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My life is divided into good hair days and bad hair days – I often think I am a frustrated hairdresser! I think first and foremost it’s important to always offer support to your close network – your friends and family. Rupert Penry-Jones shares his thoughts on feeling good, looking good and doing a little good along the way in Liz Earle Wellbeing’s Feel-Good Factor. The Feel-Good Factor interview with Becky Mantin, ITV’s weather forecaster, who is launching a new business designing baby travel products. The Feel-good Factor with Meghan Markle – we chat to the gorgeous Hollywood star about finding the right balance and choosing happiness. As the weather warms, we’ve turned our attention to cellulite and bare-legged beauty preparation for the holidays. Discover five of the best ingredients for green juices – all packed with green goodness. Having presented a variety of shows over the years – from Blue Peter to GMTV with Liz, she has a wealth of experience in all areas of wellbeing, including home, food, fitness and travel. Over the years I have come to learn that it is not about external circumstances – you can still feel rubbish on a beach in a hot country!
I am a big believer in the power of a good haircut and blow-dry – it makes all the difference to how you look and feel. Further afield I am a huge supporter of Lupus UK and have recently completed a 200km husky trek in Lapland to help raise awareness.
Here, Liz shares some of her favourite natural cellulite cures, including a homemade scrub and massage oil. Burn a path of Chaos with the flesh of the lawful, pave a road of Order with the blood of Demons, or create your own future?
I also think that, in general, in order to look great, it’s as simple as eating less and moving more.
Having a friend who suffers from this chronic and presently incurable auto-immune disease means it’s a cause close to my heart. Shin Megami Tensei (translated True Goddess Reincarnation), also known as MegaTen, is a long-running series of JRPG Dungeon Crawlers and spinoffs developed and published by Atlus. I make sure I surround myself with uplifting, inspiring people and have been tough in removing those in my life who have drained me.

A friend of mine, Steve Chalke, who I met back in my GMTV days with Liz, also has a wonderful charity called OASIS – a Christian organisation who offer support to young people through a wide-range of projects and initiatives, such as anti-trafficking campaigns, housing, youth work and sponsoring over 40 academy schools. I also try to train my thinking patterns so I do not become a prisoner of bad thoughts – whether that’s taking time out to go for a run or writing down a list of positive things in my notebook. They are dedicated to offering resources, education and skills to children, young people and families to help improve their lives and are a really worthwhile cause to support. If neither side takes your fancy, you can even kick both their butts and declare yourself as supreme ruler. For me it’s knowing that if you’re struggling it is ok to get help – be it talking to a close friend, a therapist or even getting a nice massage.
Aside from that, I think the best beauty secret I could give is to always stand up straight, walk with purpose, and smile.
Elemental affinities, buffing and debuffing are far more effective than in most JRPGs and can make or break battles. It all comes down to where you want to put your resources, and I think it should be a priority to mend ourselves when things go wrong.
Having trained as a dancer in classical ballet up until my teens, I understand the importance of how you move your body – we’re made to move.
In an aversion of Useless Useful Spell, instant death and ailment attacks are both effective and encouraged repeatedly.
Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne further introduced the Press Turn battle system to the series, where hitting an enemy's elemental weakness would reward you with more actions while hitting their elemental strengths would cost you actions. The Persona, Devil Summoner, Digital Devil Saga, and Devil Survivor series are the best-known of these spinoffs in the US.
Last Bible II (1993, Japan only) Another Bible (1995, Japan only) Last Bible III (1995, Japan only) Last Bible Special (1995.
A quick reference and a recommended playing guide is here◊, and is occasionally updated. Absurdly Spacious Sewer: The series has a habit of featuring Sewers big enough to house entire cities. Particular offenders include the Great Underpass of Ginza in Nocturne and the Anahata Waterways in Digital Devil Saga.
Academy of Adventure: High schools in MegaTen games usually turn out to be built on a Hell Gate or a front for an Ancient Conspiracy.

Adaptational Heroism: The various demons change morality from installment to installment to suit the story but one that consistently gets this trope is Ishtar.
In real-life Mesopotamian Mythology she was an exceedingly unpleasant deity even in comparison to Old Testament YHVH who frequently killed people, sent natural disasters to them, or turned them into animals for fun. At one point in The Epic of Gilgamesh she threatens to raise the dead and have them eat the living, in the earliest known reference to a Zombie Apocalypse in human history.
Her only totally altruistic quality was her love for her husband Tammuz (despite frequently cheating on him), whom she saved from Nergal every year to bring spring to the world. In SMT she's a helpful, nurturing mother goddess who is frequently abused by YHVH essentially just for being from a competing pantheon, and often ends up being forcibly turned into the demon Astaroth by Him. Alice Allusion: Alice, the Cute Ghost Girl who has been a Recurring Character since Shin Megami Tensei, regularly makes Shout Outs to Alice in Wonderland. The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Jabberwocky, Trump Soldier, and March Hare have also made appearances in the franchise. All Myths Are True: All mythical creatures from various folklore and religions are real in one form or another, including God and Lucifer.
Alternate Continuity: The franchise has multiple conflicting continuities running through its numerous games. The "main" SMT continuity, which involves an ongoing war between the forces of Lucifer and God being waged across The Multiverse.
And the Raidou Kuzunoha games occur in an Alternate Timeline of the original SMT continuity due to a number of factors.
Devil Summoner and Soul Hackers take place in their own even more Cyber Punk universe, though some version of events in the Raidou Kuzunoha games also occured here. The Persona continuity, which involves various Anthropomorphic Personifications of the Collective Unconscious interfering in humanity's affairs. Digital Devil Saga takes place in a Hindu Mythology-centric continuity, though the appearance of avatars of characters from SMT II suggests it may be connected to the "main" SMT multiverse. And a few one-shot alternate continuities, such as Devil Survivor 2 (which is completely separate from Devil Survivor), Giten Megami Tensei and Catherine.

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