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Here is an interesting review of the book Everything Bad is Good for You by Steven Johnson. Here is an interesting observation from Oxblog about the motivations of one particular suicide bomber.
Bill Vallicella over at Maverick Philosopher has some interesting posts concerning consciousness. Being the fanboy that I am, I really enjoyed this article on the coolest band in the world … U2.
I can’t deny the intuitive force of the argument since it is what ultimately led me away from theism.
Ronald Bailey asks some difficult questions about government administered pharmaceutical treatments for criminials in a recent article in Reason. According to a Washington Times op-ed by Diana West, Koran abuse is hardly widespread at Guantanamo Bay.
Although I voted for her husband twice, I don’t believe I would vote for Hillary Clinton should she run for the presidency in 2008. Here is an article from New Scientist explaining why talking on a cellphone while driving is more distracting than talking to passengers. It appears that the Supreme Court ruling in support of eminent domain seizures may actually lower the chances of such seizures being permitted in the future.
Hopefully the recent interest in property rights will prevent Super Wal-Marts and other stores from pushing homeowners off their land. I think that part of the problem is that liberals are as overcome by anger towards Bush as conservatives were with Clinton.
Incidentally, Professor Burgess-Jackson’s title refers to the fact that he is an analytic philosopher and anal-retentive. Michael Reynolds at The Mighty Middle has an excellent post concerning the Democrats’ campaigning woes.
I think Democrats just don’t get it because they come from a very different place than the Republicans. The insular nature of much of the base of the Democratic party makes it much more difficult for the party to connect with average voters.
I thought that the Republicans were supposed to be the party of big business while the Democrats were the party looking out for the little guy(and gal). I imagine the additional tax revenues generated by the new malls and Wal-Marts also influence the thinking of some of the politicians.
For those that enjoy word games, Merriam-Webster has some entertaining ones on their website. Mark Steyn has an article on the Cindy Sheehan story in which he takes issue with a particular tactic of the anti-war crowd. Sarcasm aside, this type of behavior will not come as a shock to anyone who has worked in a gas station. Saturday Night Live alum, Chris Farley, was honored recently with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Johnny-Dee of Fides Quaerens Intellectum comments on an interesting analogy for religious belief. You can find it at Elderly Instruments New Musical Instruments and start rockin’ on with your bad self. The reviewer, Malcolm Gladwell, questions the effectiveness of homework while defending the position that watching today’s TV shows may actually make you smarter. Taranto argues that part of the language that Democrats use when discussing working Americans. While Bono can be a pompous, overbearing ass, the group is able to produce some truly moving music. I suppose for most practical purposes I am an atheist, but I haven’t turned away from theism enough to be comfortable with that label. I think that if it becomes possible to significantly reduce violent behavior by giving prisoners drugs, the American people will have no reservations about making the practice standard policy.
Someone has taken it upon himself to defend the Empire against the ridiculous propaganda of George Lucas. Why is it that shooting lightning out of your fingers is evil while using Jedi mind tricks isn’t. The organization does seem to have thrown away any semblance of neutrality by comparing the detention center to the gulags. Engineers there have built a suit to augment human strength with the apparent goal of making it easier for nerds to pick up chicks. In a piece in the Washington Times, Ed Feulner of the Heritage Foundation argues against government funding for the research.
In fact, the Army seems to be following a rather elaborate code of conduct regarding treatment of the holy book.
He makes a good case for why the gulag charges are harmful to the organization’s credibility. As hard as she tries, Hillary has little facility for connecting with ordinary folk, for making them feel that she understands, identifies, and is at some level one of them. While one would hope that voters would mature once they leave high school, popularity is still a motivating factor with voters. The gist of it is that the changes in signal strength cause the sound quality of the phone to vary.
It seems that the publicity caused by the Kelo case has managed to initiate action from several state legislatures. And it’s nice to see the politics in my home state of Alabama making the news for something other than Ten Commandments monuments.
He makes a great point about the overuse of such language and how it blunts its effectiveness. They are AnalPhilosopher by Professor Keith Burgess-Jackson and Maverick Philosopher by Bill Vallicella.
NARAL’s ad attacking John Roberts demonstrates how tone deaf the party can sound at times. If that is so, then why is it that Democrats are the ones defending the right of the government to seize your property so that a developer can build a shopping mall on it? In some cases their anxiety is so high that they must resort to the only logical recourse available to them.
I’m sure the rising costs are increasing the tensions, but people have been abusive to cashiers for years.
An article he once wrote opposing the gender integration of an all-boy Catholic school, which included a sexist joke about giggling and blushing blondes in the classroom.
Roberts had better pray that no one uncovers any remarks he might have made about girls and cooties when he was in grammar school.
Scheske’s commentary seems on target (I wish I had thought to write it, actually), and he gets a reference to Tony Orlando and Dawn in there for good measure.
The article does a good job of dealing with the underlying philosophical issues the movie addresses.
They basically start from the assumption that there must be something wrong with working Americans if they don’t vote for the Democrats. And I imagine that lots of times the Republicans are just paying lip service to issues that working people care about.

I’m still kicking myself for passing up on the chance to see them on their Zoo TV tour. I agree with him about the irreducibility of the first person perspective, but I’m not sure how he reconciles that with the third person perspective of scientific naturalism. It is a rational argument, but you ultimately find yourself being swayed by your emotions rather than reason. The effectiveness of the argument is, at least to a degree, dependent upon the listener’s non-rational response to it. If we will routinely drug our own children to modify their behavior, why would we hesitate to drug criminals? The world can finally see the Rebellion for what it really is: just a confederacy of spoiled princesses and common criminals. While frying someone with your fingertips is really quite rude, it is hardly any worse than chopping someone’s limbs off with a lightsaber.
I can understand a group having political disagreements with the current administration, but they are damaging their credibility with their current behavior. While one can understand the Army wanting to prevent abuse of the Koran, the requirement that guards wear gloves when handling it is absurd. The winner was Karl Marx with 27.93% of the vote, more than double the votes of the second place finisher, David Hume. If voters don’t like you, it makes it difficult to convince them to give you their support.
They have an actress with lots of baggage from her Vietnam protest days protesting the war while promoting her recent book. I suppose they will console themselves with the thought that they are fighting the good fight, just like lots of other true believers do.
The moral core of the Democratic Party is in academia, unions and the groups - the NARALS et al. According to Reason editor, Matt Welch, one reason the Democrats are defending eminent domain is that conservatives are against it.
When I was working at a Hell Shell station ten years ago, I averaged about one jackass a day.
Sadly, he was a very unhappy man who took solace in substances and behavior which eventually killed him. One inch of ice in 3 days !!!It wasreal windy most of the day and I spent more time in the EskimoQuick Fish 3.The two holes in the shelter provided some steady action for perch and bluegills. The better shows being produced today are much better than what was on TV when I was growing up. They then proceed to try to analyze the voters to discover what could be the cause of their ignorance at the voting booth.
The gist of the argument is that it makes no sense to suppose that an all-powerful, all-loving, all-good god would allow the evil in this world to exist.
As an illustration, a famous version of the argument dealing with gratuitous evil uses as an example the suffering of a young deer. Now I don’t think this invalidates the argument (otherwise I would be a theist), but it does make me a little less comfortable with my reaction to it. Maybe he really is so evil that he can use some sort of Jedi mind tricks to get Democratic congressmen (and women) to hold mock impeachment inquiries. Certainly she has a strong following among Democrats, particularly the more left-wing variety, but I don’t believe she can inspire much trust and confidence in the minds of the average voter.
And she is going across the country Merry Prankster style in a bus because people can’t get enough hippie nostalgia. We all know that the folks running the registers at the stations are the real power behind the oil and gas industry.
Maybe some intrepid reporter will dig deeper and find out what he said about girls in kindergarten.
The Democrats seem to expect the voters to accept the patronizing attitude from the Dems and vote for them anyway.
Having that kind of power over people would be more corrupting than the lightning (even though the lightning is pretty cool). If they have constructive criticism or advice for how to deal with things in Iraq and Afghanistan, then they should make their case to the public. Jacob Weisberg spells out her problem pretty clearly in this article in Slate (Via RealClearPolitics). They run the risk of looking like extremists, particularly when they defend actions such as the New York Times trying to look into the adoption records of the Robrerts children.
If enough consumers yell at them, perhaps they will do the decent thing and lower the price of gas.
No doubt these same people would scream bloody murder if people came to their place of work and harrassed them about something which was out of their control. The death lull kicked in around1230 and fishing picked back up again at 3pm.I landed the usual residents of the lake-- a few trout, afew nice crappies, perch and gills. One of the other reasons that I like Searle is that he is able to give Dennett fits from time to time.
Instead, I simply want to discuss something which has made me a bit uncomfortable with it for a while.
Shouldn’t private investors be lining up to provide support if the research are likely to cure all the ills that supporters claim it can?
If they go over the top attacking Roberts, it will only serve to blunt any arguments they make against any future Bush nominations. But does the argument have as much force if one doesn’t appeal to the suffering of Bambi to make the point? Are we supposed to believe that he was a better philosopher than Hume, Wittgenstein, Nietzsche, Plato, Kant, Aquinas, Socrates, Aristotle, and Popper? And here is what is vitally important for Democrats to understand: although these people will not necessarily be part of your all-Angelou book club, they will be at least as smart as you are. With condescending views such as this in the Democratic party, it’s no wonder that the military vote trends Republican. Send forth your minions, Democrats, scatter them to the winds with instructions to go forth into the McDonalds and the Wal-Marts and the churches, to boldly engage fat women in spandex, and skinny guys in pick-up trucks, to speak without sneering to the local businessman, to talk on equal terms with the minister and the insurance salesman and the cook and the fisherman and the clerk. Plenty ofpanfish with a few perch hitting the 9-inch mark and a crappie thatwas almost 10 inches.I caught trout sporadically throughout the day, ending with 9. Teddy told me the lake is completed covered and the ice might be about 1 inch orso.Teddy has patrolled and lived next toAntietam Lakealmostall his life and he knows the lake.
There isplenty of rainfall predicted for that area.Most of the fish sitting in the estuary should be entering the river as I type this.
Anglers tend to give you space, the scenery is beautiful and the Osprey's always put on a show.
Wednesday was spent in the upper fly zone and wasslow in the morning but pretty consistent in the afternoon.
Ialso landed a smallmouth bass, a few small brown trout, afew small rainbows (steelhead smolts ?), a fallfishand a baby AtlanticSalmon. The Mohawk egg pattern accounted for many smaller fish and the salmon sized Light Spruce fly produced a few hookups. Last years--One Day Trip-- hot fly,Olive bugger with White marabou tail and redcrystal flash also received plenty of attention and did account for 2 fish.

The guyI was fishing withused plenty of flies with smaller bucktail flies doing most of the damage. He didhook-up with a few fish while usingmy Death Stonefly, landing one nice Coho.I can tell you this---the next few weeks will provide some serious action. There are fish in the system at this moment and with the water release at 1800 CFS and the rain.
The pool we were fishing was loaded with suckers and chubs and I did see a few trout and a couple of nice sized smallmouth bass. Any questions as to what to tie, just shoot me an email or use the Contact 2Bonthewater page. All that cold water coming from a quarry and the creek itself in that area is near lifeless. The bridge is now being painted a Hunter Green color.Most of the creeks in the OleyValley are really low.
Even with the rain, the creeks remain very low.A I have a trip scheduled to the Salmon River planned inlate September thanks to Jack. Without Jack's kindness and awesomeness, I would not be going salmon fishing.A I have startedtyingflies for the upcoming salmon trip. Zoe competed in a National Beauty pageant and won honorable mention in the beauty competition (FYI -- Zoe wears no make-up, fake hairor fake teethand she competes in the natural division--she is my little girl and I would never DRESS HER UP like all those crazy folks you see on TV). We dressed as fishermen, answered a question about each other and then Zoe did some fly casting on stage. Zoe was crowned Little Queen when she won the Pennsylvania state pageant back in 2006 while competing in a Sunburst pageant.
There are plenty of out of the way smaller streams that are teeming with Smallmouths, Carp and a variety of Panfish.
Perkiomen Creek -- air temp 89 degrees, checked the temperature at two spots, temps were 70 and 69 degrees -- Taken between 415-425 pmA Manatawny Creek -- air temp was 88 degrees, checked the temperature at three spots, temps were 76 degrees at Red Covered Bridge, 74 degrees above TIKI bar and 76 degrees below the Rt. This heatwave has made most ofthe local trout streams too warm to fishfor the catch and release angler. Maiden Creek below Ontelaunee Lake should provide anglers with some fishthat are willing to bite.
You can find Carp, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bassand a wide assortment of panfish to keep you busy.
Take some cold water with you !!!Your best way to keep the water cool is to freeze a bottle or two of water the night before you head out. As the day heats up, the water bottles will slowly melt, leaving you with nice cold waterto drink throughout the day. I fished for 30-minutes on Manatawny and landed 2 wild browns on a tan caddis dry fly in the area where the water temp was 68 degrees. Temperature wise, if it is 90 degrees outside, pretty sure most, if not all of the local trout waters will be at 70 degrees or higher. We don't wantto kill the trout.The trout that survive through the summer will offerus great fishing in the fall. I have not made a trip to the Schuylkill River as of yet, but I'd bet the house that the smallie action should be pretty darn good.
You can also takeyour watercraft outbefore Epler atCross Keys Road or at Muhlenburg Township park which is below the PFBC Epler Access. There is little room to fish, unless you don't mind walking the shoreline that is covered with all types of vegetation, including Poison Ivy. Pleny of fish to be caught in this body of water, that is if you can get to them.A Manatawny Creek fished OK. This stretch used to provide some very nice smallmouth action, but the last few trips here have been poor. Switched to a spent spinner pattern and hooked up twice--snapped one off and landed a nice stocker brown. The water is up from recent rains inthe valley, but the stream was clear and in perfect condition. The Schuylkill River and a few tribs shouldprovide any cat or carp angler with a few bites each nite. Channel catfish prefer dead baits andsmaller live bait, while the Flatheads prefer larger live bait.
Carp will eatsmaller live bait including minnows andcrayfish along with the standard fare of homemade MUSH bait or whole kernel corn.The bottom line is--It doesn't really matter what bait you areusing. But, by now it was pitch black and it was raining pretty good and thelightning made it look like the 4th of July came early.I managed to land 2 fish on my emerger pattern androll 2 other trout.
Started out at the mouth of Sacony Creek but there was some serious bridge work going on, so I left after a few casts. Caught some nice bluegills, onebrown trout, pumpkinseeds, green sunfish, agolden shiner and I almost hooked into a very nice largemouth bass. Kids and water mean plenty of noise,lots of splashing and lots offun.Normally, 750pm is about the timethe sulphurs start popping off.
I saw some Iso's and huge stoneflies coming off and flying around.I caught a trophy Bluegill, no kidding check out the picture, almost 9 inches.
I left my headlamp in the truck so I had to walkout before it got too dark and miss the potential spinner fall. I then drove to another stretch of the crick and hooked up a few times fishing a brown spent spinner.
I lost them at the bank.A Fish the mornings with a brown or white spent spinner and you might get a few takes on the surface. My favorite is a "John's Spring Creek Pupa" tied in size 18 and 20 (Trout Flies of The East--page 93). I caught two brookies on a CDC sulphur dry fly and the rest of the fish were caught with nymphs. What an amazing fish, especially on a 2 wt bamboo fly rod with a fly reel that is dated to the 1930's or 1940's. What a specimen.He looked like a submarine swimming in the water !!My first impression of the leviathan is that it was a wild fish. Tonights fishing provided a mixed bag of fish, a few smallwild brown trout, along with a few stocker browns, stockerrainbows and the brook trout. I topped it all off with a visit to Ted's house to show off the bamboo fly rod and talk shop. It was about 40 degrees and raining.I didroll a larger fish on a midge, but aside from that, it was a very slow night. Cast down and across and hop the flies upoff the bottom with quick upward lifts of the fly rod.The fish would really strike hard. I still have not figured out whyone day I will catch all browns, one day I will catch all rainbows and some days, you will catch a little of everything.

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