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She commented that when the Baby Boomers were in their 20s they didn't have problems with memory and yet 20-somethings today and even younger frequently lament their ability to keep everything in their brain that they need to.
Limit sugar from your diet, drink plenty of water and exercise - healthy habits help your brain. Get enough sleep - too frequently we are trying to succeed on 4 or 5 hours of sleep - that may work for a day or two but prolonged lack of sleep will keep you from working at top form.

Meditate - that could mean yoga or it could mean a simple task like mowing the lawn that will stop the continuing tape in your brain from playing - clear your mind.
Bymulti-tasking - a bad thing - I wrote about this last week and now I've heard in three different places that eventhough we all multi-task - it is NOT a good use of our time, nor is it productive.

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