more of a body high than anything, you don't have the weariness that pure alcohol punishes you with (I did notice I was a little thirstier than normal, though).
Hackers are waiting just outside your network to find that one patsy who thought going online unprotected should be harmless.
Use this email ID to log in to your social media accounts, games and other places where a sign up is required. Ideally, they are pretty harmless, but they are the perfect vessels on which hackers can gain entry to your personal data. Nothing tastes as bitter as a rogue cookie!Strong Indestructible PasswordsRule one of keeping a password is you don't repeat a password. It may seem cool to name your password out of the 118 elements of the periodic table, but modern day computers can crack in a couple of minutes. Their findings were reported in the science publication Journal of Remote Sensing under the title- The vegetation greenness trend in Canada and US Alaska from 1984–2012 Landsat data. Areas that were previously grassland showed small shrubs had moved in, and in turn larger shrubs then took over even as the grasslands and other small plants moved further north. Quoted by Post Media, Scott Goetz, a senior scientist at the Woods Hole Research Centre in Massachusetts, “trees in the boreal system do not respond well to high temperatures”.

I mean, it’s bad enough to get filed away in one of Google’s filing systems, right? Change the SMTP server, the port, the username (make sure it’s the whole email address), and the password. You still need to add it in the Check mail from other accounts (because we did set up another account). Halo Wars 2 supports online play of up to six players and there is currently no mention of Windows 10 players getting the Open Beta.
But I didn't even have to resort to chugging a beverage while surreptitiously toking under the table-it was all from sipping a single photogenic cocktail. So when an LA mixologist started shaking my two favorite things together and straining the results over ice, I knew I had to try it.
What Eisner uses in his drinks is cannabidiol (CBD), which is actually derived from other parts of the plant, like the stem.
But what was amazing was how it different it tasted from cocktail to cocktail, sometimes assuming a more buttery flavor, sometimes adding a citrusy hint.
In essence, it's the perfect breakfast cocktail ingredient, as it will add pleasant vibes to your morning without the afternoon regret-or without passing out cold. To avoid losing your identity, create a password containing special characters, upper and lower case letters and numbers. Thus Shotter’s inquiry is not to do theories, with any general ways of thinking, his focus is on our living activities and the ways in which we are always spontaneously responsive to the others and othernesses in our surroundings. But it is far worse to have our emails skip our subscribers’ inboxes entirely, and end up in a folder that gets sent immediately to the trash.
I made my way to Gracias Madre in West Hollywood, the most upscale of the Cafe Gratitude family, a famous chain of vegan restaurants.
I especially enjoyed the Stoney Negroni, where the CBD seemed to enhance the drink's natural bitterness-and since CBD stimulates the appetite, it is truly the perfect ingredient for an aperitif.
Next, don't click on any link in the email that claims there is some problem in your account. It is quite obvious from his sinister scowl that this cat is not at all happy with his new haircut.While some cats love a good pampering it would seem that this cat isn’t one of them.
Finally, hover your mouse around a link to check where it leads on the bottom-left corner of your browser. He looks incredibly displeased with his groomer from Cathy’s Credit Cleaners mobile grooming service. As cats and dogs are trying out new designs to make them look more wild, I think this cat just wants to look fabulous.The cat’s reaction and his obvious displeasure at the subpar grooming he is receiving is sure to put a smile on your face.
Might not enjoy his you look but I have to say I quite enjoyed watching just how angry he was during this video.

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