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The fallout franchise has had a large amount of diversity when it comes to creating your character. Next, we'll be going over rifles!A3-21's Plasma RifleThis version of the plasma rifle has higher damage, a higher crit chance and is more durable. Now for the big guns!BurnmasterA unique flamethrower that deals much more damage, but is far less durable.You can find it in the Franklin Metro Utility deep within the falls church metro.
I decided to give alien weapons their own section due to the fact that they use special ammunition and that most are obtained during the Mothership Zeta expansion. This section will be going over unique armorsAntagonizer's CostumeThe full set of this armor only provides 26 DR, easily beaten by most other armor at the point you are likely to find it. These items (generally) are not found in the game world and can only be aquired by crafting them.
First set of schematic items we'll be going over are the normal, non-explosive weapons!Dart GunThe dart gun is a valuable stealthy and tactical weapon that cripples the opponent's legs and poisons them.
Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Fallout 3 - Game of the Year Edition. Treasure Hunter's Guide is my series of informative guides based on locating treasure in video games written to easily push players in the right direction, reguardless of playtime. There are many different possible outcomes for creating your character and some are considerably better than others. However, the weapon is unreliable in that the effects are very random and some enemies are unaffected by it. Note that all alien weapons are energy weapons with the exception of the drone cannon.Alien BlasterTrue to the rest of the franchise, the alien blaster can deal more damage in one shot than any other weapon in the game (with the exclusion of the rocket launcher in those games).
So this section exists to help!Vault 101:While in Vault 101, loot all of the security guards and take their gear. Most of these items can be hard to spot because there is no cosmetic difference to the original (with 2 exceptions). To start to the quest, talk to Agatha in her house located southwest of Minefield and northeast of Big Town. It is a potential reward for completion of the quest.Experimental MIRVThe most powerful weapon in the game. This weapon deals a critical every shot no matter what, has 0 spread and deals bonus electrical damage.
I update these guides with the suggestions and constructive criticism I recieve!Fallout 3 is an expansive open-world RPG with a lot of content and secrets.
Their gear doesn't sell for much, but it'll certainly help you get some tools you will need. Zimmer.Backwater Rifle (POINT LOOKOUT)The backwater rifle is a unique 10mm lever-action rifle. This unique fatman shoots 8 mini-nukes at once.This item is found in the National Guard Depot's armory bunker.
The main downside to this weapon is that it uses the hyper-rare alien power cells.You can find it in the alien crash site. This also helps greatly on higher difficultiesCharisma: 3 - Charisma does little but increase your chances at success when using speech checks. After you encounter the dead Jonas, head to rooms on the left and you'll find various loot such as bobby pins. You can find him in Girdershade, which is located in the far mid-west area of the map.The Terrible ShotgunAn extremely powerful variant of the combat shotgun.

It is marked on your map as Alien Homing Beacon after completion of Mothership Zeta (and you head there to start it).
It is on a shelf in the bunker south of Calvert mansion.Gauss Rifle (OPERATION ANCHORAGE)The gauss rifle is an extremely accurate, high damage weapon. You can only keep it after this part of the quest if you complete the optional objective.Ritual Knife (POINT LOOKOUT)An improved form of the normal knife. You have to be at point blank to get the most out of this weapon.To find it, you have to head to Evergreen mills, located a short distance west of Smith Casey's Garage. It deals much less damage, has a higher AP cost and a much slower reload.You can find this item in the shooting range in the weapons lab. You need to walk up to the purifier's door and put your cursor on his body and circle the third-person camera around until it gives you the option to search him. This weapon also does bonus explosive damage in comparison to the original.To find it, you need to get inside Fort Independence. This weapon has a very low damage output, but an extremely fast rate of attack and the 2nd lowest AP cost in the game (only being beaten by the toy knife, which is useless as a weapon). You can get the xenotech expert perk in this room.Drone Cannon EX-B (MOTHERSHIP ZETA)This unique version of the drone cannon fires a projectile that explodes on impact rather than being timed. It also has the benefits of combat armor being easy to repair and much lighter.You can find in on Lag-bolt, in La Maison Beauregard in the eastern side of Georgetown. When you open the vault door you need to head into the room the security guards come from and go into the room to the right. The problem with this item is that by the time you obtain it, it will be going up against power armor and even the hunting rifle does more damage.Colonel Autumn's Laser PistolThis weapon changes depending on whether you have broken steel loaded or not. Either you can sneak your way in or you can give a large amount of high-tech items (power armor and energy weapons) to Protector Casadin. Aside from that, there are no differences from the original.You can find in a southern area of the weapons lab.
On rare occasion, a glitch with Moria will occur where you can recieve two armored jumpsuits. It is most notable for being one of the only unique weapons to have its own texture.You can find this weapon on the 2nd floor of the museum of history offices. Kill the drones to loot this item.Electro-Suppressor (MOTHERSHIP ZETA)The electro-suppressor is identical to the shock baton, but it has a critical knockdown effect instead of dealing electrical damage and it costs less AP in VATS. It is a great choice for people who like to sneak, but do not have the Silent Running perk.Mechanist's ArmorSimilarly to the antagonizer's armor, this armor is weak and odds are you will have substantially better armor by the time you find it. Since the jumpsuit has a value of about 100 you can sell the spare for a decent sum of caps. It is the most durable item in the game.You can find it in the deathclaw sanctuary located far southeast of Raven Rock and west of Paradise Falls. You can find it in the engine room during the quest to destroy the generators on a table at the end of a short corridor on a lower level.FirelancePossibly the hardest item to acquire in the entire game. This skill is mostly useful for radaway and rad-x as water and nuka-cola can easily be used for healing.
It does roughly triple the amount of damage of the non-unique version and has a much higher critical chance. However, it weights twice as much and uses two energy cells per shot.You can find it in the cargo hold area.
You can find it in a display case in a room to the left of a staircase found in an open room filled with bookshelves.Metal Blaster (THE PITT)This unique laser rifle acts similarly to a shotgun.

You can start the quest at the Coastal Grotto east of the Ark and Dove Cathedral.The Mauler (THE PITT)This is a substantially more powerful version of the auto axe. Rinse and repeat #6 as many times as you must as Sydney can disappear from the game.Infinite Skill BooksThis trick takes advantage of the fact that most NPCs respawn with similar loot. There are a lot of speech checks throughout the game and most can be difficult with the suggested low charisma.
The major downside is that it breaks extremely fast.You can only find this item through an extremely rare random encounter in which a random explosion will occur in the sky and various alien loot will fall down.
However, it has a lower amount of condition.You can find it in the Republic of Dave, inside a safe in Dave's office.
Most of the speech checks in Megaton are high level and would usually take a lot of quickloads. Head to Shalebridge - located south of Raven rock, north of Vault 87 and southwest of Paradise Falls. It has better stats in every way compared to the original.You can find it in a safe in Lyon's room in the B Ring of the citadel. Others can be found around the citadel and Adams AFB.Victory RifleThe victory rifle is another unique sniper rifle. Moriarty asks for 100 caps to give you the next objective, but you can look at his terminal to continue for free (at the cost of some karma).
It is the most durable of all of the sniper rifle variants and it knocks enemies down on critical hits but it has a lower crit chance.You can find this weapon in a level 100 locked cabinet in a hidden shack. The GNR Plaza you will head to later in the mission contains the powerful Fatman which can easily turn the tide of a difficult battle. If you do the quest 3dog gives you as usual, but talk to Doctor Li in Rivet city before you turn it in, you will be given a key to a cache in Hamilton's Hideaway (a place near Arefu). You can buy it off him for 500 caps, 250 with high barter or free with the child at heart perk.Xuanlong Assault RifleThis is the most powerful non-biggun automatic firearm in the game. Repeat.Infinite Purified WaterWadsworth and Godfrey in the Megaton and Tenpenny houses respectively can give the player 5 bottles of water every 3 days. You can find this weapon in a briefcase behind a very hard lock door on the second floor of the building.
It pays for this by having low durabillity.To get it, you need to initiate a secret quest in the Museum of Technology.
To access this quest, you need to use one of the terminals directly forward from the entrance. The lawbringer perk adds fingers to the bodies of all characters who have karma < -250 (basically, all evil characters drop fingers).
You gain a karma bonus for turning in the fingers and so you can easily raise your karma without donating to the churches or giving beggars your precious water. With this perk you can kill a good character to yield an ear that goes for 15 caps and negative karma. Littlehorn himself has good karma (for some reason) and as a result, you can pickpocket his ears off of him and sell them to him.SugarbombsSugarbombs can easily be sold for a decent sum of caps.
There are only so many sugarbombs to find in the world, but vendors can sell sugarbombs and they go for roughly 5 caps so you will always earn profit.

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