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That fear of failure is often what makes aspiring young entrepreneurs head back to their warm and cozy corporate jobs. After pondering this question for a while, I discovered that my most memorable (and cherished) moments in my first couple years at The Global Good Fund came from the ashes of our team’s multiple failures.
It took me a while to reach this point, but I am incredibly thankful that I’m now at the place in my career (and with my enterprise) where I can laugh in the face of failure… well, almost! Don’t take years to evaluate whether or not you have failed in a particular area of your business.
Whether it is in a team or board meeting, a public-facing communication, or even social media, share with your team and others when you have failed.
After you own up to your failures and map a future growth plan for your organization, be thankful for your failures.
Your turn: How do you currently face failure as a young entrepreneur?  What will you do differently to face failure in 2014? Carrie Rich is the co-founder and CEO of The Global Good Fund, an organization dedicated to investing in the leadership development of high potential young entrepreneurs committed to social impact.  Carrie enjoys photography, other people’s cooking and jogging, on occasion. Admitting your mistakes is one of the most admirable things you can do but don’t accept failure as an option! I would only add that the failures also need to plan to learn from them, without running into live production . I answered failure is worse because failure is the end of the world if your mindset isn’t accustomed to dealing with failure.
In short, I told a company that I would work for them, but I backed out near the last minute. Ask yourself, “What does this failure make possible?” This is an excellent way to paint a failure as a success. When I say culturally-defined failures, I mean our cultural now, and back then, does not believe that a child birthed out of wedlock is successful. He may have thought that, but his decisions displayed a belief that his “failures” did not define his future. For everyone else who isn’t the step-father of God, learn from Joseph’s example and take the next step. The greatest lesson I’ve learned is that God is sovereign and His will must be our priority as we follow our passions. I was a person suffering from procrastination ?? Mostly at school, as yet I’m quite new to working environment.

I failed at some points in my studies, and the two choices left were fighting back or giving up. Glad you enjoyed this post (Sorry for the late response, your comment feel through the cracks).
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Djake - September 4, 2012, 10:11 pmThat's deformed only of you consider the models with the ass of a 10 year old boy as 'normal'.
This realization hit me hard while crafting my monthly public newsletter this past Thanksgiving. Always be taking risks and quickly evaluating the outcomes, ideally on a quarterly basis, if not more frequently.
I decided to seize the meaningful opportunity to express gratitude for our enterprise’s failures in our Thanksgiving newsletter.
Take into practice the “5 Whys” iterative question-asking technique to understand the cause-and-effect relationships underlying your failure. Now, take the next step and map out how you are going to grow from your failure to change future outcomes.
By staying positive, you demonstrate to your team that it’s OKAY to take calculated risks and fail in the process.
Experiencing failure in a positive light will help you and your team achieve renewed emphasis and focus on your brand and for your long term goals as an enterprise. This post is written by Alex Barker who writes at The Leadership Dojo.He is a young passionate leader who you can connect with on Twitter. I’ve found that I may not know where the path may lead, but I almost always know what my next step should be. Just my perspective, but I’d rather fail, pick up, dust myself off, learn the lesson in humility, be grateful for having learned something, and move on to the next opportunity. Too often we look for the big picture of what we need to do, when really, God simple asks us to take the next step. When I get down because of some failure in my life I find the Psalms are a great encouragement. We look at the chain of events that led up to he mistake and how they could have been adjusted.
It really helps to read about failure in your own life, plus you provided so many great tips.

Your doing great things at your blog, keep moving through your fears because God wants to use you greatly!!! When our enterprise first launched, we investigated various IT systems to track and align our internal processes.
Some may think a formal newsletter is a bizarre platform to highlight your enterprise’s failures. By doing this, you will understand what exactly went wrong and how you can learn from mistakes so they don’t happen again. I personally remain thankful and humbled that my organization is a safe space surrounded by colleagues, board members, coaches, advisors and investors who are not afraid to fail together. Everyone feels how you feel, the hardship and rejections, it’s just that some people have the same mindset with this author, that it made them successful with their chosen career. Sometimes things that look like failures today turn out not to be with the perspective of some time.
It worked out for the best in the long run, as we adopted our son shortly after moving back to NW Indiana!
Of all the dumb things I’ve done out of ignorance and even ego, God has used to bring wisdom.
I’m looking forward to checking out the Isaiah chapter and the music you suggested (love the dancing idea!). However, if others see that you embrace failure and grow from it, they will have more confidence that your enterprise listens to the concerns of its customers, stakeholders, and employees – and they will have more confidence that your business will succeed in the long-run. And to hold you and your team accountable, tell others how you are going to change your processes in the future for greater chances of success! I have struggled with fear of failure (and failure!) like crazy for the past year and a half since I started blogging. If you are an entrepreneur, I’m sure these are just a few of the many questions that have come to mind while running your business.
This failure resulted in my colleagues taking calculated risks that consistently push the envelope. Our transparency at The Global Good Fund has strengthened our relationship with our stakeholders.

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