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20% = the amount of your daily energy that your brain uses each day, the amount of your daily oxygen it uses, and the amount of blood it uses daily.
Babe Ruth was tested by two Columbia psychology students and was determined to be working at 90% efficiency compared to the 60% efficiency measured for most people.
Does this mean if I smoke, drink, do coke and womanize, my brain will have 90% efficiency too? The human brain has the same general structure as the brains of other mammals, but is larger than any other in relation to body size.
When I was only in the third grade, a man with his gun shot , close range, shot me in the top part of my brain of the head.
The brain consist of water and billions of nerve cells and nerve fibers.It is surrounded by protective coverings called the meninges. Brain controls our Body .It keepsthe heart,Stomach,lungs,kidneys,and other vital organs working. The brain is still a mystery to researchers, and some have just plain given up on uncovering new secrets, especially brain farts. Feature, Science, Top 10, Unusual .You can leave a response. The most Amazing and Odd things, with Incredible news and Awesome articles, all the Weird pictures, Interesting videos and Cool stuff.

A known phrase amongst medical students claims that the more you know – the more you understand how little you know. Dont let your brain dry out: You thought the brain is a gray dull organ, as seen on television? Reaction to fear: Have you ever wonder how our reaction to touch,danger and fear is so fast? Brain storage capacity: Each brain cell can hold as much information as an encyclopedia value, more or less. Needs a lot of oxygen: Our body operates on oxygen, but how much of that actually goes in our blood flow? The brain of the night: Whether your a morning person or a night person, your brain is actually much more active at night. 950 kilometers(590 miles) of hair: During the lifetime of a person – he will grow around 950 kilometres(590 miles) of hair! I think the writer intended to mean that each single hair placed end to end, over the course of a lifetime.
However, did you know that "in the first decade of life, a child's brain forms trillions of connection"? Our scientists were not able to assess the size exactly, but some estimate that our brain can hold up to 1,00 terabytes – which is equivalent to 15 national libraries!

During this lifetime, the hair will experience different haircuts and colors – until it will fall out. An average person has around 100,000 hair follicles, each one can manufacture around 20 hairs during their life time.
Marijuana is good if eaten, not smoked, for brain stimulation ( delta 9 sativa specific) and alcohol, not nasty mikes hard cider or wild feather vanilla vodka but a natural fruit fermented alcohol such as any wine, red preferably, without sulfites and preservatives is good for cholesterol and fatty build up in your vascular system. Our brain is only 2% of our body weight, but needs more oxygen that any other organ, what makes it the most vulnerable in a case of lack of oxygen. So next time your on the verge of dehydration – keep drinking so you wont make your brain dry. Made more money bootlegging and illegalizing all of these things because we all seem to enjoy one or the other. They inevitable get all the profits when drug dealers spend the money they make putting back into white market circulation.

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