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Summer is the best time for getting outside, heading to the beach, and meeting with friends we missed during the chilly winter. If you’re itching to get out, and want to make friends while taking part in your hobbies, post your plans on a site to get others to join you on your outing. Use Social Media – You can simply post on the meeting site you use, but for a great turnout, do all you can to bring others to you. Know Your Area – If you have a big community of aging individuals, families with small children, dog owners, or people with small yards and no time, you can be of service to these groups. Advertise Offline – Create flyers and business cards with your specialty, then pay a visit to gathering places like coffee shops, grocery stores, clinics, restaurants, and apartment complexes to get your name and number out there.
Summer is the ideal time to get into the attic and basement, de-stash, give your home a complete overhaul, and create some extra income on the side. Vary Your Items – Some sales do well because they offer something low-priced for everyone. Research Local Yard Sale Trends – Some towns’ yard sales do very well in the beginning and end of the summer, but not in the middle. Advertise Strategically – Yard and garage sale visiting is a big hobby for many, and a wealth of local sites allow free listings. Have Great Signage – Signs written on fluorescent poster board in big, bold, black permanent marker work the best. Have Unique Wording – I once saw a garage sale with signs that read “Stuck in my Garage, Please Help!” in bold letters. Renting out your home on a listing site like Airbnb or HomeAway is a fast-growing trend because the effort is minimal, while the financial returns have the potential to be significant.
Research the Best Sites – Some sites are great for whole-house rentals, and others for portions of the house. Make Your Space Inviting – Offer up a clean, bright space for your guests by taking the time to deep clean before you list.
Mind Your Pricing – Pay close attention to listings in your area that are similar in accommodation to yours.

If you own a car, SUV or truck that can be used for small loads, short-term hauls, or local temporary use, you can offer your car up to others and make money in the process. Check the Specs – On some sites, cars must have particular aging and quality requirements to be considered for listing. Take Quality Photos – Some renters drive for fun, some for work, and some for basics.
Be Organized – Know when you want to rent and when is off-limits, and keep a schedule for yourself, especially if you will be in town as you rent your vehicle. Bringing in extra money to your spending budget doesn’t need to be difficult, time-consuming or costly. Stop Wasting Money!Receive your FREE "No Food Waste" menu planner and receive tips delivered to your mailbox each week. Going crazy trying to get your home organized?Join our 30-day challenge and receive a small task in your inbox each day - leaving your entire home organized at the end! One more step - click on the confirm button in your email so we know you are a real person. When the good weather comes, the last thing I want to do is sit inside with no money for activities.
Some sites offer promotional templates to use on social media making it virtually effortless to promote your gathering. Crummy yard sales are a dime a dozen, but high-earning sales can bring in anywhere from $200-$1000 easily, depending on the quality of items, quantity of items, and timing of the sale. Signage posted in multiple places, all around your neighborhood with arrows, dates and times help bring in impulse visitors.
If you know you’re taking a few trips this summer and will be away, or even if you have a spare room you want to rent, use these tips as sound advice in the prep stages of your pursuit to increase your chances of financial success. I’ve seen some rentals even offer welcoming cheese plates and pastries, which adds an indulgent, yet inexpensive touch that your guests will remember. If you plan ahead, clearly focus on how best to offer up your time, and what will be the most lucrative option for your lifestyle, you can create a fun and financially rewarding summer for yourself.

I just bought a new rental property and, with that added expense, I am always feeling a budget squeeze. Charge a nominal attendance fee for your event and reap the benefits of putting it all together. Most importantly, let them know there is a fee to attend as you don’t want any surprises come event day.
Other sales do well with niche markets, like ones that offer lots of antiques, collectibles or good furniture. In your listing, advertise your key items, big ticket items, or things you feel will be a draw for your customers. Keep in mind peak season price fluctuations around certain holidays and local events, and adjust them accordingly for maximum earning potential.
If your listing requires a photo of you for the profile, take a close-up, well-lit photo that shows up as a small avatar so potential renters know who they’ll be dealing with. By adding supplemental income to my earnings plan, I found I can still do all I want to do, without financial strain.
Start with your hobbies and interests, then create a gathering with something you find exciting and fun. Some websites like GigSalad will actively campaign on your behalf to get you the right gig. Take advantage of their services, and if you can, take additional steps to use other checking sites’ info against theirs to be sure you’ve got a good guest. You’ll be out and about enjoying the weather, earning money, and helping others who are willing to pay you for your time.

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