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By Lee MunsonAug 17 14For some people making money and having fun is what life is all about.
One of the best facts about psychic scam artists is the fact that virtually no-one ever asks them to prove their abilities. If someone asks a question you are unable to answer then you can fake your way out of the predicament by saying that your powers don’t work like that. You then simply continue babbling about a load of rubbish whilst taking their money from them. Instead, call it multi level marketing – this cunning ploy seems to add an air of legitimacy to many such shady businesses. If people who can’t write or even spell English can con dozens of people per day then you should have much more success.
Even if only one person in a million falls for your transparently fraudulent emails then business will still be good – you’ll be emailing a million people a day!
Simple – choose a popular bank, clone an exact copy of their website and then bulk mail millions of people asking them to update their personal details as part of a security review.
Not only will you be able to empty the bank accounts of anyone who is stupid enough to reply, you may also be able to take their entire identity.

Georgia is best right now as the Russians are playing merry hell with their infrastructure, especially their internet access. Secondly, visit loads of pron sites and copy all their pictures and videos, just like they did when they set their site up. Lastly, paste all those pics and video clips into your own site and then charge a membership fee to the desperados who arn’t getting any at home. We’ve all seen the beggars who get dropped at stations by their chauffeurs in their flash cars and then sit in the busiest areas with nothing but a beard and an ugly looking dog. Why wait around all day collecting pennies when there is a simple way to go straight for the dollars? You need to follow Anna Nicole Smith’s example and marry someone who has an imminent date with God. That way you won’t need to push her around in that wheelchair for too long before collecting that big inheritance. If you visit online auction sites then you’ll know that people try and sell all sorts of rubbish on them. The best buyers to target are the religious nuts as they are quite fanatical and have plenty of cash.

Multiply the cost of the object by 1,000, sit back and relax, watch the fools bid it up to some unholy amount. About Lee MunsonLee's non-technical background allows him to write about internet security in a clear way that is understandable to both IT professionals and people just like you who need simple answers to your security questions.
I’m currently writing an ebook on how to make money online while begging for trash to sell on ebay from rich men, one of which will hopefully be my next husband. Well, women usually live longer than men so I’d say you and I have about the same amount of time left. I am an InfoSec Professional, a writer for Comparitech and the Social Media Manager for Brian Honan's Security Watch. I am the winner of both the Best UK & the Best EU Personal Security Blog at the European Security Blogger Awards 2015.

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