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Forgetting for a moment the over-hyped assertions that “everyone is moving to the cloud” and “the cloud is the right decision for every business,” how will you determine if the cloud is the single best solution for your organization, or is just part of a more complex composite solution?
Remember, your application architecture, automation platforms, template management, workflow and approval process, chargeback and costing procedures, monitoring, management, security, forensics, and so much more are impacted by any technology change. Understanding where you are going is the first step to making a strategic decision and, for outsourced solutions, to determining a vendor whose processes, procedures, and abilities will best fit your needs.
Mature IT estates may include a variety of platforms such as RISC, SPARC , mid-range, and mainframe to name a few. A careful analysis of each application is required if performance and functionality are to be maintained. As a simple example, suppose your primary need is flexible scaling on the fly to match expenses with resources.
Alternatively, you could consider “cloud bursting” where you provision enough capacity for steady state operations but “burst” into a public cloud when higher needs arise (i.e. HIPAA, FINRA, GL BA, PCI-DSS, SOX, and other frameworks present a variety of challenges to businesses in the form of compliance and data governance requirements.
Staffs in production environments are always seeking management tools, security, availability, and resiliency. While there are several worthwhile benefits to cloud including the ability to streamline operations, “disruptive technologies” such as a cloud-based model require new approaches to management and operations. Understanding the complete business picture is the key to developing a solid cloud strategy.
Businesses that draw on this insight will be able to better understand and leverage these disparate elements into a single cohesive picture — and know with confidence the place that the cloud has in improving competitive advantage and future success. Make the event compelling enough that it can’t be missed, that journalists have to be there.
Organizing an event online also allowed me to spend more time on putting together a detailed media list with journalists across the country. To run a successful media event, like any type of event, you will need to pay close attention to details. As you prepare for the actual event, go one step further and put together your personal event guide. Equipment checklist and task list – so you won’t forget to test the microphones and bring the batteries! Checklist of what food and drinks will be available, who will put water out for the speakers (and where to get it if it’s not part of the catering). Emails and phone numbers of everyone involved in the event (since you’re not in the office, you may not have access to your database). With everything written down, you will be able to focus on the actual event and won’t have to worry about forgetting anything of importance. Markus Stadelmann-ElderDirector of Communications at MaytreeSince arriving in Toronto from Switzerland in 1992, Markus has worked and volunteered in a number of communications roles, including leading an in-house design team at Lavalife, Toronto’s largest online dating company, and managing the communications team at Variety Village.

But with a solid strategy and the right guidance, businesses can confidently move forward: making sound business decisions, charting a direct course through migration, and reaping the many benefits the cloud offers. Not just an understanding of technology — but an understanding of the complete business picture. When you are considering cloud technology, it is no different: your direction should be driven by your business objectives.
Can these systems and the vertically-scaling applications which may live on these be moved to an n-scale x86 based platform? The application’s platform, scaling model, communications, resource utilization, and more will need to be analyzed against the virtual environment it is slated to be moved to. And in some situations, your best option may be to keep the application “as is” and either continue to run it internally or look for a hosting vendor that can support it in its current state along with cloud offerings for a seamless, integrated solution. While a private cloud can flex up and down, the reality is that you have to purchase the full capacity with your capex budget. It is critical to account for how cloud adoption can be accomplished within these frameworks. For example, you will need to understand the architecture of the cloud you are considering and how your security policies are supported within that infrastructure.
Moving application(s) to a new platform has to be carefully managed so that it is not perceived as a risk, a loss of control, or change for change’s sake.
One strategy might include using the cloud for data vaulting, replication, and disaster recovery.
These plans need to be documented, communicated and most importantly, tested at least once a year.
That includes not only new and innovative technology elements, but also the current IT environment, resources as well as service level demands projected for the future. However, they are also great opportunities to use, and experiment with, all of your communications skills and tools. However, the one thing I have always known is that what all good media events share is newsworthiness. Media events no longer have to be held in hotel meeting rooms or community centre gymnasiums. For those who did not hear about the webinar in advance or who were not able to attend, we still received calls from those curious enough to speak to the author of the report. If, for example, you are releasing a report on child poverty, you could invite a researcher, someone with a lived experience of poverty, or a community worker to be spokespeople. Never think that they will be okay just because they know the subject area and won’t need your support. While no one will really notice when the media is not there, the media will take note when they’re the only ones attending.
Also, you want to note who will mic the speakers if you have a panel discussion during the event.

That way you know how to reach anyone if there’s a change in schedule – or you are stuck in traffic. Published in 2003 by the Ontario Trillium Foundation to help grantees fulfill their grant recognition requirements and create successful public relations plans and programs, the toolkit contains a detailed step-by-step guide to run a media event. As a communications professional, you should spend time reading newspapers, listening to the radio and watching TV. In January 2009, Markus joined Maytree, a charitable foundation focused on reducing poverty and inequality in Canada and building strong civic communities. In defining your cloud strategy, it is critical to understand the differences in operation, management, scale, security, and governance for each of these routes.
To realize cost savings, you would need to leverage a hosted solution — and for a truly massive scale out, you would likely require a public cloud.
Or, a hybrid solution where you can match your IT estate requirements against different end-states could be the shortest path to a best-fit solution. In many cases, there are no specific barriers to leveraging cloud technologies and providers, but the requirements must be carefully analyzed from the design phase to ensure the provider or solutions chosen will support the business requirements for security, compliance and data governance purposes.
This is done by a commitment to processes, following industry best practices such as ISO 20000-1 and ITIL. With fewer journalists working in traditional media, it’s harder to convince them to come to and cover your event.
It doesn’t always have to be your executive director or a member of your board, but it should be someone with an engaging style or willingness to be coached on how to speak with media. While the camera crews may be able to interview spokespeople, events with sparse audiences will not lend themselves to crowd and background shots. While some of the information may be dated (especially when it comes to social media), the information is still valuable. In our sector, most of our peers are more than happy to help you with their experience and approaches. Security is addressed at the infrastructure layer via access and layering in security services. When I first started my job at Maytree, I suggested holding the media conference for a report release online via a webinar. In fact, this one document probably helped me more than any other when I started my career.

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