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In today’s interview, hear from Meridith Elliott Powell, a business strategist, keynote speaker, and award-winning author who was voted one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts to watch. Listen as she talks about how she worked her way up from an entry-level position to becoming a notable C-Suite executive whose career expands over several industries. Meridith also speaks of the most important leadership skill she ever learned, and how it helped her career really take off. By being ready to invest in others and open to growth, Meridith shows how to put yourself in a position to be wildly successful while remaining motivated for the right cause. Countless blogs and posts sing the praises of mailing lists, and even the experts agree that they’re a great idea. The Internet is full of articles telling you to get a mailing list, but what should you be writing to the people in your list? The common answer to these questions usually comes in the form of long form newsletters containing articles, interviews, statistics and more. So is there a way to get great content to your mailing list without consuming too much valuable time? Curated newsletters are a fast, simple, and valuable way to engage your mailing list and draw interest to whatever you’d like. They act like a curated blog post, showcasing the best the internet has to offer on a topic. There’s one big difference that sets a newsletter apart from a curated newsletter: You aren’t producing what’s found inside. The content in your curated email consists of interesting blog posts, infographics, stories and other content, organized into a handy newsletter for your mailing list to enjoy. Since you’re not the one creating the content, you won’t have to take the time to bring the links together. You’ll find the best of the best, organize it around a topic your mailing list is interested in, and deliver it. First off, regularly releasing a curated newsletter goes a long way toward giving you status as a “thought leader.” Put simply, a thought leader is a person or group that’s considered to be one of the authorities in a field or on a subject. Being a thought leader in your field has several benefits, but marketing your own brand is one of the strongest.
By keeping your curated newsletter coming regularly, you’ll make your brand a regular in the mailbox of every person on your list. Speaking of content, you may not have time to create articles and other big content on a regular basis, but if you’ve ever got a great blog post to share, your newsletter is the perfect place to share it. You may be tempted to simply remain quiet when you’ve got nothing to post, waiting until your next flash of inspiration. However, this kind of silence is incredibly effective at breaking your engagement with your audience, and at a time where customer engagement is more important than ever, that just isn’t something your team can afford to do. Giving users relevant links to your own content will keep them interested in what your brand has to offer. Luckily, in this sea of new content, finding the best things to share is just a matter of knowing where to look. If you’re looking for a great place to start your search, try browsing the headlines of large news websites like CNN, The Huffington Post, or The New York Times.
As you browse these and other sites, you’ll find links that may not fit the theme or topic of your next curated newsletter, but are worth noting all the same.
Pocket is an easy to use service that saves the links you find online, allowing you to store them for later and access them remotely. If you’re savvy with social media, you should also be keeping track of people and brands who circulate or create content you’re interested in. Plus, most social networks have a search function, allowing you to see everything currently being discussed regarding any topic you’d like.
If you’re looking for a more direct way to interact with social networks, give Feedly a try.
You know you’ve got great content, and the people on your mailing list can’t get enough of it. Simple statements like “Subscribe to the newsletter now” or “Join the mailing list and see what you’ve been missing” give visitors a clear direction.
If you’ve got any sort of social media presence, you need to have a link to your mailing list present. You’ll also want to consider using paid social media options, such as ads and promoted posts on Facebook, promoted tweets on Twitter, or overlay ads on YouTube. Use paid social media channels in moderation, though: They can become expensive if used too often, and seeing your links too frequently may frustrate some viewers.
No matter where or how you decide to promote your curated newsletter, one thing needs to come across to potential visitors: Value. Remember: It doesn’t matter how much value your content actually adds if people don’t know about it.
You can also promote your value by making it very clear that visitors are missing out on the best content by not signing up. Well, if you are one, people need to know that they’re not getting your best thoughts unless they jump on that newsletter. Once your curated newsletter gains a nice, sizable following, you’ll have the chance to further monetize it.
If your mailing list is impressive enough, you might consider selling ad space in your curated emails. However, just like the content you link to must be carefully selected, you’ve also got to make sure you only allow ads from products you feel would benefit your subscribers. If an outside brand takes a special interest in your curated newsletter, you might consider offering that brand a sponsorship.

This gives you a great new source of cash flow, and it allows them to align themselves with your brand’s demographic.
By now, your newsletter’s probably growing by leaps and bounds, getting new subscribers left and right, and making a bit of extra money through ads and sponsorships. Doing them regularly alongside your free curated newsletter would be a great way to exhaust yourself! If you really want to handle your mailing list efficiently and easily, you’ve got to have the right tool. With a focus on speed and ease of use, Revue allows you to create your newsletter completely hassle-free. Richmond Avenue between Schubert Drive and Eighth Street in North Kamloops will be the focus of a $1.2-million rehabilitation project this summer. Expect to see a number of new road construction projects on Kamloops streets near the end of the month. City capital projects manager Darren Crundwell said much of the city’s roadworks will be underway by the early weeks of July, with two nearly ready to begin. Resurfacing work on Tranquille Road on the North Shore, between Eighth and 13th streets, should begin before the end of June.
Roadworks on Richmond Avenue should also begin shortly after council on Tuesday approved a $1.2-million contract to rebuild the stretch of road from Eighth Street to Schubert Avenue in North Kamloops. The contract was awarded to Dawson Construction, which will add traffic-calming measures and improved street lighting.
The project, which spans from Hugh Allan Drive to Aberdeen Drive, will see the road repaired and resurfaced. A section of water main between Howe Road and Greystone Crescent will also be replaced during the project. Resurfacing work on Notre Dame Drive in Sahali will continue for a few more weeks, Crundwell said, but will be wrapped up by early July. An extension of Grasslands Boulevard between Woodrush Drive and Cantle Drive in Westsyde is also planned for later this summer. From the beginning Stephanie knew exactly how she wanted her special day to look and feel, and she worked with many great vendors to bring her vision to life. She also explains how she rose up the ranks not through drive alone, but through connections and strategic sacrifices. It is also about making good connections with people who may just give you opportunities to grow. What you probably haven’t heard, however, is what on Earth to do with a mailing list once you’ve got one. It takes even more time if you’ve got to track down interviews and research statistics to suit your content.
Curated newsletters (also known as curated emails) are organized collections of popular, high-quality and relevant content, delivered regularly.
It brings the best content on the Internet together in one place, delivering it right to the people who will enjoy it most. Your job is to read through content that applies to topics your mailing list wants to hear about. What if you haven’t written any guest blogs, or even created any content for your own site? Curated newsletters get around this by keeping your brand active and regularly engaged, giving potential customers an ongoing connection with you.
Engaged customers are looking for more ways to interact with your brand, and now you’ve got the perfect way to give it to them. It can be daunting trying to find them in the sea of new data constantly pouring into the Internet.
You could set aside an hour or two every day to look for great links, but you’d be greatly limiting the content that’s possible to find. These sites serve up top-quality general news stories daily, so you’re likely to find something of interest. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and other networks are all great ways to find out what people are talking about right now. Buzzsumo allows you to search by competitor or topic, giving you a fantastic analysis on what people are talking about right now. Feedly aggregates feeds from the top blogs, social network, and news publications, delivering content that’s organized, easy to browse, and available to save.
A “call to action” or “CTA” is a section of text that directly tells your visitors what they should be doing–or, more accurately, what you’d like them to do.
They guide visitors right to what you want them to see, and they make sure those visitors know exactly what to expect. Using these channels will cost you, but they’ll let you get your newsletter links out to an incredibly wide audience.
A visitor needs to understand that signing up to get your curated articles will add something to their lives. Help them find out by getting listed on related directories, so people looking for your topic can find you easily.
Your knowledge is valuable, and people need to know that the best places to get that knowledge are in your newsletter and on your site!
This is a great way to bring in some extra revenue, while also promoting a worthy brand or product.
Allowing ads for cheap, unusable or dangerous products will only anger your readers and hurt the quality of your newsletter. When a brand sponsors your newsletter, they’ll pay you a regular fee to associate themselves with you regularly.

It’s a situation that works well for them, and the financial benefits will be great for you! If you’re looking for the ultimate way to monetize your curated newsletter, consider offering a paid version every once in a while. Doing so means you’d run the risk of alienating those who are subscribed only to the free version.
Remember, curated emails are supposed to make handling your mailing list easier, not harder! Luckily, the web’s got all sorts of fantastic services made to help you get a clean, attractive curated email out to your mailing list each and every time. It features flexible posts that let you clip content using a browser extension, edit it easily, add pictures from your computer and more. It can collect links and images from integrates with Pocket, Slack, Buffer and your personal blog, and even has compatible IFTTT recipes.
As the name implies, this service’s curation features are top-notch, letting you add links quickly from your browser, editing as you add.
More than a social media curation tool, Wiser is built to help you and your whole team find the stories that matter to you, and your mailing list. This service pushes you to only include the very best, limiting you to your top 5 best links weekly. NewsletterBreeze seeks out great links based on sites you request, assembling a newsletter for you in mere minutes.
Featuring beautiful designs, easy editing, and an emphasis on calls to actions, Publicate makes for a great experience for both you and your readers.
Mailing lists are an amazing way to drive fresh traffic to your site and promote your brand. Ron’s writing is often featured in leading media outlet, like Social Media Today and SEMrush. Add that to the time it takes to run our brand, and you’ve got content that’s tough to finish in time for it to be relevant. Since the content isn’t in the mail itself, there’s still plenty of space for you to add your own content if you’d like. Because when people respect the content you curate, they’re more likely to respect the content or product you create.
Again, it takes a lot of time to produce long form content, so this is more and more likely. In 2012, a study revealed that every 60 seconds, 571 new websites were created, over 100,000 tweets were sent, and just under 700,000 Facebook posts were shared–and the numbers have only gone up since then.
Instead, you should constantly be keeping an eye out for great content that appeals to your mailing list’s interests.
If you’re looking for more specific stories, keep your eye on some of the more popular sites regarding your topics of choice.
You’ll be able to see the most influential sites, posts and content creators, giving you plenty to choose from for your curated email. Don’t rule out linking to knowledge bases that are relevant to a current topic–though you’ll have to take extra time to make sure the information isn’t outdated!
You may even be able to reach people who may otherwise not have heard about your newsletter! For a great step-by-step guide on getting your paid content on some of the biggest social networks, take a look at this guide!
You can make this happen with things like email-only discounts, special deals that only appear in the newsletter, product samples, access to exclusive content, and things of that nature.
Plus, premium newsletters would need to have a significant content upgrade over the free version in order to be worth paying for. If you want to get serious about curated email, here are seven great services you owe to yourself to try out. You’ll also get analytics on who’s reading your content, what links were the most popular, and more. It does this by delivering a wide range of great links from several choice topics right to you.
You’ll share these links with other RefreshBox users with similar interests, building a network of great content. If you don’t like what NewsletterBreeze is building, you have full control over where it gets its stories and what it sends, and you can step in and take control any time. Now, their ease of use and versatility is a core part of the marketing strategy of companies all over the world. You can add this content to your newsletter, or find your own and clip it with the browser extension.
Because if a potential customer ever feels inclined to sign up for your curated newsletter, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to get the opportunity.
The service handles sponsored newsletter planning for you with built-in features to take inquiries and helps schedule sponsored posts.
Launch a curated newsletter, and watch your customers become engaged, receptive, and ready to bring traffic and revenue to your site.

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