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These were not very expensive and had a fairly good performance and so one could afford the small performance penalty of writing in a higher level language.
Each wave needed various languages, but C became popular because it was simple enough to build compilers in and it was expressive.Q Many languages had been in existence when work on Unix and C started. So, what were Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson trying to achieve?Ken Thompson said it fairly well. Ken said the goal was to create an operating system that was comfortable and easy to use for programmers.Q So many programs have been written in C.

Is there something that Ritchie and all those who worked with him were particularly proud of?That one piece of software would have to be Unix. Even Windows, which was written in assembly language initially, was rewritten in C later!Q C has probably the most famous computer program in the world that prints ‘Hello, World’ on the screen?
There is a thought that Dennis Ritchie’s creations were underneath the great design that Apple came up with. So you saw shiny stuff when Jobs presented it, but underneath was something that had been developed a long time ago.

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