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I think people become so obsessed with achieving the perfect body figure that we let it dictate our self-esteem and worth. Just remember this: that even the models that you see in the fitness magazines do not look that way year round.
Today, I certainly don’t have washboard abs, and I’m nowhere near as muscular as I was during my college days.
Lately, there have been “breakthroughs” that include myostatin inhibitors, natural testosterone boosters or some other supplement that claims to be derived from some exotic plant in the jungles of the Amazon. One such supplement that I tried with rave reviews and supposed scientific backed studies was Myo-Blast by the now defunct supplement manufacturer Cytodyne. Another product I experimented with was AndroTest, Prosource’s flagship testosterone boosting supplement.
Even though my muscle building journey is behind me, I still enjoy looking at supplement ads every now and then. The point I’m trying to make is that supplement companies are out to make a profit and that is their foremost agenda. I remember the good old days when canned tuna was two for a dollar at the local Dollar Tree store. I decided then that I would give sardines a try, and I have to tell you, unlike like most people that would make a yucky face at the site of an open can of sardines, I delight at the smell and taste. Sardines contain one of the highest concentrations of omega-3s, around 60% of the recommended daily value for every 189 calories.
Why is it that there always seems to be something bad that comes with something that is seemingly so good? Generally, larger fish species, such as shark, swordfish, tilefish and king mackerel, contain higher traces of mercury.
Tuna has always been the flagship food source for bodybuilders and other health enthusiasts.
This is a great lunch food that you can easily prepare and pack into your lunch bag for work. Simply mix all the ingredients aside from the sardines and bread into a bowl to make the salsa. With their affordable cost, low mercury levels and dense nutritional content, I find it somewhat baffling that more people haven’t turned to sardines as a viable food source. Obviously, if building muscle is your goal, then you need to incorporate weights or resistance bands. While I normally squat with weights, I do go back to bodyweight squats from time to time just to test my endurance and the number of reps I can perform before burning out.
One of the ways supplement ads lure their consumers is with those convincing before and after photos. Additional factors like lighting conditions, attire and angle can also change the perception of the appearance of the body. I mentioned this topic a while back but figured it’s worth talking about again since there are so many great song tracks out there that are sure to pump you up as you begin a workout. For me, I’m a huge MMA and WWE fan and have tracks that professional wrestlers and fighters use as their entrance music. Before beginning a workout, I usually listen to a few songs on my MP3; it gets me in the zone where I feel like I could really push myself through the sweat and grind. Here is a great Youtube converter site where you can convert the video into a digital audio track for free. Alright, as 2013 comes winding down and 2014 is right around the corner, it is time again for another round of new Years resolution. Whatever your aspirations are for the new year, whether it be weight loss or building muscle, KEEP IT REALISTIC!
Have a happy 2014 and may this year be one filled with prosperity and new beginnings for you! May your Christmas be a joyful one and be marked by many well wishes and warm moments with the people you love most. Most people who ever set a fitness goal know that getting into shape is just as much mental as it is physical. In a nutshell, LOA is basically a metaphysical theory stating that you can achieve whatever you want in life by having positive emotions about what it is you are trying to manifest.
Whatever your fitness goals are, whether it be losing 20 pounds or gaining a few pounds of lean muscle mass, it may be worth giving LOA a try. I’ve read the story from various news sites and looked at most of the comments that people left behind in support of Kang, and I completely agree with the consensus. I firmly believe that fitness is a personal responsibility and that there is always a way to stay in shape no matter how strapped you are for time. Kang clearly didn’t do anything wrong by posting the photo and anyone who was offended just lacked the commitment to make the same sacrifices that she did.
With their "bikini bodies" splashed on billboards and their glamorous faces in magazines, models have the power to make women feel less than great about themselves. But underneath the makeup and the hairstyling, and beyond the lithe bodies and smiling faces, models are regular women just like us -- and they often have positive outlooks and wisdom on the subject of body image and self esteem that we can take to heart.
Below, we rounded up quotes from models that will actually make you feel good about yourself. Think about it; those Hollywood actors always seem to sport chiseled abs and bodies that are made for a bikini.

It is better to exercise for the sake of general health and well-being rather than to slave away at the gym and constantly staring at yourself in the mirror and stepping on the scale.
However, I feel good about myself even if my physique isn’t as impressive as it was five years ago.
For the most part, I believe the basics like whey protein can be useful for those who are having trouble meeting their daily intake from whole foods.
During my own muscle building journey, I have tried all sorts of supplements and spent upwards of several thousand dollars. This is supposedly one of those myostatin blockers that I just mentioned, and I first learned about the product through a Prosource catalog. I remember looking in the catalog and seeing that it was endorsed by professional wrestler Kevin Nash. This doesn’t mean that every single product launch is useless, it just means that you need to be mindful of the claims made even of the ones that come with so-called scientific studies. Fish is without exception, and for all its health benefits come the concern of mercury levels detected in most fish species.
Sardines, being a small fry compared to their larger cousins, have far lower traces of mercury. It is absolutely one of the best sources of protein and the ideal food for those who want to eat “clean.” They go great with sandwiches, salads or eaten as is right out of the can. Tuna does have a slightly higher protein content at 49 grams per 6-ounce can, while an equivalent portion of sardines contain 41 grams.
However, given that most people for some reason can’t seem to stomach the taste, there are a few ways you can prepare sardines into a delicious cuisine fit for royalty.
Toast the bread with the sardines placed on the slices and pour the salsa over the contents.
Place the heated contents into a food processor and set it on pulse until the contents are completely grounded into powder. Sure, it’s not the tastiest fish in the sea according to consensus, but it offers so much health benefits and also fits into most dietary needs. They are a terrific muscle builder and are labeled the king of compound exercises in the bodybuilding community.
Whatever your goals are, there is no question that squats will dramatically improve your conditioning. Indeed, these pictures can be quite effective because it makes the consumers think that if the supplement can produce such visible results for the person in the photo then it certainly can do the same for them. As a matter of fact, some of them are even taken on the same day and just a few hours apart! With before and after pictures of women, even undoing the hair and adding a little makeup can give off an appearance of being in better shape. I’m just saying you have to take it with a grain of salt the next time you see one in a supplement ad or fitness magazine. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to music and has different tracks on their MP3.
The thing about resolutions are that it almost seems as if they were made to be broken because hardly anyone ever commits to theme specially when it comes to fitness-related goals. Forget about those professional underwear and swimsuit models; staying fit is part of their profession and they have hired personal trainers. With extended relatives and in-laws coming over, there is obviously going to be a big dinner. For today’s topic, I wanted to talk a little bit about the concept that most people have come to know as the Law of Attraction.
The key to accomplishing this is by imagining what it is that you want as if it is already in your life. However, I was too result-oriented and when I didn’t see results right away I became discouraged and shrugged off the law of attraction as nothing more than metaphysical mumbo jumbo. It was the story involving fitness enthusiast and instructor Maria Kang, who posed in fitness attire and revealing her washboard abs along with her three sons, all under three years of age.
The photo was clearly meant to inspire other moms and to send a message that there is always room for a healthy lifestyle even if you are a mom with a full-time work schedule. When I began this blog two years ago, I was a lot more muscular and in better shape than I am in now.
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Whether you’re unemployed and feeling a bit discouraged or simply need a few words of encouragement, these quotes are for you. I'm going to live until 105 and I'm going to show my thighs every day," the "Girls" creator said at the New Yorker Festival in August 2012. Even the Barbie doll has an unrealistic body frame that may give young girls the wrong message.
In my bodybuilding heyday, I was so set and driven on building lean muscle mass that I was always so conscious of the way I look. However, it is so important to exercise to be healthy rather than for the sake of achieving a body figure that may not be realistic. I still remember clearly, the catalog featured a full length report about the studies of Myo-Blast that included all those typical before and after photos.
Regardless, to many, they don’t appear to be too appetizing and are more reminiscent of something that you would feed a hungry seal.

Mercury is the same element that is used to produce light in a typical compact fluorescent light bulb. If you’re a healthy individual, then you can safely consume up to six servings per week, while expectant mothers should limit their serving to no more than three.
However, as mentioned previously, the price of tuna has skyrocketed, and sardines make a great and more affordable alternative. Place the powder into the miso to form a paste, add a little water for a creamy texture and mix in the remaining ingredients. The bodyweight squat is one of the most time-honored exercises that have been in use by athletes for as long as professional sports have been in existence. However, are these before and after photos really the result of using the supplement being promoted?
Remember, the health and fitness niche is a multi-million dollar industry, and marketers will do whatever they can to entice their consumers.
I grew up with actions films of that era, such as Bloodsport, kickboxer and Rocky, and I have songs from the soundtrack of these films on my MP3. I also like adding new songs every now and then as a new track always seems to really do the trick in getting me extra motivated.
Yes, I know this is straying a bit into metaphysical territory and is also something that not everyone might believe in.
The secret, however, is to not get too obsessed about it to the point where it becomes an obsession. What would it mean to you if you could fit in that new pair of skinny jeans or go to the beach with your shirt off?
I genuinely do believe that LOA works as long as you can really bring up positive feelings about what achieving your fitness goals would mean to you. The photo came with the caption “What’s Your Excuse?” While the photo was meant to be inspirational, it drew criticism from other mothers who claim Kang was “fat shaming” other women.
Some people, however, took it the wrong way and saw it as a way to play the role of victim and label Kang as a bully. If my arms weren’t looking or feeling as “pumped,” I would wear long sleeves to cover them up. This is something that I can clearly see now that I’m a little older, and it’s certainly something that crosses the minds of a lot of teens and those in their early and mid-20s.
It was also strange that although the product just came out, it already had a perfect five star rating from Prosource.
Now, I never tried it so I am in no position to make a comment though from what I see it is just another overhyped and overpriced product with outrageous claims. However, sardines are actually one of the most beneficial foods for reasons that go beyond their nutrition. While the levels of mercury found in fish are not a cause for a major alarm, it is of particular concern for pregnant women as elevated mercury levels may impact a fetus’ developing nervous system.
In addition, sardines also have higher levels of Vitamin E with each serving providing about 23% of your daily intake.
Even if the thought of eating it right out of the can makes your stomach churn, there are recipes that really make sardines far more edible. The after photo is taken immediately after a workout, in which the body is still “pumped” with more musculature due to the increased blood flow. Also be sure that the goal is something that you can reasonably manage and sustain long-term. I believe special occasions should be treasured to the fullest, and since Christmas only comes around one day a year, just enjoy yourself this holiday and forget about staying fit and eating clean. However, I have been a huge follower of LOA and have implemented it into a part of my fitness journey as well as in other areas in my life.
However, even with my busy schedule, it is still my responsibility to find a way to stay in shape. Being the young college kid that I was who was eager to put on as much lean muscle as possible, I bought into the hype and purchased two bottles at $50 each. The funny thing was that just several months after the release of AndroTest, Prosource released a second version labeled AndroTest Extreme, which was supposed to be an improved formula over the first.
There is now another similar product called 1285 Muscle that is endorsed by Maxim and Men’s Health magazine and is supposedly the supplement that celebrities use when bulking up for a movie. I was in college at the time and while I wasn’t exactly one of those students living off of Ramen and water, I had to set a strict budgetary limit on my weekend groceries. If you compare it to a before photo, you will notice a clear difference even if the before photo was taken only hours before.
Believe me, throwing your healthy habits out the window for a day will not hamper the hard work you put in year round.
The minute you become discouraged, you send negative feelings and vibrations that will prevent you from achieving your goals.
I can, for example, wake up half an hour earlier each morning or give it up some of my downtime to make time for exercise. Granted, I don’t have any kids though even busy moms who work can still set aside 30 minutes three to four times a week for exercise.

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