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We feel pain due to a nociceptor, a sensory receptor, that sends signals to the spinal cord and brain alerting us to danger.
There are also a hundred billion neurons that comprise the brain – as many as in the entire galaxy – all in a squishy mass about the size of a cantaloupe. Night-time is the right time for your brain to process all the activity that has occurred during the day. People with higher IQs tend to dream more, and a nap during the day has proven to make people more energized and focused on their work.
Lucid Dreaming is where a person could control the outcome of a dream while in a sleep-like state, reminding themselves of the illusory nature of existence. The reason memories that are triggered by scent seem more intense and easier to recall, is because our sense of smell has a deeper emotional connection with our brain.

When people read aloud and talk often to their small children and babies, it promotes faster brain development.
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The brain has no pain receptors, and that’s why surgeons can perform a brain surgery with the patient wide awake. Made of 75% water, your noodle has over 100 trillion synapses that connect those neurons and enough space to hold the entire Encyclopedia Britannica fivefold, or 1,000 terrabytes of information. Some believe dreams are a way to process the complex emotions and interactions of our daily lives, others think it’s just a way to zero-out information, much like a computer. WHY we laugh is not because of jokes, most of the time a guffaw is not the result of a punch line, yet it requires activity in 5 different areas of our brain.

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