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2 Pack Amish Good Caramel Popcorn * Hand Stirred in Copper Kettle * Real Butter and Coconut Oil Makes Better Caramel Corn * Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Each small batch of Amish Good Caramel Popcorn is made by hand in a copper kettle and is never stirred by an automatic mixer. The personal attention given to the process results in a caramel corn that is perfectly coated with delicious caramel that is never burned or overcooked.
Good food items rice stickGood food items rice stick  Our products are all made of pure rice without any additive and any transgenic ingredients.

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Good Deal Oriental has been providing the community with the highest quality Asian groceries since 2000.
We carry products and ingredients well-suited for asian cuisines that are not often found in mainstream supermarkets.
Asian vegetables in our produce department include fresh bok choy, bean sprouts, leek, ginger, gailan, cilantro, basil, lemongrass, fresh mint, fresh oyster mushrooms, fresh in-season fruits, and many others. In our meat department, we carry items such as fish, chicken, duck, liver, pork, beef, tripe, and Hmong sausage, and various other imported meats.

We have jasmine rice, chrysanthemum tea, ginseng, bamboo shoots, tamarind paste, various noodle brands, various chili sauces and cooking sauces, asian snacks and other imported foods.
At Good Deal Oriental, you will find an assortment of rice cookers, Asian-style bowls, plates, spoons, cups and woks.

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