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Being aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors can help you to become more emotionally healthy.
In order to become more emotionally and physically healthy, the journey needs to begin with you. VentingTo promote emotional wellness it is essential that you release some of the stress and anxiety that can be accompanying you throughout the day. In this book the author offers practical steps for dissolving the fears of diseases and shares her first-hand experiences about healing, including how she cured herself after having been diagnosed as being terminally ill with cancer. According to author Louise Hay, when you take care of yourself emotionally, your occurence of physical illness lessens. Make a list of things that you enjoy doing for yourself and try to make them happen a few times a week.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could find relaxation at some point everyday?  Take the time to investigate the different forms of relaxation and see which ones will work for you. When you take the time to get your priorities in order this will help you to see where changes can be made to create more balance on a daily basis.
You might enjoy reading, walking, taking a bath, resting in your favorite chair, sitting outdoors or watching a sunset. With a sense of balance in your life you will be able to handle the stressful things that come your way. If you don’t have the opportunity to vent to friends or family, try using a journal to release some of the things that frustrate you. What benefits will you get from feeling healthier, and how will that spread out into the other areas of your life?

When you let go of your anger, you are free to see life from a more positive perspective.
With the help of an experienced professional coach you will be able to create solutions to suit your life. If there are certain practices that you would like to adopt regarding your health, your coach can help to make that come true for you.
When you're focusing on yourself you have the opportunity to improve virtually everything in your life.

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