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There are many different factors which specifically influence the success rates of the Koalas’ fertility rates. A Successful fertility of the Koala will always be highly dependent upon the availability of the ideal conditions in terms of food availability, shelter and natural environment. But sometimes, there are many different external and internal factors which specifically influence the fertility rates’ success within Koalas. Similarly because of different diseases, the success of Koalas’ fertility rates also reduces as well. Koalas are most popular animals in AustraliaKoalas are considered as one of the most popular animals in Australia.
Kirsty Jones: I've always loved the endurance and exploration side of kitesurfing, surfing and windsurfing and It's what attracts many others to the sport also. Each and every factor directly or indirectly makes a key influence on Koalas’ fertility and their successful mating. Among the external factors involves natural disasters such as droughts and severe weather conditions.
Remember their food and its nutrition is not available in abundance for them and any natural disaster will ultimately make a big impact on their health. Chlamydia infection is one such example which is a sexually transmitted disease and it severely affects the fertility rates’ success of the koalas. We will do our best to Respond you Promptly on your each and every Request, Queries and Help!
However, for the Koalas it is very normal to reach the enriched fertility especially among the females. On the other hand, internal fertility factors specifically include diseases of which very common disease is Chlamydia infection within the koalas.
Natural disasters such as flooding and droughts are equally responsible for Koalas' fertility disturbance. Read moreKoalas are more popular as compared to KangaroosKoalas are more popular as compared to the Kangaroos within Australia. Even though Kangaroos are popular as Australia's national animals, but yet still Koalas still enjoy more popularity because of their cuteness and cuddliness. Read moreKoalas are the largest tree climbing Mammals in Australia - Koalas as ArborealKoalas are witnessed as the largest tree climbing mammals (Arboreal) throughout the continent of Australia. Koalas are bigger than Tree Kangaroos and also Opossum as well which are also big Arboreal. Minimum the Male Koalas weigh at least around 9 Kilograms and at maximum they can gain a weight of around 18 kilograms. Some estimates indicate that Koalas have been living on earth about more than 30 million years ago.
Many researchers argue that throughout all the ages Koalas have maintained their original physical existence.
For example Koalas have been specifically located on the trees of Banksia, Acacia, Callitris, Hakea and Melaleuca.

Read moreWhy Koalas drink little or no Water?Koalas drink either no water or they were rarely spotted drinking water. Koalas' water requirements are primarily accomplished through their diet (Eucalyptus leaves) which comprises of 55% water.
Koalas are only spotted drinking water under extreme c Read moreKoalas and their Advanced Digestive MechanismsKoalas have developed advanced digestive mechanisms because the food which they consume is normally full of poison, toxicity and higher fiber.
Young Koalas chew better (no tooth decay) as compared to the mature and elderly Koalas Read moreYoung Koalas are Better Chewers as Compared to Mature and Elderly KoalasYoung Koalas are good chewers as compared to the mature and elderly Koalas. Elderly and mature Koalas are prone to tooth decay because of tooth grinding and the Eucalyptus leaves as their chosen food.
Since Koalas have slower metabolism rate, therefore, their brain is smaller, as brain requires a lot of energy.
Read moreDo Koalas lack Intellectual Abilities?Koalas lack intellectual Skills and abilities.
However, Koalas have well developed senses that help them to survive freely in their environment. It helps them to absorb more nutrients and it also provides them relatively higher nourishment as well. Read moreKoalas Prefer Big Eucalyptus Trees and Love to Stay at Trees' tops.Koalas prefer to stay at big Eucalyptus trees.
Moreover, Koalas like to stay at the top branches of the trees which are their favorite zone and spot at the threes.
Read moreNewborn Koala Joeys have Well-Established Sense of Smell Newborn Koala Joeys have well established sense of smell.
It helps Koala Joeys to spot their mothers' pouch and also teats as well to detect milk within the pouch. A newborn Koala Joey is always under-developed at birth in terms of body development and shape. Read moreKoala Joeys' Mother MilkKoalas Joeys' Mother milk is a source of life for all the Koala Joeys.
During the earlier days, this milk is full of carbohydrates, while latterly, this milk shows variation with more protein contents within it. By the time it research 1 year, it already develops perfect tooth for chewing eucalyptus leaves. Read moreAggressive Behavior of Mother Koalas towards their JoeysBy nature mother koalas are very kind hearted rather than aggressive for their young koala Joeys. Whenever a Koala Joey leaves, its mother, their mothers after 9 months, they become aggressive.
Koalas are solitary, therefore, they have to be aggressi Read moreKoalas in Brisbane AustraliaKoalas living in the Brisbane ranges of Australia enjoy more forests, eucalyptus leaves and food sources. Because of this abundance of food source, these koalas are bigger in size, breeding is more fertile and the population level is relatively highe Read moreQueensland Offers Less Nutritional Values for KoalasQueensland ranges in Australia offer relatively lower and lesser nutritional values for the Koalas. As a result of that the Koalas living in Queensland are relatively smaller, at stake and they also have lesser numbers too.

Male Koalas have been reported to live for around 12 years, while the female Koalas live for almost 16 years.
This age is comparatively reasonable enough for the Koalas to thrive its lifecycle Read moreFemale Koalas Live More than Male KoalasFemale Koalas live more than male Koalas. This phenomenon is very strange as both the male and female koalas almost habitat on the same food within any territory. Therefore, it is very interesting to explore why female Koalas live more than male Koal Read moreWhat is the Average Age of the Male Koala?The average age of the male Koalas is around 12 years. Victorian Male Koalas usually make it to 12 years, while the Queensland male koalas live for 10 year. Read moreAverage Ages of the Female KoalasThe average ages of the female Koalas are around 16 to 17 years. Female Koalas from Australia's Victorian ranges live more as compared to the female koalas from Queensland.
Read moreFor How Long a Female Koala can Give Birth to the Koala Joeys?At maximum female Koalas can give birth at the age of 10 years. Usually the female Koalas start giving birth to the young koala joeys from their 3rd year of the life. Goannas, Dingoes, Eagles, hawks, Owls and Dogs are some of the key predators of the Koalas.
Koalas fund resist winds and rains Read moreHow does a Koala regulate its Body Temperature?Koalas have highly specialized body mechanism to actually regulate their body temperatures. Whether it is summer, winter or rainy seasons Read moreFood Consumption and Feeding Timings of the KoalasFood Consumption and feeding timings of the Koalas are around 1 hour to 3 hours a day.
Read moreKoalas Always Prefer Eucalyptus Leaves from the Tree topKoalas always prefer those kinds of Eucalyptus leaves that grow at the top of the tree. These eucalyptus leaves which are at the top are fresh, have more nutrition, and offer more energetic calories for the Koalas Read moreHow does a Koala Grooms itself?Grooming is a very essential and important part of the Koalas' life. An alpha Dominant male Koala enjoys territory control, owning the female Koalas and also having a big control over the food which includes Eucalyptus trees. Read moreAggressiveness of Female KoalasWhenever, the young Koala Joeys grow up, female Koalas do become aggressive towards them. Because of this aggression of the female Koalas, the joeys do not come closer after 1 year and choose a life of their own. Upon missing its mother a young koala Joey starts squeaking, Read morePlayful Behavior of the Young Koala JoeysYoung Koala Joeys are very playful in terms of their behavior.
Read moreKoalas - Mating Season and Mating MonthsUsually the mating season for the Koalas is from the month of September till the month of March. Read moreKoala Informationen, Bilder, Neuigkeit, und ErforschungEin Koala ist ein Beuteltier Tier, das auf dem gesamten Kontinent von Australien lebt.

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