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Halloween DLC rumour had charged up many fans who were hopeful of Rockstar dropping a new DLC this Halloween.
The rumour of Halloween DLC doing the rounds is mainly because the players wanted to see a Halloween update for GTA 5. One thing we must know that Rockstar has not revealed any information about such a DLC in any of its posts or websites.
Another thing that made YouTubers call it a bluff was the creative input into the poster looks very "pre-school", since it photoshopped the screenshot from the previous Business update DLC and the Halloween drawing can be easily found on Google. Ever since GTA 5 Online was released, many gamers have come up with their own ways of making money that can not only be faster but also easier for the players, without causing any harm to the game or without doing anything illegal. Freemode events: Many new Freemode events released by Rockstar, like Hunt the Beast, have better payouts and are random events.

Rockstar weekend events on Social Club: Rockstar keeps releasing weekend events for GTA 5 Online.
Snipers versus events: If we look, there are many events that are snipers versus somebody in the Last Team Standing events offer heavy rewards for players.
Will Samsung Galaxy A5, A7, A8, J3, J5, J7 (2016) get Android 6.0 Marshmallow update at all?
Lenovo Vibe K5 vs Swipe Elite Plus vs Coolpad Note 3 Lite: Which smartphone should you buy at Rs. But many of the avid fans and GTA 5 YouTubers have found out that the rumour surrounding the Halloween DLC was a hoax.
This is a good way to make some quick money through the game as many will be double GTA money and double RP events.

This was compounded by the fact that the image had a error where the word Halloween was written as "HalloWeen". One such event was Mount Gordo that rewards the players with 50,000 GTA money in 45 seconds.

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