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The Summer Reading Celebration is Friday, June 10th from 10am to 3pm at the ND Heritage Center on the Capitol Grounds in Bismarck. Promote your summer reading program with a public service announcement you can post on your website or Facebook. If you would like to offer adults a summer reading program but don't think you have the time, check out our customizable bingo card template!
The NDSU Extension Service offers a series of publications called Bright Beginnings which focus on the growth and development of young children. Whether you've done a summer reading program for decades or whether you're planning to host your very first program, this workshop will provide opportunities to learn, discuss, and share ideas for the 2013 summer reading program.
Dogs are omnivores, just like us humans, and they benefit from a balanced diet of meat and plants.
If your sweet pup has bad breath, try these homemade dog snacks that include fresh parsley and fresh mint to improve his breath so he can lick your face all he wants! If your cat loves cheese, he will go gaga over these cheesy cat treats made with cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese! Ground beef or turkey, cheese, and catnip all come together to make these tiny tasty meatballs for your feline companions. These little treats are made with rolled oats, dried alfalfa powder, baby food carrots, and baby food banana! Combine lots of parsley with rabbit pellets, along with a carrot and a banana and rolled oats, to make these little snacks for your pet rabbit! These little balls make great treats for rabbits and are more heavy on the bananas and carrots than the previous recipes for homemade rabbit snacks.
In the wild, hamsters eat a diet of grains, seeds, vegetables, and insects, so try to give your pet hamster a similar diet.
Grate two or three vegetables (try broccoli, celery, and cucumber) to make one cup worth of grated veggies. To make these hamster treats, cover a small piece of bread or dog biscuit with peanut butter and then press Cheerios cereal pieces, bird seeds, sunflower seeds, and vegetables all over it.
Just for fun, check out this crazy good series of a hamster named Lucy eating the tiny meals that her chef makes her!
Whether you have a bird at home or consider the birds in your backyard your pets, you and your aviary friends will enjoy these homemade snacks for birds.
Your bird will love this homemade snack that’s made of a flour mixture, sweet potato, and blueberries.
This homemade snack for birds can be hung outside or inside a cage and is full of nuts and fruits that birds love. These little muffins include dried fruit, dried coconut, sunflower seeds, peanut butter, apple sauce, and baby food sweet potatoes along with frozen vegetables – all very healthy and tasty food choices for your bird pets! For more ideas for your furry ones, check out 8 Best Products for Dogs and Cats and 9 Ideas for Organizing Your Pet Supplies.

CommentsThere are currently no comments on this post, be the first by filling out the form below. You’ve probably passed the plumbing pipe aisle at your favorite home improvement store many times, but maybe it’s time to give the pipes a second look. Make it easy for your young daughter or son choose their clothes in the mornings by making this clothes rack out of plumbing pipe and wood! Sliding barn door hardware can be pretty pricey, which makes this DIY pipe project all the more awesome.
Got a slab of wood laying around just waiting to turned into nightstands, a coffee table, or a bench?
Set up an industrial looking mudroom locker system with plumbing pipes and a couple of metal lockers. This is a truly beautiful coffee table made with spray-painted plumbing pipes and a custom wood top from a local wood worker.
The industrial look is hugely popular these days, so there are industrial pipe curtain rods being sold in stores for high prices, but you can easily make your own! If you have a weird spot in your laundry room that you want to hang up a hanging rod and you need something that’s custom-fitted to your space, plumbing pipes will do the trick! Bar carts are already inherently cool, but you can build an even cooler one with plumbing pipes! Isn’t it amazing to see what you can build with a couple of plumbing pipes and hardware, along with some creativity and cleverness?
CSLP is a consortium of all 50 states working to provide high-quality summer reading materials at the lowest cost possible for public libraries. We have adapted content of two of the publications that address children and reading to be used as a parent handout at story time. Whether you have a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a hamster, or a bird, you’ll find a snack or two (or three!) in this list that your sweet pet will love!
It includes healthy vegetables, such as carrots, peas, and parsley, and a whole lot of minced beef. To make things more fun, find ice molds in the shape of bones so your yogurt treats will look just like what’s pictured below. Keep that in mind when making your cats homemade snacks and give them tasty treats that include meat. Warning: some reviewers say that the smell isn’t all that great when you cook them, but it seems like cats love to eat them!
You can switch things up by using pumpkin or butternut squash instead of the potato and add vegetables. Your kids can help make these bird treats and they also are very pretty for humans to look at! They can be turned into many amazing things, from a clothes rack for the kids to an elegant canopy bed for you!

Either one of these will work for the DIY plumbing pipe projects listed here; it depends on the look (and price) you’re after.
This DIY pipe project would also be a great clothes storage solution for a fun dress-up center. For only $40, you can DIY your own sliding barn door hardware using a plumbing pipe and a couple other items. Fill it up and add more storage to your home by building industrial shelves with plumbing pipes. You can find everything you need in a home improvement store and this unique lamp will cost you only $180 in materials. Build your own firewood holder with a couple of wood pieces and plumbing pipes and make it portable with casters. It’s the perfect size for six people, but if you want a smaller or bigger table, you can easily modify the plans to create the perfect table for yourself.
This DIY pipe bar cart looks great outside, but it would work just as well in any space in your home. The North Dakota CSLP representative represents all North Dakota public libraries through ongoing communication, committee work, and by attending the annual CSLP national conference as a voting member. If you would like see a performer added to the directory, please use this form to submit your suggestions. This homemade snack for dogs includes peanut butter, yogurt, and banana and makes delicious frozen cakes for your dog to nosh on. Putting cut-up fruit in water and freezing them in an ice cube tray is another delicious way to cool them down. If your empty wall space is a tad bit smaller, this DIY plumbing pipe shelves project might work better for you. Every year, CSLP publishes a themed summer reading manual, which contains valuable information for planning, promoting, and hosting a successful summer reading program.
If you usually just do a summer reading program for kids, this is a great way to get the whole family involved in summer reading. The workshops are being offered at no charge, but attendees are responsible for their own travel, lodging, and food expenses. Parents make great reading role models, and adults without kids can participate in the fun as well!

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