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A survey of over 1.4 million participants showed that we lefties have lower rates of arthritis and ulcers! Within the ten percent of the lefty population, research shows that the amount of mental disorders are high… In fact, studies show that among those with psychosis there was a 20% likelihood of being left-handed. No gene has been discovered that will tell whether you are right or left handed, but research shows that people who are left-handed are more likely to have family members who are as well!

Well lefties mostly use their right side of the brain, which is the side that is more creative, and therefor musically inclined! Tagged: psychological fact, psychology, corn, food, eat, left, right, brain, fact, personality, . Just like all nerve cells, these detectors conduct electrical signals, sending information from wherever they’re located back to your brain.

But, unlike other nerve cells, nociceptors only fire if something happens that could cause or is causing damage.

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