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Nico Toscani is a martial arts expert who was recruited by the CIA when he was in Japan, he would be sent to Vietnam. Nico visited the Vietnam War still very young and it significantly affected his faith in people. While there he witness the sadistic treatment of prisoners by Zagon, an interrogator, when he clashes with him, Nelson Fox, his friend tells him to get away. After witnessing the mayhem of the American army in the peacekeeping areas, Niko decides not to allow their work injustice and abuse of power.

So when he meets his former colleagues, who in Laos Governors of the International Opium network Toscani understands that for him the war is not over yet. 15 years later, when he busts a drug dealer, he tells Nico of a major deal going down, when he busts them, he discovers a cache of plastic explosives.
Drug trafficking, spread around the world, moved his command center in Chicago, and Nico intends to destroy this evil. And before he knows it everyone he arrested is released and when Nico tries to find out what's going on, a brick wall thrown in front of him.

The motto for Nico are the words of Abraham Lincoln that "no one who would stand above the law, and the one who would be under the law, too, no." With help of this site you can download Above the Law 720p Free Full HD Movie.
And before long Fox calls Nico to warn him to back off and it's not long after that that he is arrested and suspended from the force.

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