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June 6, 2016 By Cori Ramos 3 Comments During the school year moms are busy getting the kids off to school, helping with homework and being chauffer driving kids to and from extra-curricular activities – and that’s only a drop in the bucket when it comes to listing all the things a mom does in a day. Are you trying to earn some extra money to help out with bills or to save the extra money for back to school items for the next school year (we all know the back to school items will be on the store shelves before we know it)? In case you do want to work all year, read my post called What It Takes to be A Customer Service Rep and Where to Find Work-from-Home Jobs for more companies you can check out. If you’re looking for something in another field, read my post the Creme de la Creme of Work-from-Home Jobs for a list of the different types of work you can do in the comfort of your home.
For a complete list, read my post The Ultimate Online Survey List for US and Canada Residents. If you have some writing skills and topics to write about, you can also become a freelance writer. If you decide to make freelance writing a long term thing, you should check out Elna Cain’s 7 week course for new writers called Write Your Way to Your First $1k. You can also learn firsthand where freelancers find new business by getting your hands on this hot round-up titled 70 Sources of New Freelance Business. If writing is not your thing but there are other services you can offer, check out sites like Fiverr and TaskArmy to find other freelance gigs. If you know anyone who is looking for easy ways to make money from home, please share this post with them.

And to get work-from-home jobs and other money-making ideas, sign up for the Not Now Mom’s Busy newsletter and get a free copy of A Beginner’s Guide to a Work-from-Home Career. Kaelyn Forde, executive editor for the website Refinery 29, recently interviewed a woman with a truly remarkable story. Robina Asti was born in 1921 and grew up in New York City, joined the navy in WWII and served in the Pacific, got married, had three children and was the vice president of a major mutual fund. Then, in 1976, Asti transitioned from male to female.
These days, Asti volunteers and advocates for transgender rights with the LGBT-advocacy nonprofit organization Lambda Legal. The last thing she needs to add to her things to do is a job….but what if the money can come in handy? Now that the kids are out of school for the summer, the downtime is a great opportunity for you to make a little extra money and in this post I’m going to share eight easy ways  you, dear mama, can make money from home this summer.
Although most prefer their employees to work throughout the year ther are some companies who’s peak time is during the holidays and need extra help to cover demand.
It doesn’t pay much but if done consistently you can earn a couple hundred dollars a month. The good thing about this is you pick and choose the projects you want to work to accommodate your schedule.
It’s not always easy to find places to make money from home, but I’m sure that it will help SAHM this summer to get a little bit of extra cash!

But after her son died in a snowmobile accident at the age of eight, she realized something wasn’t right. And then, I don’t know by what means, I came to the fact that I had to change my sex,” Asti said to Forde.
Asti fell in love and eventually married a man named Norwood Patton in 2004, but was denied Social Security widow benefits when he died in 2012 because Social Security claimed she was not a woman at the time of her marriage. But I knew at my age, that there are a lot of people living on Social Security who need it.
Suppose one of them was denied their Social Security, that is catastrophic,” Asti said to Forde. I look for great deals to save money because I have to and I share what I've learned about blogging and social media because I love helping people.
And if you're looking for a work-from-home job or ready to monetize your blog, I'll show you where and how.Four Action Items You Should Have On Your Weekly To-do List - June 15, 2016Make Money From Home: #workfromhome and #blogger jobs - June 10, 20169 Easy Ways Moms Can Make Money from Home This Summer - June 6, 2016Let the Countdown to Summer Fun Begin!

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