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There is mainstream awareness about the benefits of being physically fit and many people make it a point to exercise on a regular basis. Developed by EdlogIQ, Neuron Gym is a brain training app that provides users with 20 games, which they claim help users improve a specific dimension of their mental abilities. Along with ‘fun brain games,’ the app is also embedded with an analytical tool titled ‘Brain Profile’ which tracks users’ performance over time, through simple graphs. EdlogIQ is a Noida-based early-stage startup focussed on the ‘brain fitness sector’ developing products for enhancing human brain health.
With his help, they launched the beta version of Neuron Gym on the Google Play store in July 2014. Taking all the feedback into consideration, EdlogIQ re-launched their app on the Google Play store in September 2015 and claim to be the first brain training app from India. Neuron Gym follows the ‘freemium model’ and monetises through in-app ads and paid downloads.
Research done over the last 20 years in the field of neuroscience has created opportunities in digital brain fitness segment.
Most of the cognitive skill developing solutions in India are mainly targeted at young children in the form of physical ‘real world’ toys and games and there aren’t many players in the online space. With elegant use of colours and themes, the app is well designed and provides a great user experience. All the 20 games are accompanied with a quick tutorial section to help the user understand on the fly, without having to read up about the challenge. While the overall app has a great design, the landing page with the logo could be further tweaked to give users a better first impression.
It is a proven fact that Stress, Depression and Anxiety lead to many other diseases and ailments.
Many proactive people who are already in pretty good health use brain supplements as a form of preventative health-care for their brain. There are specific brain vitamins and minerals that will keep this important organ in top physical shape.
There are many other important factors that will help keep the brain and memory in tip to shape. You can take the best brain vitamins, brain supplements and do the memory exercises you must have both Wheels of Prevention well rounded and true. Many people are a little aprehensive about trying new things, especially when it comes to taking brain and body  supplements.
You may think that you are to old and out of shape to start exercising and nurishing your brain, but nothing could be further from the truth.
So recently I have enrolled in one of the top nutritional schools in New York to become a Health Coach. They are the experts in helping people safely transition off their medications which is necessary for the EMPowerplus to work.

These medications along with caffeine and sugar inhibit the body's ability to absorb the nutrients in the EMPowerplus Q96. Compared with physical fitness, there is less awareness about the need for maintaining mental agility and flexibility. The startup teamed up with neuroscientists to come up with optimal algorithms to exercise the brain. Over the course of many months, they claim to have reached about 330,000+ users, with downloads across 210+ countries. Though the digital brain fitness market is still in its infancy it is witnessing an exponential growth globally. At a global level, Lumosity is among the oldest players in this space and had raised $70 million in total funding till 2012. The signup process was fairly simple and users have the option of directly signing in using any of their already existing social media handles. The ‘brain profile’ section which helps the user visualise their overall progress with details about their strength and weaknesses across different categories is an interesting feature.
Their upcoming update which includes more social features, will add to the ‘stickiness’ and retention of the app. You may find him at startup events, sticking his nose in other people's business, looking for his 'next big scoop'. If your brain is not getting all the proper nutrients brain cells start to die, plaque starts to develop on the neurotransmitters and your memory and brain function suffers. Eliminate these issues and you can prevent diseases and possibly treat many other problems the body may be experiencing. This ensures it receives a range of specific ‘brain nutrients’ which keep this vital organ healthy and avoid disease. There are focus supplements, memory vitamins and memory exercises also that work wonders for the memory and brain function. In the interview below Tony Stephan, Q96 formulator, explains what the Q96 products are, how they work and what you can expect. More information on each of the Wheel of Prevention areas will be available in the future so bookmark this site and check back often. My mission is to first: help people understand the importance of having a healthy brain and body.
I started researching about how to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and found a ton of information and studies that proved that A.D.
The next update of the app will include additional features such as comparison with fellow users on the basis of age, gender, and location. In 2007 the brain fitness market worth was estimated to be $210 million which grew to $3 billion in 2013 and is expected to grow to $6 billion till 2018. Measured in terms of Average Neuron Index (ANI), this section also allows users to view their progress over different time periods such as 24 hours, seven days and up to 30 days.

The only ‘bug’ I noticed in the app was that tapping on ‘Compare,’ the feature that is not yet live, caused the app to become unresponsive and I needed to restart the app get it running again. It will be interesting to see how the team of techies backed by neuroscientists, go about marketing their app and gaining traction among consumers. Get to network with leaders who can help you navigate the bumpy roads of the startup journey. An alumnus of Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, he is a keyboard warrior and couch potato. The last three pictures show the areas of the brain affected by the different stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Q96 is a foundational brain supplement that provides your central nervous system with a balanced supply of micronutrients for optimal brain function. Second, help them change their lifestyle, so they have a healthy brain which will then lead to a healthy body. I am searching for top quality products to assist in your quest for a healthy brain and total wellness.
Do not alter or discontinue any current medical treatment based on information from this page without consulting with your Doctor first. Rai is committed to the cause of applying neuroscientific findings on the business landscape and existing socio-economic scenarios. While users appreciated the games in the app, many requested for multilingual support and better design and user interface.
For their long term goal, Neuron Gym aims to gather cognitive data from their users’ usage patterns and develop tools to assist patients of dyslexia, Alzheimer’s, and venture into other use cases. Therefore, if your brain is unhealthy and not functioning properly it will manifest within the rest of the body in the form of disease and disorders.
This guy is very wise, he saw the health benefits of Q96 for his mind and he saw the income potential with Q Sciences, even at 90 years old! There are many diseases or syndromes that develop from an unhealthy brain – Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease are just two of the many. Then take a look at your diet and include more fruits and vegetables and cut back on the red meat. One of the best ways I’ve found to ensure that I get enough fruits and vegetables in my diet is with a product called Greens 8000. Then look at all the sections on the bicycle above and pick one area on each wheel and try to work and improve on those areas.

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