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A bodkin tipped arrow shot from even a very powerful bow will not pierce period mail worn over a gambeson. It is possible to master the Pickpocket skill on your first visit to Riverwood, leaving you at level 17 or so, without improved combat skills to handle the tougher enemies.
It will not penetrate at 200 yards which is where Longbowmen aimed for to disrupt the enemy at distance. Vollys of 6000 arrows raining down on the enemy did a good job of disrupting and dispersing the enemy.

When fired at the side of a charging cavalry wearing plate armour, the weaker armour on the flanks of horses were pentrated with ease. Also the breastplate armour and the backplate armour of the enemy were thicker and in the main was impregnable, but joints, arm and leg plate were not. Remember though armour was not standard, it was made by different blacksmiths who used varing quality of steel and varying quality of "fit". Soldiers who gained weight since having their very expensive armour made still wore it despite the ill fit.

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