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After a war the natural reaction is to disband the military and enjoy the economy of not maintaining large forces, which Washington warned is a path to the next war.  Still, apparently many folks were not listening because it seems the US regularly does just what Washington warned against. Air Marshall “Bomber” Harris paraphrased Hosea (from the Bible) to justify bombing Germany into flaming rubble during World War II.
Speaking to British Parliament in 1932, Baldwin was talking about the futility of trying to defend against enemy bombers, and that ensuring your country bombs the enemy country into the stone age first is the only defense.  During World War II it was found that bombers could indeed be caused to suffer so many losses that they would not be able to continue and that other techniques must be used.
This admonition by the great general forms the core of what it is to serve your country.  All positive things stem from living up to this quote.

During his assault on Mobile Bay in 1864 (Civil War), Farragut (our nation’s first Admiral) was faced with a profusion of mines (called torpedoes back then).  In response to a stopping of his ships, he gave the famous order, which actually was, “Damn the torpedoes! In a 46 BCE letter to the Roman Senate, Julius was saying, “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  This boast seems intended to put the Senate on notice that Julius Caesar is not someone to trifle with. Possibly the most profoundly true statement here, Napoleon was recognizing the absolute necessity of feeding an army in order to wage war effectively.  Feeding a huge mass of men is no small task and a wise commander will remember that.
Lawrence did not quite work out, and the rest of the quote is “Fight her till she sinks!”  The Chesapeake was captured when she lost her wheel and steering sails which caused her to blunder into the HMS Shannon, which tied up to the Chesapeake and boarded her, taking the ship and crew captive.

Jouett, full speed!”  The “torpedoes” were no joke, as the USS Tecumseh (a clone of the ironclad USS Monitor) struck one and sank. June 15, 2016 June 15, 1667: First Human Blood Transfusion; With Sheep’s Blood!

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