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Ok, seriously, The blogging part seemed obvious, but the making money A part use to seem like a complete mystery.
Ita€™s really a very simple 4 step approach that seems so obvious to me now, but something I struggled with so much before I was shown the way. For example, there is a group of people that collect sneakerA (that would be a large market), Then there is a group of people who collect specifically basketball sneakers (pretty good market, but still a bit large). If you are wondering how to know if you are picking a niche that is too large or too small, you can perform some keyword research to determine the size of the market and the competition.
Wella€¦basketball shoes, info on where to get them, info on other collectors, pricing guides, condition guides, shoe trading information, etc. You want to provide useful relevant information to you visitors for whatever topic you are bloggingA about. You have got your niche and you have some great information to share with your audiencea€¦now, what actually makes blogging make money?
You can also become an affiliate of amazon or ebay for example and promote products on those sites.
Traffic is essential, because without visitors, there is no one to help and no one to sell anything too. The hard way is EXACTLY the type of crazy stuff I was doing in the past a€“ closing my eyes picking a niche topic, blindly trying to have my page show up in a Google search, and hoping I wrote content that sells.

Follow an online business that provides free training and the exact process you need to follow to set up your blog and turn it into an online affiliate marketing business. Kaelyn Forde, executive editor for the website Refinery 29, recently interviewed a woman with a truly remarkable story. Robina Asti was born in 1921 and grew up in New York City, joined the navy in WWII and served in the Pacific, got married, had three children and was the vice president of a major mutual fund. Then, in 1976, Asti transitioned from male to female.
These days, Asti volunteers and advocates for transgender rights with the LGBT-advocacy nonprofit organization Lambda Legal. Then I learned some basic fundamentals and how to makeA money with a blog by following an easy system. This is the key herea€¦your blog needs to add value to the customer and be a good resource for the niche market. This will build you repeat visitors and subscribers to your blog, which is essentially what you want to accomplish.
You will not only do that, but you will turn yourself into a well educated marketing machine.
But after her son died in a snowmobile accident at the age of eight, she realized something wasn’t right. And then, I don’t know by what means, I came to the fact that I had to change my sex,” Asti said to Forde.

Asti fell in love and eventually married a man named Norwood Patton in 2004, but was denied Social Security widow benefits when he died in 2012 because Social Security claimed she was not a woman at the time of her marriage.
But I knew at my age, that there are a lot of people living on Social Security who need it.
You have to utilize social media: Facebook, twitter, Google +, StumbleUpon, Delicious, EVERYTHING! Soon enough you will be creating your ownA Make Money Blogging Beginners Guide and passing your knowledge.
If you need any blogging advice or have any of your own advice to share, please let me know. Suppose one of them was denied their Social Security, that is catastrophic,” Asti said to Forde.

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