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I can definetly see how excersie would make you able to reatin more information, which essentially would make you "smarter". I can totally relate to this article because I went from dancing every day after school to hardly at all. The transition from high school, where playing a seasonal sport pretty much guaranteed a "fit body", to college where it is completely optional is quite a change. No longer are we playing sports every day after school, only drinking once a week, and eating mothers home cooked meals.
However, knowing that exercise has benefits other than the "good looks" is just another motive for me now!

While working out may be physically tiring the increased blood flow helps you become more alert when its test time. The website below lists seven potential benefits of working out, many related to learning and mood.
I actually enjoy working out before exams, or even before my classes, simply because it wakes me up.
I feel so energized and motivated to continue my day after a good work out, without even knowing of the other benefits it has.
Although this study is mainly targeted at trying to bring back phys ed classes to schools, it can also be true for people our age.

A study done by American College of Sports Medicine found that a children who exercised for ten minutes before a test scored better than those who didn't. Studies have shown that children should be exercising for at least an hour each day, which most children aren't. This function becomes more important as you grow older in order to retain information and memory better.

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