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Not really because even with the advancement of technology, these old pals are still there for us. Unlike directly working on the computer, you would be able to look into which design looks better. As you put your ideas on paper, you are not just expressing what you are thinking but you are also starting to have a better understanding on the design.
Some may say that sketching is only for amateur and for those who are not so good in the craft of graphic design. Join Over 120,000 Aspiring and Professional Graphic Designers who receive weekly tips and Freebies! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You can still create those designs on your computer but at least you saw how each of them would already look like. Doing this can help you see what really needs to be given focus in the design and what certain details needs to be added. This would be of great advantage for you because you can confidently do some sketching even in front of a client in order to present a design.

It can greatly help in your mind-mapping exercise where you are brainstorming as to what is better for the project you are working at. As you create doodles of the things that were formed in your mind, you can also get to see new ones.
As you get better in sketching, you are developing another skill that is vital as a graphic designer. This can be a source of another idea or design which can even be better than what you have first thought of. The benefits above can be a good proof on how sketching can actually bring your design to the next level. You can notice in each line that you create that yours is actually different from the strokes of others. At least you will be able to recognize the fact that not everything you thought that would look good can actually look good. You can go to a certain place where you can be inspired and then do some drawings of whatever you can think of. We cannot blame them because there are really certain advantages that they get in using it like having outputs faster and easier.

Some may immediately open their laptops and tablets and work on it right away from scratch. Recognizing and accepting mistakes is a good way to improve onea€™s self especially in terms of designing.
You can see that these ideas that suddenly came to your mind will be very useful for your designs.
But does this mean that we can merely forget the existence of our old pals in designing a€“ the pencil, pen and paper?
Unlike a tablet, a paper can merely be folded and placed in the pocket with your matching pen or pencil.

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